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Because of technology, Fantasy Sports is changing sport, economics and the fan experience, especially if you include betting, gambling and wagering. At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, I saw firsthand how teams, players, fans and sponsors are looking at fantasy sports to enhance stadium and venue experiences, integrate with broadcasts, and help meet brand marketing objectives.

Traditional fantasy sports will not fade away any time soon as daily increases in popularity while making room for the new blend of legal sports betting interwoven with fantasy sports.

At CES 2018, Panasonic unveiled the “Smart Venue Solutions” mixed reality tech booth to showcase how augmented reality and 3d projection mapping integrate together to provide a crystal clear display interface that’s personalized.

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  1. […] Fantasy sports players spend innumerable hours in collecting and analyzing facts about their favorite real players and make huge investments to manage virtual teams. Actually, building a winning fantasy team requires a lot of strategic decisions. Better management of team has nothing to do with the on-field performance of selected athletes. The performance of a fantasy team depends on actual achievement of your real-life athletes. […]

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