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  • Kitman Labs and Syracuse’s Falk College Sign Research Partnership To Include NBA Performance Data

    Kitman Labs and Syracuse University’s David B. Falk College of Sports and Human Dynamic have signed a robust research partnership for performance intelligence designed to use data analysis and results beginning with NBA load management and back-to-backs impact on the health and performances of players. Additional studies per quarter will deep dive into women sports […]

  • Kitman Labs Adds Danish Superliga Club FC Midtjylland As Fifth League SaaS Intelligence Platform User

    Arrangement to include Midtjylland Youth School, Guldminen (Goldmine) Kitman Labs and Danish Superliga club, FC Midtjylland are working together after signing a new deal for the latter to use the formers SaaS iP: Intelligence Platform as a single, centralized operating system hosted in the cloud. As a fast-expanding global enterprise company with headquarters in the […]

  • Kitman Labs Performance And Operations Data Coming To Columbus Crew A MLS First

    Innovation Partnership a First for Major League Soccer; Creating the Prototype for a Data-Driven Soccer Club Kitman Labs and the Columbus Crew have signed a landmark “Innovation Partnership” aimed to support player development, coaching, scouting and recruitment, as a first for a MLS team. The Melon Park, California based performance intelligence company are implementing their […]

  • Next-Gen Readiness Happens With BridgeAthletic

    BridgeAthletic helped pioneer digitization in sports over the last ten-years with high-performance training technology that allowed data to be captured much like occurred in the navigation or securities trading systems back more than a decade ago. Michael Sharf, Founder and CEO at BridgeAthletic, and Charlie Steffens, VP Business Development, chatted with the Sports Techie community […]

  • VKTRY Carbon Fiber Insoles Worn By 200 NFL Players For Competitive Advantage

    VKTRY GEAR carbon fiber insoles are taking the NFL by storm with a 300% increase from player use last season that includes one of my favorite players, Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf. Certified Pedorthist, Matt Arciuolo, founded the company on a product patent in 2015 that customizes an athlete’s insole based on size and specific […]

  • Influence of Coronavirus Break on the Physical and Mental Condition of Professional Athletes

    When the normal flow in sports is interrupted, as is the case during the coronavirus pandemic, the consequences are always big because the continuity in work, as one of the most important things in sports training, is disturbed. The Sports Techie community blog is carefully observing the reopening of professional sport leagues such as the […]

  • How Apple Watch 6 Could Help Detect Environmental Factors Impacting Athletic Performance

    Over 1 billion people across the world are affected by chronic and acute respiratory illnesses. This is the result of a variety of factors, but a significant part of the problem is environmental. Mold and damp can contribute to poor lung health, causing wheezing, shortness of breath and an increased risk of chest infections, amongst other symptoms. […]

  • Importance Of Choosing The Right Gears To Give The Best Game Performance

    Wearing the right clothes and gears in football is more than just showing how cool you look in your game outfit. It’s also about walking with your head high into the field, prepared and well-protected for the “battle” ahead. While it’s easy to choose gears based on how they look, it’s also important to know […]

  • The Best Men’s Running Gear of 2020

    Running is probably one of the best exercises you can do to improve your fitness levels and overall health. It is also one of the most effective weight loss exercises because it helps to burn more fat long after you are done with your daily run.  The Sports Techie community blog recommends you run more […]

  • Future of Sport Stadiums, IoT & Fan Experience Guide

    The future of sports stadiums, the fan experience and athletic wearables are all hot sports tech topics. The Ohio University Athletic Administration program just published this Smart Stadium data visualization and shared it with the Sports Techie community blog for our readers and followers to use as a resource. Pro Sports IoT in Smart Arenas […]