Halo Sport Neurostimulator Used By NFL Athletes And Now Available For Public Sale

NFL athletes hit new performance peaks with Halo Sport System and Halo Neuroscience makes it available to the general public.

“As a result of training with Halo Sport, my standing vertical jump has increased 6-8 inches. In addition I've added over 80 pounds to my squat max,” said T.J. Carrie,
“As a result of training with Halo Sport, my standing vertical jump has increased 6-8 inches. In addition I’ve added over 80 pounds to my squat max,” said T.J. Carrie,

Halo Sport is now in use as a performance enhancement product by NFL players to help these special athletes unlock their full potential with their proprietary sports tech. This secret sports technology training invention was designed as a neurostimulator and created by Halo to help train players to perform at maximum levels. The Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts, all have players training with the headset enabling them all to reach measurable improvements in strength, explosiveness and skill. The neurotechnology device is also available to the public for the first time in company history after it was previously sold as a presale purchase only. The Sports Techie community blog caught up with Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience CEO and co-founder, about this football game-changing news responsible for new benchmarks in athletic performances leading to stronger and more coordinated signals between the brain and muscles.

Halo Neuroscience makes Halo Sport available to the general public.
Halo Neuroscience makes Halo Sport available to the general public.

Halo Sport System

By interfacing with Neuropriming technology, the Halo Sport activates the motor cortex during training. Chao and his team in the Silicon Valley near San Francisco have scientific evidence about the benefits of wearing Halo Sport twenty minutes before a workout. A safe electric current enables the brain to go into a state of hyperplasticity, allowing for threshold breakthroughs with strength, skill, and speed when compared to data when training alone.

Halo Sport – Unlock Your Potential

Halo Sport Champions Are Built

The difference between successful plays in the National Football League is often measured in the tiniest of increments whether it be time, agility or power. Halo Neuroscience is in the business of unlocking human potential by priming the brain’s motor cortex in order to increase neuromuscular output and improve athletic performance.

You want to make the team, become a starter, earn your way to All-Pro status, and help win your franchise a Super Bowl Lombardi championship trophy, do it the Halo Sports way as these premier athletes are already doing.

NFL Caliber Training

The following NFL athletes train with Halo Sport while specializing in a variety of positions on different teams.

Halo athlete’s social media Twitter handles or wiki backgrounds:

T.J. Carrie, defensive back and punt return specialist for the Oakland Raiders
Carrie’s teammates know about his history and work ethic. As a freshman in high school his doctor found a birth defect in his heart. After intensive surgery, it took all of three years to recover. This was followed by shoulder surgery as a junior in college. T.J. attended the NFL Combine and was eventually picked in the 7th round of the draft.

“As a result of training with Halo Sport, my standing vertical jump has increased 6-8 inches. In addition I’ve added over 80 pounds to my squat max,” said Carrie, “Hard work has always been my greatest asset, and Halo Sport is what I choose to get the most out of my training.”

Building a champion: Oakland Raiders cornerback T.J. Carrie

Olympic Performers

Mike Barwis MS, CSCS, RSCC*E, founder and CEO of the elite sports performance franchise Barwis Methods, uses Halo Sport as a part of his training program for Olympic and professional athletes for over 600 professional and Olympic athletes at a time, with an emphasis on the importance of the motor cortex in human performance.

“I spend countless hours coaching elite athletes on how to incorporate the body’s neural systems into their training programs and let me make it clear: Halo Sport is a must,” he said. “At Barwis Methods, we’ve seen profound results through the use of Neuropriming with our professional and Olympic athletes.”

Halo Neuroscience announces public availability of Halo Sport,
Halo Neuroscience announces public availability of Halo Sport,

Initial Public Offering aka For Sale

Up to now, only military, Olympic and professional athletes used Halo Sport. Today, the public can buy one or more.

When pre-sales of Halo Sport were made available for a limited time in February and July, they sold out of devices in a matter of weeks.
• Free 2-day U.S. shipping
• 6-month, no-interest financing available through PayPal Credit
• 30-day money back guarantee
• 1-year limited warranty

Product Specs
• Weight: 12oz
• Maximum current: 2.2mA
• Output frequency range: 0-625 Hz
• Power supply: Lithium-ion battery, micro USB recharge
• Battery capacity: 280 mAh (~8 Neuropriming sessions)

For a limited time the purchase price is $699, after that the retail price goes up to $749

For information about how to purchase Halo Sport, visit the website.

About Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience develops neurotechnology to unlock human potential in both the healthy and impaired. The company’s first product, Halo Sport, utilizes Neuropriming technology to accelerate the neurologic gains of strength and skill learning that result from athletic training. Halo is now live with teams and athletes from the military, Olympics, MLB, NBA, and NFL.

“Ever since the company’s conception in 2013, this has been the moment we’ve been building towards,” said Chao, “Our goal from the start was to help as many people as possible using neurotechnology. Now anyone can unlock their potential using Halo Sport—and this is still just the beginning.”

Looking into the future, Halo is focused on developing a neurostimulation device for medical applications with the goal of bringing their technology to an even broader number of people — and not just athletes.

To learn more about Halo’s partnerships with NFL athletes, please visit the Halo Neuroscience blog.

Marcus Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles increased his squat by 10lbs after one week with Halo Sport.
Marcus Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles increased his squat by 10lbs after one week with Halo Sport.

Sports Techie, training for sport used to be just about hard work, determination and repetitions but to take it to the next level, integrating tech into the formula equals success like never before. In comes Halo Sport.

To that point, Chao said, “This is an exciting time for the Company. Working with this group, its the first time with professional athletes.” Previously only amateur and high-level Olympic athletes were users. Now, Halo Sport is ready for sale to everyone.

Chao discussed how Carrie and the other NFL players use the headset technology four times a week during a six or even seven day a week workout schedule combined with film study. Carrie’s story is inspirational because of all that he has had to overcome in order to help the Raiders to first place in the AFC West as they prepare for a Monday Night Football game against the Houston Texans on ESPN for the first time in Mexico City at Estadio Azteca stadium.

The pairing of Halo Sport headset while in the gym or out on the practice field while listening to music for twenty minutes enables one hour of hyperplasticity or hyperlearning.

We also discussed the inaugural Halo Sport public sale and the data collected from a pre-sale customer survey. Around one-third of pre-sales happened overseas, in particular the bigger sporting nations of the UK, Spain, Italy and Australia. Of the 15 sports queried, MMA was not officially listed but was often written in under the category of “other” sport.  Runners, weight lifters as well as pro MLB, NBA, NHL and UFC athletes are target customers.

Dr. Chao attended the Downhill Ski World Championship and we got a chuckle because he was raised in LA and does not do so well in cold weather but Halo Sport does, helping to shave seconds or tenths of a second off race times resulting in the difference between first place and twentieth place.

The topic of concussions were raised because of the motor cortex. Chao says athletes in fighting sports, racing sports and football all go through an acute phase during post-concussion inflammation. The post-acute time frame deserves exploration. Unscrambling the brain and accelerating the recovering time needs proper research not done as of yet.

Chao has met with NFL officials but they have not found a common ground as of yet to enter into a business relationship.

The NFL’s hesitation is your gain because you can as of today, officially purchase your own Halo Sport.

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