Fanband Disrupting Digital Sports Experience Via Tap To Interact Technology

Coors Light and University of Texas football Fanband digital pledge to “Drink Responsibly”.

The Fanband interactive wearable adds smart device value to merchandise for teams, sponsors and marketing campaigns using an NFC chip that also functions as the backbone of Apple Pay financial transactions.  A simple tap to interact (Tap2Interact) with the wristband is taking the fan experience and driving engagement to the next level. Apple has recently opened the technology up and companies like the NBA and the Nike are using it on jerseys and apparel as is Digitize Your Brand (DYB), an interactive merchandise company. The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Rich Stein, CEO of DYB, after they activated the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. His solution uses the same NFC tap tech that has been adopted throughout Europe on Android smartphones to purchase a Coke or bus pass and is now available for iOS iPhones and tablets. Smart merchandise is the future today because of  Tap2Interact.

Fanband Disrupting Digital Sports Experience Via Tap To Interact Technology – SportsTechie blog.

Social Venues and Data Capture

Stein has over a decade of work experiences in the $32 billion commercial ASI industry. Often it is difficult for management to figure out ROI, track activations and validate the money spent on hats, t-shirts, rally towels or keychain giveaways. Stein was told the Golden State Warriors spent up to $90,000 on light up bands with little actual trackable ROI.

As a first mover in the space of tap tech he can provide new sports tech clients unique fan insights, maximize sponsorship value, drive fans to fan zones, and create valuable pre-game, in-game and post-game fan experiences.

He is leveraging his business knowledge, corporate contacts and manufacturing capabilities to create digital wearables that provide social engagement for fans at venues while capturing data for clients. A Director of Fan Engagement can enhance, streamline and optimize the fan experience with his product for increased sponsorship capabilities, Gamification, integration with existing infrastructure and the kind of personalization fans love.

  • Sponsorship interactions – gameday, season, 1-1, apps + retail
  • Gamification – check-ins, key venue interaction, loyalty & rewards
  • Integration – venue systems, apps, social, ticketing, concessions
  • Personalization – fan pages, fan stories + more

Teams can work together with sponsors to achieve mutual goals utilizing the wristband technologies.  Fanband provides one on one digital experience with a brand, team and even retail merchandizing at the game. It can extend past the game/venue experience.

The Gamification activation component enables the fan to engage with the venue at a desired location to earn valuable branded team and or sponsor swag. Fans can also use the bands to activate fan or kid zones at areas of a stadium or arena via check-in  to reward fans with discounts on merchandise during a single event or all season long.

The Tap2Interact single solution software is 80% built out and managed in the cloud making it easily customizable for team, brand, venue or conference needs.  DYB’s in-house team of software and development can tweak the tech to integrate with a team’s existing systems, POS solutions and CRM, marketing automation, databases and more. With permission, his team can create IP data points as needed to help route, generate sales leads and push content into a team app via an API. Whatever logic is needed, the taps can be modified to complement existing technologies.

A landing page, fan page and profile can be built onto the wristband for further team, stadium, fan and sponsor interaction, as well as creating another consumer data capture opportunity.

Fans can share their interactions across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat while gaining points usable towards ticket upgrades and suite seats.

Stein emphasized that fans have a very personal experience with Fanband as its based on what they chose to interact with.

The use of Fanband does not end inside the venue. Fans can take them to a brick and mortar, restaurant chain or bank and tap it there to activate new promotions like winning logoed products, free appetizers or opening up a new banking account.

Consider Fanband for any local, regional and national needs.

Cost is under $2 a piece based on quantities with additional software fee. Customizing and programming can be done very affordably and depends on specific build-outs. Ordering turnaround time is only two weeks or 15-20 business days with delivery coming from overseas unless modifications are required. Fanband can be washed and dried.

The Tap to Interact single solution software is 80% built out and managed in the cloud making it easily customizable for team, , brand, venue or conference needs.

Sports Techie, Fanband is sure to provide the kind of integrated digital experience professional sport leagues, teams, championship events, venues and All-Star games will love. The college sports market is a massive opportunity Stein is pursuing. The mobile industry will soon follow his trend setting lead.

The high exposure,  St Jude Memphis Marathon event trusted Tap2Interact to engage with donors and fans while creating a digital fan experience.  Fanband together with the photo booth and check in areas including fan redemption area was a huge hit.

Join University of Texas, Coors Light, St Jude, Kawasaki, Nike, Verizon and others and explore how FanBands can connect with your raving fans.

Contact: Rich Stein

[email protected]
Twitter- @digitizebrands
Be sure to let Rich know I sent you, please.
Fanband is changing the digital fan experience for good via Tap2Interact.

See ya later sports techie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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