Sleep Number Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of LA Rams

Sleep Number Partners With Los Angeles Rams

Sleep Number is the Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of the Los Angeles Rams as of just over a week ago. The National Football League team signed a partnership agreement with Sleep Number, the leader in sleep health, science and research. Getting good sleep after working out is critical for success. Many of the Sports Techie community blog readers and followers may not be aware of the desire by the NFL for parity, dynasties of the past are not good for the game. It is believed that with every new season, all teams start fresh with an equal chance of becoming the next Super Bowl champion and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Reality is, parity is not a fact as the odds of winning a championship are simply not the same for every club. The LA Rams want to be the best every year and have thus teamed up with Sleep Number to optimize sleeping habits of players and staff with technologies, products and services designed to improve SleepIQ® Score. Personalized sleep insights, biometrics and a HealthIQ® Wellness report helps players and coaches win more games, practice more efficiently, and be better able to study complicated gameplans Head Coach Sean McVay designs. We all know how hard it is to function on little or poor quality sleep. The Rams and Sleep Number are taking care of that by tracking sleep trends and circadian rhythms in order to produce better sleep number scores.

Sleep The Competitive Edge

Because of parity, uncovering competitive edges on other franchises can be the difference in the one extra win or big play that gets the franchise into the playoffs, keeping title dreams alive.

One such competitive edge is sleep. NFL organizations that truly understand the importance of sound sleep and rest are prioritizing better habits as a means to help improve performances, think more clearly and recover from injuries faster, among the many benefits of tracking each sleep session.

SleepIQ® Technology

LA Rams + Sleep Number

  • Sleep Number is the Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of the Los Angeles Rams. The agreement will help promote sleep health and wellbeing, on and off the field by providing sleep expertise to Rams’ players, coaches and athletic trainers.
  • As part of Sleep Number’s partnership with the NFL, in which Sleep Number provides every active player a Sleep Number 360® smart bed, the company shared data that nearly 80% of Rams’ players had taken advantage of this aspect of the partnership.
  • Sleep Number’s proprietary SleepIQ® technology is built into the 360 smart bed, enabling it to automatically adjust comfort throughout the night. Each morning, players receive a SleepIQ score and biometric data – such as average breathing and heart rates – to help them understand the quality of their sleep. With this information, players can adjust their training regimens to improve their performance and recovery.

Sports Techie, Sleep Number is also the Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of the NFL and holds club partnerships with the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, and Kansas City Chiefs. The Rams competitive edge with sleep is shared with other clubs but how each team utilizes the business relationship is the real difference maker.

Personally, I have not had the best, high-quality bed to sleep in for many years. The reality is the cost of a good bed is not something you should skimp on since humans spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, Lucid dreaming and at the end, getting the all-important rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, or not. Yes, there are beds priced below $1,000 but they tend to not last as long. Spending around $1000 to $1,5000 gets you an average mattress lasting anywhere from 7 to maybe 10-years.

Knowing your sleep position is a good way to zero in on a comfortable mattress made just for you. Sleep apnea is another major problem for players, especially the heavier linemen. Quickly adjusting a Sleep Number bed can eliminate the snore. Sleep Number store associates can better explain the cost benefits of a well-made mattress with must-have features.

Sleep Number is dialed into the science, tech and materials inside of mattresses allowing users to get almost 100 hours of more proven quality sleep per year.

The L.A. Rams are their newest, happy Sleep Number 360® smart bed advocates.

Their next 20201 opponent, the Houston Texans are are about to find that out come Sunday.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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