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  • Sports and Social Media: The Perfect Tech For Fans On TV, Mobile Devices, OTT, And Gaming Consoles

    Sports and Social Media: The Perfect Tech For Fans On TV, Mobile Devices, OTT, And Gaming Consoles Is Sport and Social Media a sports tech generated perfect team? The Sports Techie community blog will analyze how the worlds of sports and social media converge. Sports and Social Media: The Perfect Team, by Infographic World, has […]

  • Kolon Sport Life Tech Extreme Environment Smart Jacket System Designed By Seymourpowell

    The Seymourpowell design of a new extreme environment smart jacket system, Life Tech, for outdoor sportswear brand Kolon Sport, is part of a next generation wearable technology explosion that in this case, may save your action or extreme sports loving life. Ian Whatley, Associate Director for Seymourpowell, conducted a Q&A for the Sports Techie community […]

  • Get Ready to Kick Some Dirt with Low-Cost Bike Repair Tips

    You want to get out on the motocross track, but your old bike needs some repair. You know that you can restore your bike into its former glory. However, it will not be easy and you could end up broke in the end. The good news is there are ways to revive your bike without […]

  • Boxing, Money, and Health: The Floyd Mayweather Case Study and Infographic

    Boxing, Money, and Health: The Floyd Mayweather Case Study and InfographicThis pioneering boxing sports business infographic case study about Floyd “Money” Mayweather is full of Big Data facts for the Sports Techie community blog to analyze. The explosion of Pay Per View technology in sports and in particular boxing and the UFC have helped Mr. […]

  • Qylur Automated, Self-Service, Security-Screening Kiosk Is Revolutionary

    Qylur has designed a game-changing new bag-screening technology called the Qylatron that will improve fan experience for sports and entertainment venues, monuments and transportation hubs. The industry-first Qylatron scans guest IDs and screens bags five times faster, detects multiple security threats, reduces security costs with up to 50-percent less staffing, and improves the guest experience. […]

  • Sports Techie Milestones II

    The second edition of the Sports Techie milestones is here and features our Intuit Big Game commercial round two update, another exclusive iQ by Intel NFL and technology article, and my experiences with the new iPhone 5S smartphone by Apple and the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system. The Sports Techie community blog is honored to […]

  • deltatre and Monterosa Collaborate on Second Screen Sports App for Sochi Olympic Games

    Innovative sports technology is coming to our good neighbors in Canada thanks in part to the new partnership between deltatre and Monterosa. While at the global sports industry Sportel Conference currently under way in Monaco, their agreement to develop a second screen application for one of Canada’s preeminent broadcasters was released. The Sports Techie community […]

  • NFL Playbooks Gone Digital: How Teams Use Tablets to Stay Ahead

    NFL Playbook. There’s an app for that! http://mvb.me/s/9ef059 Written for iQ by Intel by the Sports Techie. Thank you for clicking on the link and reading about the NFL’s Digital Age at the iQ by Intel web site and finding out about the modern day NFL coach or player and how they interface with the […]