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  • Curling Canada + Driven By StreamAMG’s OTT Video Streaming

    Curling Canada launched Curling Canada +; a brand-new direct-to-consumer online video service offering curling content from the men’s, women’s, and mixed circuits across Canada with additional international events Canada Curling has a brand-new international OTT video streaming service powered by StreamAMG. Curing Canada + allows the Canadian governing body to deliver both live and on-demand sport […]

  • What’s That Olympic Sport Called Again?

    Sophia from sports-management-degrees.com posted an Infographic “What’s That Olympic Sport Called Again?”, which the Sports Techie community blog is happy so share with our readers all over  the world. Many of the summer and winter Olympic sports in this Infographic have a glorious history that go back over one hundred years. Every two years we turn on our t.v.’s and […]

  • Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Fan Safety Infographic

    It’s a high stakes game of life and death. Terrorists have vowed to disrupt the winter Olympic games; while Russia has more than 200,000 military, police and secret service agents at the ready to safeguard the athletes and visitors. The Sports Techie community blog thanks Zelda Robbins for sharing a new sports management degree hub […]