Get Ready to Kick Some Dirt with Low-Cost Bike Repair Tips

Get Ready to Kick Some Dirt with Low-Cost Bike Repair Tips
Get Ready to Kick Some Dirt with Low-Cost Bike Repair Tips

You want to get out on the motocross track, but your old bike needs some repair. You know that you can restore your bike into its former glory. However, it will not be easy and you could end up broke in the end. The good news is there are ways to revive your bike without going over budget.

Overheating Bike

If your bike is overheating, there is one simple solution here. Remember that coolant flows through your bike’s engine and if there is not enough of it, you can damage the engine. Before you jump onto your motocross bike, make sure the radiator is topped off. If it won’t hold fluid, find the leak. It will often be due to a hole in the radiator, hose, base, head, or the bike’s water pump.

Poor Suspension Performance

Your awesome suspension isn’t worth much if you do not understand how it works. There are many factors that affect your bike’s suspension including spring rate and sag. More often than not, sag should be around 95 to 115mm when on the bike and should just be around 25 to 45mm without a rider. Measure your bike’s sag when the bike is still. If it is less than 25mm, you should find a stiffer spring. If it is more than 45mm, purchase a softer spring.

You should change your shock oil and your fork every 20 hours or less since your bike is not-so-new. If you go for a ride, inspect the seals and bushings. Replace them every 40 hours. Otherwise, this can cause friction and leaky seals.

Flat Tire

Fixing motorcycle tires is not a difficult task, but it is important that you have all the essential tools on hand. These include a shifter, lubricant, air compressor, powder, and a couple of tire levers. Changing a rear tire is different than the front so make sure that you know exactly what you are doing. Once you have removed the tire, inspect it for damage. If it seems fine, you can use the air compressor to clean out the inside. Do not forget about the inside of the rim since small rocks or dirt could have penetrate there. Use a lubricant to refit the tire much easier and the tire levers for prying an edge of the tire over the rim.

Getting Ready for Motocross

Nothing sounds better than the sound of the engine when you start the bike after the restoration. Now that it works, you should be prepared for some dirt. There are many things to check before heading to the track, such as the chain tension, lube, air filter, bolts, and spokes. Make sure everything is in good, working condition so you can keep up with your racing buddies at the track.

Creative Commons image by Moosealope

Sports Techie, I personally like watching the XGames on ABC and ESPN and the Dew Tour on NBCSN, and motocross is a big reason why. These brands have helped pushed the sport of moto to the main stream while creating a technology platform for these fearless athletes to compete against the best in the world in a digital TV and Internet U.S. and global showcase. Red Bull is another company the Sports Techie community blog, especially their motocross content bells and whistles.

Sports Technology is the morphing together of sport and technology. Moto defines the sports tech merger of machine and human about as well as any sport does. I have friends in the Seattle area that ride motorcycles in competitions, for recreational purposes and to unwind from busy lives.

Be prepared for overheating engines, flat tires and general maintenance upkeep every time you ride and have fun.

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