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Welcome to the Sports Techie Blog.

Sports Techie
Sports Techie was established in 2010 to be THE trusted resource for all things Sports Technology. Our mission is to be the expert sports technology company, worldwide.

Sports Techie believes in a balanced playing field for everyone, animals included, with the help of sports technology. We also care about our green, Mother Earth, Space – the Final Frontier, Gaming, and Robotics. Our community based approach is social media driven.

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Sports Technology
Technology is exponentially developing at an unprecedented pace, while at the same time, it goes down in price with every new generation. Look to www.SportsTechie.net, an already established pioneer in this fast-emerging industry known as Sports Technology, for all your content, products and trends.

Thank you for your visit. Feel free to join in and participate with our sports tech community. Add your own comments to any Blog, anytime. Send us a tweet. LIKE our latest Facebook post. And, watch and enjoy all the videos on our unique Youtube channel. Be sure to check back often to all our Social Media Networks outlets to help you stay on top of all SportsTechie happenings.

I will see ya when I see ya, @THESportsTechie


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