New Artic Smart Shirt By Hexoskin For Cold Weather Training Has Biometrics

 New Artic Smart Shirt By Hexoskin For Cold Weather Training Has Biometrics - Sports Techie blog

New Artic Smart Shirt By Hexoskin For Cold Weather Training Has Biometrics – Sports Techie blog

New Artic Smart Shirt By Hexoskin For Cold Weather Training Has Biometrics

The Artic Smart Shirt by Hexoskin, is the first Biometric Smart Shirt for extreme cold weather activity and sport that records metrics produced by performance training, body motions and sleep patterns. The Sports Techie community blog has blogged about wearable tech products for our readers and followers knowledge, including Hexoskin. The Artic Smart Short sensors produce an amazing amount of insight for a garment that functions as a base layer in frigid weather allowing for optimizing workouts.

Hexoskin Expands Biometrics Clothing Line, Introduces the Arctic Smart Shirt.
Hexoskin Expands Biometrics Clothing Line, Introduces the Arctic Smart Shirt.

Touted as a wearable precision lab, Hexoskin gives users lab-quality metrics for athletes who need performance when it truly matters while indoors or outdoors. Hexoskin collaborated with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency to invent sensors made of textile, requiring little actual hardware in the shirt.

·    The garment

    • Fit optimized for regulation of moisture/heat
    • Smooth seams won’t chafe
    • Made in Canada with Italian fabric
    • Machine washable
    • Anti-bacterial treatment -> no odors
    • Thumb holes, zipper pocket

·    Biometrics

    • Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Breathing Rate, Minute ventilation, Acceleration and much more
    • Collects 42,000 data points per minute
    • Free, unlimited, and secure storage of your data
    • Free apps for Android and iOS display your biometrics in real time
    • Free routines estimate your VO2max, HRmax, HRrest and HRrecovery

·    Benefits

      • Get real data straight from your cardio-respiratory system, where it counts
      • Cold weather won’t stop you from improving your performance
      • Used for training by NASA, Canadian Space Agency, and CNES
The Hexoskin Arctic shirt requires a Hexoskin device in order to record your biometric data.
The Hexoskin Arctic shirt requires a Hexoskin device in order to record your biometric data.

Artic Smart Shirt
For those of us who enjoy running or cycling regardless of hot or cold weather conditions, the recently launched Hexoskin biometric shirt was designed to be the base layer of warmth needed for training in icy or blistery weather. It comes loaded with embedded sensors that optimize the smart shirt for fall and winter temperatures via the unique ability to measure 42,000 data points per minute, then transmit the results in real-time enabling advanced training opportunities.

“Athletes train year-round and we wanted to create the ultimate base layer that would allow them to train smarter even in the cold weather months,” said Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Co-Founder and CEO of Hexoskin“With the addition of the Arctic Smart Shirt, we yet again prove that we can continue to grow as a company and provide smart garments to our customers that live up to their needs for information, style and comfort.”  

Add in fabric breathability, odor-resistance bacteriostatic treatment technology and the elimination of pulling and abrasion by the Italian material, in addition to the standard Hexoskin body metric numbers this upper body covering produces, and you have a workout difference maker. This sports tech-centric shirt is created to be like polar bear fur and be worn over lengthy periods of time without causing irritable friction to the skin, while form fitting much like comfortable Merino wool. The Arctic has superior heat insulation functionality because the fibers are the result of hundreds of hollow microfilaments working together as an insulation chamber between the skin and the outside.

A micro sized Bluetooth device is connected to the fabric sensors and stitched in the shirt’s built-in side pocket for activity and sleep measurement. Their patented shirt is extremely light weight, provides warmth and a relaxed fit, and captures superior data compared to most fitness trackers.

The first Arctic Smart Shirt will be available for sale in December with a retail price of $199. Reserve one or more now since supply is limited here. The first orders will include a free Hexoskin beanie.

Hexoskin Device
The Hexoskin Arctic shirt requires a Hexoskin device in order to record your biometric data. In addition to measuring basic metrics such as heart rate, step count, sleep duration and calories burned, the device also measures heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, activity level, acceleration, cadence and much more. These metrics give users the information they need to surpass their fitness and athletic goals. By reviewing the data before, during and after workout sessions, users can exert maximum training effort, while still avoiding fatigue, overtraining and injuries.

About Hexoskin
Used for scientific testing and astronaut training, Hexoskin is a smart device that connects to an intelligent sports garment with integrated sensors to capture body metrics, such as heart rate, breathing rate, acceleration, and more.

Hexoskin’s mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful. To get better and more affordable health and fitness services, people will need to wear health sensors. Connectivity, increased interest for health and fitness, population aging and the consumerization of healthcare are strong tailwinds for Hexoskin. For more information, visit www,

Sports Techie, Hexoskin wearable body metrics gives you insights about your physical training, sleep habits and personal daily activities. Tracking your heart rate ECG, breathing rates and volume, plus activity steps, cadence and calories, in addition to sleep positions are all vital to improving performance and coming back from injury in a safe way.

The vortex is already here across the nation and world, and the holiday season is coming right up so consider purchasing a novel wearable tech present for an athletic family member or friend for Christmas like the Artic Smart Shirt. It will be the kind of gift any Sports Techie will cherish for cold weather fitness, exercise and sporting endeavors.

See y’all later in Seattle and here in Atlanta.

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    FYI to Readers: Wearable technology start-up Sarvint Technologies has filed complaints against multiple major apparel companies for patent infringement of its “Smart Shirt” technology. Sarvint feels strongly that it is the creator of the “Smart Shirt” space, and its patented technology is being misappropriated by these organizations. You can read more about the case filed on January 12, 2015, here: