Sports Techie Milestones II

NFL Playbook. There's an app for that! for iQ by Intel by Sports Techie
NFL Playbook. There’s an app for that! for iQ by Intel by Sports Techie

The second edition of the Sports Techie milestones is here and features our Intuit Big Game commercial round two update, another exclusive iQ by Intel NFL and technology article, and my experiences with the new iPhone 5S smartphone by Apple and the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system. The Sports Techie community blog is honored to be in the position to share this information as your original sports technology resource.

Sports Techie                    

Our social media driven network is growing at a steady pace and along the way we have picked up International group members from the Seattle area, across the United States and the America’s, and all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Read our first ever Milestones here.

Big Game commercial by Intuit Quickbooks
Big Game commercial by Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Big Game Ad

Sports Techie made the second round of the Intuit Big Game commercial contest thanks to the votes we received from all of you and others who we do not know but thank nevertheless.

Round two called for my profile to include a new video and answers to certain small business focused questions.

The TeamSmallBiz round three countdown clock to the announcement of the Top 20 is currently at ten days ands counting on the Intuit QuickBooks web site. There were many deserving round two entries. I hope all your votes for me plus my profile combined to stand out enough from the others to the 10,000 voting Intuit employees and move me on to the Top 20. 

The road to the worldwide Final Four vote in New York city in order to win the epic Super Bowl 48 TV commercial grand prize will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment should this blessing go my way.

iQ by Intel Bing

The NFL and Microsoft have signed a sponsorship agreement to help create a more Sports Techie league and so far so good. The tablets in use by NFL coaches, players and staff are either the iPad or Surface. Each has merit, only one is official.

There’s an app for that! Written for iQ by Intel by the Sports Techie

This history of the digital NFL era is ongoing, with a respect for the past and an eye towards the future, making for a present that defines the convergence of sports and technology.

AT&T Store for iPhone 5S - Sports Techie Milestones II blog
AT&T Store for iPhone 5S – Sports Techie Milestones II blog

iPhone 5S

I have been a loyal AT&T customer since 2001 when I worked for Dartfish in Atlanta and a dedicated iPhone user since the launch of Sports Techie in 2010. It was an unexpected treat to be able to stand in line with my newborn along with the other hearty Seattle people who wanted to purchase the world’s best smartphone, the iPhone 5S.

To purchase the 5S, users can sign up for “What’s Next” or a two-year contract. “What’s Next” is nice because you have the option to upgrade after one year with no upfront costs.

The first functionality that dazzled me was the 64-bit A7 chip that runs at hyper speed, especially when compared to the fairly speedy 3GS I upgraded from. The processing speed difference is astounding. The 64-bit camera stood out because of the picture clarity and photo options such as burst, slo-mo and social media integration. The longer battery life is another major upgrade. The new fingerprint identity sensor makes your phone feel more secure from theft.

Windows 8.1

The Lenovo laptop I use came loaded with Windows 8 that was designed for touch screen functionality. The traditional Windows Start button that was missing is now back in Microsoft’s 8.1 update that is free for Windows 8 owners.  

The new option to swipe or type from the refurbished Start Screen to find content on your PC, pictures in the cloud, apps, and websites, is driven by SkyDrive. My laptop seems to operate more efficiently and speedy with the new OS.

The new Health & Fitness App immediately caught my attention due to the sport related free content and services that are impressive.  

Health & Fitness App

  • Diet Tracker
  • Nutrition and Calories
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Exercises
  • Health Tracker
  • Symptoms

With over 1K exercise videos, plus tons of nutritional & medical info, the Health & Fitness app is your guide to a healthier you.


The new Bing Smart Search is “a new way to experience search” for Windows 8.1, according to Microsoft. Search across the web, apps, and your device all from one place with Bing Smart Search.

I sent a tweet to @Windows saying that I was digging the new 8.1 and soon received the following tweet back directly from the @bing social media team:

Social Media

Today is Follow Friday on Twitter which is a social media engagement activity I have participated in since the founding of the company. Our #FF people, brands and causes this and every week are dedicated to those we feel are aligned with our core Sports Techie principles in one way or another.

If you are a rookie to Twitter or opening your account for the first time in a while or even a savvy veteran, please follow our Twitter follow recommendations at your discretion.


This Sports Techie milestone series is available for sponsorship, as is our blog and tweet streams. Contact me at [email protected] with all sponsor and blog inquiries.

Sports Techie, This has been a busy period between milestones for me but I love it. The journey from a completely unknown brand to one that has loyal and engaged community members all over the world gives me goose bumps.

Playing sports, performing exercises and doing activities are critical to a person’s wellbeing. Not every Sports Techie can be a Pro but we can all be amateurs at the level we want to thanks in part to the explosion of sports tech products, Solutions and services available at our wireless beckoning, in the nearly $250 billion and growing, worldwide Industry.

I look forward to being publishing in an online trade magazine before our next milestone issue. Look for more exciting blogs, loaded with interviews, product information and the Sports Techie expert perspective. A significant consulting opportunity is on the table, more to come should that come through for our community and my family.

Upcoming are several new iQ by Intel articles. One piece discusses the San Francisco 49ers new Levi’s Stadium technology and hosting of Super Bowl 50, another focuses on new football helmet tech, and a third will be a NBA tech centric feature.

I hope to be hard at work collecting votes for the final rounds of the Big Ad campaign by Intuit come October 28th.

Finally, I will continue to curate our one-of-a-kind social network content while a stay-at-home Dad of a nearly five-month old Sports Techie baby. Those good folk that bear with us on the phone and Skype are much appreciated.

Until the next Sports Techie milestone, may the sports tech ecosphere treat you well.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie @THESportsTechie –

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