Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Fan Safety Infographic

It’s a high stakes game of life and death. Terrorists have vowed to disrupt the winter Olympic games; while Russia has more than 200,000 military, police and secret service agents at the ready to safeguard the athletes and visitors. The Sports Techie community blog thanks Zelda Robbins for sharing a new sports management degree hub Infographic that adds value to your Sochi Olympics fan experience. Whether you are attending the estimated cost of $50 billion dollar mega event hosted in Russia as a spectator, or watching the NBCOlympics live broadcasts on your digital devices beginning this Thursday, Feb. 6 with the new slopestyle ski event, heightened security is in in every spectator’s best interest.

If you’re planning to attend, here’s what you should know thanks to the Infographic at
Safe in Sochi

Sochi Facts

From Feb. 6-23, 2014, the Winter Olympics will for the first time in Russian Federation and Olympic history be hosted in the city of Sochi. Sochi has prepared to host the Winter Games in Russia’s Miami or Riviera resort town, located on the Black Sea, in the longest city in Europe at 92 miles long.

Sochi has a modest population size of 400,000 which is about 56 percent smaller than Seattle’s 626,600 residents which has to increase our cities chances of one day hosting a summer Olympic games.

In the spirit of the Sports Techie community, the Sochi mascots: are the polar bear, hare and snow leopard. The Sochi 2014 Olympic torch was transported to the International Space Station in November. The 7 Winter sports represented are biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, luge, skating and skiing.

Venue Clusters

One major key to these games are the impressive Caucasus Mountains because the travel distance between Sochi’s ‘Coastal’ and ‘Mountain’ clusters is only 48 kilometers allowing fans to enjoy a truly unique fan experience of attending events at both clusters in the same day.

The Sochi Olympics will be divided into two infrastructure “clusters.”
• A coastal cluster in swampy lowlands south of the old city will host indoor hockey, figure skating and the opening and closing ceremonies.
• A mountain cluster, half an hour away by high-speed train in Krasnaya Polyana, will host things like downhill skiing, the first women’s ski jumping and halfpipe snowboarding

Sochi Security

The next winter Olympic is going to held over 18 days beginning on February 6th,  Sochi, and terrorists have vowed to disrupt the Olympic for the 85 participating Nations; while Russia has more than 200,000 military, police and secret service agents at the ready to safeguard the athletes and visitors.  The Federal Security Service (FSB) will monitor all fans and the 6,000 competing athletes.

  • 11 Venues to be used in the Games
  • 75,000 is the daily number of visitors that can be accommodated at Olympic Park
  • All Internet traffic by Sochi residents, visitors, and journalists will be monitored by SORM, a surveillance system used to track telephone and Internet communications
  • Drones, reconnaissance robots, sonar systems and high-speed patrol boats” will monitor activity in Sochi 24 hours-a-day.
  • 100,000 security personnel,  40,000 tri-lingual police officers and 30,000 armed forces troops will be deployed throughout the Sochi area
  • Olympic Mountain cluster Russian military team called “Operations Group Sochi”
  • Tor-M air defense systems missiles, 3 S-400 surface to air missiles underwater machine guns

Sochi Threats

The Olympics has been a terrorist target for nearly 50 years.

1972 Munich: 9 Israeli athletes killed by Black September terrorists
1996 Atlanta: 1 killed, more than 100 wounded by a pipe bomb. Domestic terrorism.
2008 Beijing, China: 16 policeman killed in Kashgar

Caucasus Region

Doku Umarov is Russia’s most wanted terrorist, urged his followers to strike the games.

1,500: number of violent events in the Caucasus region since January 2010; many are within 500 miles of the Olympic Games in, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Chechnya.

Oct. 2013: 30 people killed in train station bomb in Volograd, 600 miles north of Sochi

ONE DAY LATER: a black widow suicide bomber attacks a bus in Volgograd, 10 people killed, dozens wounded. The Black Widows: suspected female suicide bombers on the loose: Three women have been trained “to perpetrate acts of terrorism”.

Sochi Spectator Identification

You will show ID (often) in:
• Restricted security zones
• Controlled zones
• Restricted areas:
• Olympic Park
• Olympic Villages,
• Olympic Mountain Cluster
• Olympic Coastal Cluster, national park, airport, seaport, and railroad terminal
• The internal border of Karachay-Cherkessia, 200 miles east of Sochi,
• Visitors moving through the “controlled zones” — areas around the Olympic Park as well as all checkpoints along the Sochi and Adler coast — will also have to submit to police inspections.

NBC Olympics

Why leave home?
Expect 1,539 hours coverage hours on NBC, MSNBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC that equals 64 days of coverage. The second screen fan experience on your TV, smartphone and tablet will be an upgrade from past Olympic broadcasts.

NBC Olympics Sochi - Competition Begin February 6th
NBC Olympics Sochi – Competition Begin February 6th

Thank You

Our Sports Techie community gratitude for the timely Infographic about security and safety at Sochi goes to Zelda.

Her kind email note said, “We appreciate the efforts you’ve shown in managing such a great blog.”

Sports Techie, You know things are covered when 500 sports tech snow guns are needed just in case there is not enough snow for the mountain races which does not seem to be an issue at the moment. The 710,000 cubic meters of snow kept in storage from last winter for the games in another wise sports technology driven backup by operations. These winter Olympic Games have many similar examples that make Sochi 2014 the most sports technology centric Olympics ever.

Over 25,000 trained volunteers are working at these games, which is a source of Russian national pride so be sure to engage with them should you go. The new airport and train station are transportation technological wonders. The Sochi Paralympic Games is set to become the best ever with infrastructure constructed especially for the disabled competitors and fans.

The Fisht Olympic Stadium and other venues have been designed with sustainability features such being completely demountable. Olympic Park stadiums and arenas are all within walking distance of each other, another Olympics historical first.

The 98 sets of bronze, silver and gold medals are at stake here before the Sports Techie blog consideration turns to security for the Winter Games of 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Enjoy Sochi and go Team USA!

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie @THESportsTechie –

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