Rio 2016 Olympic Sports Trends Content

Infographic: Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends, Via Shutterstock.

Find out what sports and words before the summer Olympics were trending around the world for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the Shutterstock Infographic: Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends. I was on vacation in Banff, Canada last week enjoying the CBC real-time broadcast and did not have the time to publish this sport tech infused data because I was whitewater rafting on the Bow River exactly where some of “The Revenant,”movie was filmed, and canoeing on glacier fed Lake Louise with Jessica, my sweetheart. The #Rio2106 Olympics held their closing ceremony and past on the Olympic Torch to Tokyo 2020, Japan. The Rio 2016 Paralympics event runs from September 7-18 and Brazil is already prepared to host this most impactful live event for alternative and disabled sports athletes, and teams, representing countries all over the world. Shutterstock created this infographic that looks at 2016’s Olympic sport trends for the benefit of the Sports Techie community blog readers, followers and others. Social media is certainly a catalyst for the amount of Olympic sport searches.

Rio 2016 Olympic Sports Trends Content - Sports Techie blog.
Rio 2016 Olympic Sports Trends Content – Sports Techie blog.

Olympic Sports Tech Trends

Using Shutterstock search data, Senior Designer Brandon Lee, found out the most popular sports for image and video searches were soccer and new Olympic sport, golf. Some of the fastest growing Olympic sports this year included Triathlon, Mountain Biking, and Artistic Gymnastics.

Total searches for “Rio Olympics” had seen significant growth in the amount of 4255% since 2012.

Shutterstock 2016 Olympic Sports Trends

Shutterstock compiled different criteria of data such as search terms and image/footage downloads and uploads. This analytical data was broken down to help understand trends and to shape their content offerings.. The launch of their 2016 Olympic Sports Trends Infographic enabled a deep dive look at the combined intensity of sports together with insightful sport data to discover how the the world searched in anticipation of Rio 2016.


–           The 10 most popular sports based on image and footage searches. (Golf and Rugby 7s are new Olympic sports)

Images Soccer No. 1, Golf No. 2, Football No. 3, Rugby No. 7

Footage Golf No. 1, Soccer No. 2, Football No. 3, Sailing No. 9


–          Click on a region to see the fastest growing Olympic sport, based on image searches.

1.      Canada – Table Tennis

2.      U.S.A. – Triathlon

3.      Mexico – Athletics

4.      Brazil – Badminton

5.      Argentine – Judo

6.      Australia – Handball

7.      UK – Athletics

8.      France – Fencing

9.      Germany – Mountain Bike

10.  Spain – Artistic Gymnastics

11.  Russia – Artistic Gymnastics

12.  India – Taekwondo

13.  South Korea – Rowing

14.  Japan – Archery


–          Searches for Olympics and Paralympics begin 2 years prior to the Games.

Olympic Searches

  1. Fire
  2. Stadium
  3. Medal
  4. Park

Paralympic Searches

  1. Basketball
  2. Tennis
  3. Rugby
  4. Swimming


–          Taking place over 17 days in August, the Olympic Games bring the world together.




V.                 RIO ON THE RISE

–          Excitement for the Rio Olympics has been building since the London Olympics in 2012, with a huge increase in searches.

–          Searches For “Rio Olympics” Since 2010


Visit Shutterstock Interactive Infographic – Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends

Shutterstock Infographic: Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends
Shutterstock Infographic: Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends

Sports Techie, Golf and Rugby were new 2106 Olympic sports and searches by fans, athletes and sponsors showed how popular they were leading into the Brazil Summer Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently added baseball and softball, karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, and surfing, to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 performance agenda in order to attract younger athletes and viewers that love the X Games for example.

Look for the addition of eSports gaming, drone racing and robotic fighting by the 2024 Olympics in hopefully, Los Angeles, as my educated guess because the city and state of California will showcase the new and much needed IOC business model of using existing infrastructure rather than forcing host countries to build unnecessary new stadiums, facilitates, lodging, and transportation.

Top Olympic and Paralympic associated search words I thought were clearly missing and question why Shutterstock did not mention them for whatever reason, include, Zita, Favelas, Russia, and the big one, Doping.

The breakdown by country of the fastest growing sport is missing China. Not sure why since they have the world’s largest population and earned 70 medals in total, second only to the 121 medals won by the the Team USA in Rio. If Chinese web data was not available then a well deserved asterisk would surely do the trick to show inclusion anyways.

NBC Olympics television coverage suffered a major decline in total viewers compared to the London 2012 Summer Games in London by double-digits, numbers when broken down show millennial aged viewers led the way. No doubt, NBC Universal made a poor choose to delay the Opening Ceremony once again and never truly recovered the TV Big Mo this event usually provides Olympic broadcasters. The big spin by NBC Sports is the fact that online streaming numbers may have set records because of course, with the amount of digital devices around the world and here in America, that is a no-brainer in terms of delivery of content. Reality is NBC sold only 10 percent of advertising on their streaming platforms while allocating 75 percent of the $1.2 billion in spend on TV, according to the New York Times.

I am guessing before the Paralympic Games begin next month, new search terms will surge to the top of these lists such as, prosthetic, wheelchair and adaptive sports.

As the build up for the Tokyo 2020 games begins, look for the five new sports, in addition to golf and rugby, to have enormous measurable jumps in rankings. After the end of the Brazilian Games, I also expect, “IOC,” “White Elephant,” and “PED” terms to sky rocket even if you are not told they are searched for.

We now live in a hashtag social world so expect hashtags to rise to the top of #Olympic sports searches even if ambush marketing of the terms “Olympic,” “Olympian,” “Rio,” “Gold,” or “Games,” are illegal according Rule 40 and the slow moving IOC, something Under Armour and other non-sponsor companies clearly took advantage of in Brazil via swimming superstar Michael Phelps.

Finally, look for “Tokyo Olympics” to blow Olympic digital search records out of the universe because “PyeongChang Olympics” host of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, will definitely not.

Enjoy the 2016 Rio #Paralympics and the amazing Paralympians, it is one of my personal favorite events.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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