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  • Sleep Number Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of LA Rams

    Sleep Number is the Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of the Los Angeles Rams as of just over a week ago. The National Football League team signed a partnership agreement with Sleep Number, the leader in sleep health, science and research. Getting good sleep after working out is critical for success. Many of the Sports […]

  • Lucid Sleep State Can Improve Athletic Performance

    Can lucid dreaming improve your sports skills? Scientific studies suggest that it is possible to improve physical skills and abilities by practicing them while we sleep. Research published by The Journal of Sports Sciences has proven that real life improvements in motor skills can be brought about by practicing them while we sleep during lucid dreaming. The Sports Techie community […]

  • Three Key Elements to Every Post-Game Recovery Routine

    A healthy team is a successful, winning team. Taking the time necessary to recover after a game is part of the winning process, and must be completed by every team member, from youth to middle age and beyond. Resting and rejuvenating with proper diet helps the body heal after the excessive use of muscles and body […]

  • Why You Need Sleep After Playing Sports or Working Out

    Whether you’re looking to increase your bench press max or up your free throw percentage, you need sleep just like Steph Curry does. It isn’t a luxury. It’s a crucial part of your body’s process of building, strengthening, and healing itself. And, science has shown that sleep is crucial for muscle recovery and improved athletic […]

  • FC Barcelona, Barca Innovation Hub, Allianz SE Partner with Hexoskin for Smart Garment Sleep Study

    FC Barcelona, Barca Innovation Hub and Allianz SE are partnered with Hexoskin wearable body metric system to conduct their first project designed for the health and wellness space, in particular, using a smart garment to study sleep. It is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in the world. The goal is to measure sleep quality and […]

  • Improve Athletic Performance with Better (and More) Sleep

    Sleep Like A World Sports Champion Hours spent in the weight room, interval training, speed training, and a well-balanced diet all affect athletic performance. But, there’s one common factor that’s often forgotten – sleep. When you consider the strain that an athlete’s body undergoes during a competition, it should come as no surprise that adequate […]

  • Autism Speaks Walk Georgia, Sports Techie #AutismSpeaksGA Blog

    Autism Speaks Walk Georgia, Sports Techie #AutismSpeaksGA Blog Our family autism journey is approaching  three years this May when Kellan has his third birthday. I was asked last month by the Marcus Autism Center and Autism Speaks Walk Georgia to be an Ambassador and social influencer to any families, sponsors and media that have questions about the 12th annual event on Sunday, […]

  • Hexoskin Smart Shirts Available At Best Buy For Canada Day

    Hexoskin Smart Shirts Available At Best Buy For Canada Day Best Buy is ready for Canada Day with the availability of the Hexoskin smart shirt for purchase. The recent Hexoskin Apple Watch update allows for recorded real-time body metrics compiled by the smart garment sensors to wirelessly transmit feedback to the smartwatch complete with scientific […]

  • Hexoskin Junior Kids Biometrics Shirt Launched At CES 2015 Las Vegas

    Hexoskin Junior Kids Biometrics Shirt Launched At CES 2015 Las Vegas Congratulations to Hexoskin for pushing the wearable tech envelope, this time with the CES 2015 Las Vegas launch of the new biometrics smart shirt designed for children and teenagers to measure sport and activity metrics such as performance, sleep and more sports big data […]