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  • Improve Athletic Performance with Better (and More) Sleep

    Sleep Like A World Sports Champion Hours spent in the weight room, interval training, speed training, and a well-balanced diet all affect athletic performance. But, there’s one common factor that’s often forgotten – sleep. When you consider the strain that an athlete’s body undergoes during a competition, it should come as no surprise that adequate […]

  • Minnesota Gophers Football Virtual Reality App For Recruiting By FusionSports

    University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football and FusionSports Partner to Develop Virtual Reality Experiences The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football program is about to launch a new virtual reality app for recruiting purposes ahead of the Holiday Bowl, designed and created by FusionSports. College players today have grown up intertwined with digital devices and […]

  • Halo Sport Neurostimulator Used By NFL Athletes And Now Available For Public Sale

    NFL athletes hit new performance peaks with Halo Sport System and Halo Neuroscience makes it available to the general public. Halo Sport is now in use as a performance enhancement product by NFL players to help these special athletes unlock their full potential with their proprietary sports tech. This secret sports technology training invention was […]

  • Jaguars Implementing Catapult And XOS Digital Thunder Radar NFL Athlete Tracking System

    Jaguars Implementing Catapult And XOS Digital Thunder Radar NFL Athlete Tracking System Catapult USA in Chicago and XOS Digital out of Boston announced a new business partnership today centered on the XOS Thunder Radar athlete tracking system for the forward thinking Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. The NFL has prioritized the integration of next gen stats to enhance the […]


    Because nearly 16 percent of kids and teens in the U.S. are overweight, it is more important now than ever for parents and kids to develop a healthy living regimen and a strategy to remain motivated to exercise. Staying active can prevent a teen’s chances of developing Type 2 diabetes or from developing cardiovascular problems. […]

  • The Best BlackBerry Apps for Cyclists

    People bike for all sorts of reasons: relaxation, exercise, commuting or sports performance. While you might know the reasons 57 million cyclists ride, according to Bicycling Info, you might not know that there are cyclist apps designed to make riding more enjoyable and safer. These Blackberry apps help you find your way, keep you motivated […]

  • IMG Academy launches Track & Field and Cross Country program

    The IMG Academy recently launched a new Track & Field and Cross Country program directed by coaching pioneer Loren Seagrave that will operate within their new, cutting edge multi-sport complex. Loren spoke to the Sports Techie community blog about how IMG is doing, “High-level training with scientific principles for top coaches, done the right way […]