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  • Rio 2016 Olympic Sports Trends Content

    Infographic: Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends, Via Shutterstock. Find out what sports and words before the summer Olympics were trending around the world for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the Shutterstock Infographic: Explore 2016 Olympic Sports Trends. I was on vacation in Banff, Canada last week enjoying the CBC real-time broadcast and did not have […]

  • Stadium Issues Fuel Relocation Talks for San Diego Chargers

    The SD Chargers franchise appears poised to request a transfer to Los Angeles after this season. The main reason for this is the need for a new stadium – and the unwillingness of San Diego taxpayers to foot part of the bill. The Sports Techie community blog does a deep dive look at what this […]

  • Sports Data Analytics Convention In London

    Sports Data Analytics Convention In London Sports data and analytics are now a major component of the sports business culture and are driven by advanced technology which is why my LinkedIn connection, Nicholas Longworth, decided to introduce a new convention set to launch in the UK during 2016 surrounding sport and Big Data analysis initially […]

  • Deltatre Delivers TSN and RDS FIFA World Cup Digital Coverage Across Canada

    Deltatre Delivers TSN and RDS FIFA World Cup Digital Coverage Across Canada There are 8 FIFA Women’s World Cup games left on the 52 game schedule and deltatre digital technology has been behind the TSN and RDS coverage provided to the good people living in tournament host Canada. Their sports tech partnership used an integrated […]

  • Post Sochi: The Technology Behind the World’s Largest Sporting Event via iQ by Intel

    The sports technology integrated into the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia was mind blowing as was the over $50 billion International event price tag. I was privileged to once again write for iQ by Intel about a trending topic wrapped in sports tech for the Sports Techie community blog. Sports + Tech By […]

  • Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Fan Safety Infographic

    It’s a high stakes game of life and death. Terrorists have vowed to disrupt the winter Olympic games; while Russia has more than 200,000 military, police and secret service agents at the ready to safeguard the athletes and visitors. The Sports Techie community blog thanks Zelda Robbins for sharing a new sports management degree hub […]

  • Super Bowl Security is not a Game – It’s been at Level 1 since 9-11

    Forget stoic Peyton Manning vs. brash Richard Sherman – the biggest Super Bowl story surrounds unprecedented security for Super Bowl XLVIII, where a projected 400,000 will invade New York/New Jersey for the first cold-weather venue Big Game in NFL history. For several months, the FBI, local police, marine and military experts have been working on […]