NBPA Launches New Player App Developed By SportsBlog

NBPA Launches New Player App Developed By SportsBlog - Sports Techie blog.
NBPA Launches New Player App Developed By SportsBlog – Sports Techie blog.

NBPA Launches New Player App Developed By SportsBlog

The National Basketball Players Association is busy this NBA All-Star Game NYC week with the launch of a new player app designed by partner SportsBlog. The application will provide an information hub and digital communication tool for leaders and members to stay informed about NBPA business and community news. The Sports Techie blog has also signed up with SportsBlog.com to host our blogs on their website for our readers and followers to enjoy. Does that mean a Sports Techie app is on the way? Not yet but it is a company goal to provide this type of technology suite soon to our loyal membership just like the NBPA.

The National Basketball Players Association is busy this NBA All-Star Game NYC week with the launch of a new player app designed by partner SportsBlog.
The National Basketball Players Association is busy this NBA All-Star Game NYC week with the launch of a new player app designed by partner SportsBlog.

The NBPA app is made for NBA players to stay connected virtually with features such as video messages via Union leadership, player-polling services and a direct connection to Union staffers, in addition to being a constantly updated and trusted source for NBA players to know more about what is happening in their sport by simply opening up the app on digital devices and computers. The app is designed by partner SportsBlog.com.

“We are well aware of the digital age in which we live in today, and this app is the perfect platform for us to communicate directly with all our members and keep them up to date with all the goings-on within the organization,” said NBPA Chief Marketing Officer Jordan Schlachter. “The app is password protected and secure, and will serve as the interactive hub for all we are doing. It is the next great step in improving and streamlining our communications efforts.”

Standard protection encryption keeps all information secure. A novel layer of the apps second phase involves an easy to use feature that enables any player in the U.S. and around the globe to post personal blogs straight to the SportsBlog platform. The official NBPA app is custom built for any level of technologically friendly player to instantly become part of the blogging world in order to speak publically to fans, sponsors and fellow players via a tailored format created especially for the needs and wishes of constituents.

NBA All-Star Game Weekend
In excess of 100 tech savvy players downloaded the app in order to get familiar with the interface and learn how it operates. This week during the NBA All-Star week festivities, hundreds more will also begin to use the unique sports technology product as a membership perk. The custom analytics the app compiles, sorts and delivers to users are an especially useful big data component.

NBPA Logo Challenge
These two proactive companies have worked together before during the trend setting NBPA Logo Challenge hosted at SportsBlog that ended on February 2nd and was a massive web success as fans voted on the submitted logos you can see here.

About NBPA
The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is the union for current professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Established in 1954, the NBPA mission is to ensure that the rights of NBA players are protected and that every conceivable measure is taken to assist players in maximizing their opportunities and achieving their goals, both on and off the court.

Whether it is negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, pursuing a grievance on a player’s behalf, or counseling a player on benefits and educational opportunities, the NBPA advocates on behalf of the best interest of all NBA players.

In addition, the NBPA provides a forum for players to participate in union activities in a number of facets. From executive leadership roles, to team representative positions, global community outreach initiatives and more, the NBPA offers each NBA player the opportunity to get involved in the democratic institution that was created for.

About SportsBlog
SportsBlog is the world’s fastest growing blogging destination for the sports obsessed. The site features authoritative news and fresh commentary from popular sports writers along with more than 20,000 blogs by superstars, superfans and everyone in between. It’s also the platform of choice for many professional athletes – more of them blog on SportsBlog.com than on any other site.

NBAPA Launches Its First-Ever Player APP.
NBPA Launches Its First-Ever Player APP.

Sports Techie, it is my privilege to share this exciting sports technology-centric news with our online community and the NBPA. New York City is alive this week with NBA Cares, NBA House and other engaging fan experience opportunities that can get overwhelming for some because of all the awesome activities planned.

Commissioner Silver listened to the players need to have extended days off in order to allow their bodies and minds to recover for the second half stretch and playoffs run. They may have up to an unprecedented eight days off giving each player enough time, despite busy schedules, to download the NBPA app and start using it as the unifying tool about NBA happenings, while enabling them to reach out via SportsBlog to their global fan base.

You will shortly see a new navigation bar constructed by SportsBlog enabling SportsTechie.net to keep the same look and feel of our previous blogs while expanding our reach to more people worldwide. Look for additional details next week when we launch the exciting brand change.

Unveiling the news that the NBPA app and our new blogging platform are part of SportsBlog is a story I have worked five years to help achieve on our end. This branding sea of change will be fun, engaging and enlightening for all.

Enjoy NYC NBA All-Star Game Digital Content Available Via NBA TV, NBA.com And NBA Mobile and learn more about it all from this #SportsTechie blog link.

See y’all later in Seattle and here in Atlanta.

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