The Blade V9 Racket By Wilson Tennis Is Ready For Performance And Purchase


The Blade® is chosen by more players on tour than any other racket

Blade v9 is not another vampire movie, rather, it is the newest version of the popular tennis racket made by Wilson Sports Goods Co. The advanced innovations in the Blade franchise’s latest racket increases the sharpness, provides improved stability, and enables professional, amateur and recreational players the best control, while adding to the feeling of court confidence. Blade v9’s technologies, superior design and familiar color scheme with a twist, are sure to get all levels of tennis enthusiasts ready to play better and dominate as needed. The Sports Techie community blog encourages our readers, followers and fellow tennis players to look for Wilson performance rackets used at the ongoing Australian Open, the first major of 2024. The Blade® is chosen by more players on tour than any other racket based on the top 100 ATP and WTA players on January 10, 2024.

Innovative updates for Blade v9 includes StableFeel technology and DirectConnect technology

“The Blade has been my go-to racket since I can remember, and it’s the racket I trust will get me through the hardest and best matches of my career,” says Aryna Sabalenka, Wilson Advisory Staff and WTA no. 2. “I was very excited when Wilson made the updates to the new and improved version, as I am always looking to elevate my game.”**

**Pros often customize the racket they use. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by Pros for match-play.

The Blade v9 core line will include eight models

“Innovation is at the center of everything we do at Wilson, and we are always looking for new ways to give our athletes an extra advantage,” said Jason Collins, Global General Manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “With Blade being the racket of choice for top players across levels, we knew it was critical to gain insights through extensive testing which has resulted in the best Blade yet.”

The innovative updates for Blade v9 include:

  • Wilson’s newest StableFeel technology enhances frame stability for a more connected feel. Designed with avid players in mind, the result is a “sharper blade,” making it ideal for those seeking to improve and win.
  • Updated DirectConnect technology, a carbon fiber handle that extends to directly connect with the end cap. Players will notice enhanced feel and torsional stability.
  • New bumper and grommet designs with several improvements, including easier application, increased durability and a superior fit.
  • Dynamic, emerald green colorway; a modern twist on the green color scheme that Blade players are accustomed to.
The new Blade bag line, inclusive of the Super Tour 15 Pack, Super Tour 9 Pack, Duffel and Backpack

The Blade v9 core line will include eight models: 98 (16×19 and 18×20), 100 (L and UL), 104, 26 and 25.

The collection will also be accompanied by a new Blade bag line, inclusive of the Super Tour 15 Pack, Super Tour 9 Pack, Duffel and Backpack.

The new rackets will be available at the web site and in-stores beginning Thursday, February 1 for $249.

Gather more information at and follow @wilsontennis #BladeV9 on social. 

Sports Techie, the assorted line of Wilson performance tennis rackets saw the release of the Shift v1 last year as well as the Ultra v4. The Blade v8 was launched in 2021 making the highly anticipated Blade v9 the must-have racket for 2024.

Mark your calendar for Feb. 1 and purchase the Blade v9 and accessories.

Your tennis game, matches and practices will never be the same.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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