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  • SF Giants First MLB Users Of Halo Sports Wearable Neuro Tech Headset

    San Francisco Giants and Halo Neuroscience Announce New Partnership Halo Neuroscience and the San Francisco Giants are the newest wearable tech partnership as Major League Baseball pioneers into the wearbles sports tech industry. The Giants join the Golden State Warriors in the NBA as the first professional sports teams in their respective leagues to officially […]

  • Halo Sport Neurostimulator Used By NFL Athletes And Now Available For Public Sale

    NFL athletes hit new performance peaks with Halo Sport System and Halo Neuroscience makes it available to the general public. Halo Sport is now in use as a performance enhancement product by NFL players to help these special athletes unlock their full potential with their proprietary sports tech. This secret sports technology training invention was […]

  • Halo Neuroscience Rio Olympics Partnerships

    Halo Sport neuropriming headset by Halo Neuroscience now has summer Olympic athletes from a variety of countries training with the novel sports tech product joining NFL, NBA, MLB teams along with the US Ski Team and elite training facilities across the nation looking for a competitive edge other competitors, teams and NGB’s are not using […]

  • USWNT Player Wears Unequal Halo Headgear During Women’s World Cup

    USWNT Player Wears Unequal Halo Headgear During Women’s World Cup The U.S National Women’s Soccer Team begins play today against Australia in the 2015 FIFA World Cup and defender Ali Krieger will wear the Unequal Halo™ headgear for performance protection to help minimize the risk of another concussion. Their military grade protection Kevlar based sports […]

  • Games’ Big Hitters: A Who’s Who of Next Gen Publishing: INFOGRAPHIC – Sports Techie blog

    Top Web Design Schools posted an infographic, “Games’ Heavy Hitters”, which is definitely blog content we like to analyze and share. Ashleigh Bell from Topwebdesignschools.org dropped me a note of appreciation and says she found our Sports Techie community blog very inspiring and with tons of great content. Here is the link: http://www.topwebdesignschools.org/big-hitters/. Source: TopCollegesOnline.org American Gamification […]