Zoomph Influencer Engagement Platform Ranks Social Media Content Influencers, NBA and NHL

The Zoomph Social Hub has real-time polls and customizable social visualization
The Zoomph Social Hub has real-time polls and customizable social visualization

Zoomph is an Influencer Engagement Platform that finds influential users with a unique ranking algorithm called ZPoints. They collect and rank the most influential content from top shelf hubs Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to create potent second screen experiences for brands and to pinpoint the users that matter most to your social conversation. Similar to Klout, Zoomph offers a true 360 degree fan experience with real-time analytics for web sites and mobile devices. The Sports Techie blog was excited to learn more about their sports technology solution, the unique second screen fan experience, and hear insight about their new deal with Monumental Sports.

Zoomph Influencer Engagement Platform Ranks Social Media Content Influencers, NBA and NHL
Zoomph Influencer Engagement Platform Ranks Social Media Content Influencers, NBA and NHL


The Zoomph mission is to make social content meaningful for brands and its fans. It was founded because of the need for companies to effectively drive social media campaigns without wasting time engaging with the wrong users or running into the culture of spammers. “Analytics are the key to a successful social media strategy,” according to Zoomph. “They can no longer be an afterthought; they must be the driver of social engagement.” As a result, highly targeted and meaningful engagement for top influencers and their content is now available.

Founder and CEO, Ali Manouchehri, is said to be a serial + social entrepreneur expanding upon his first business idea at the age of 10. I like hearing that when he is not thinking of the next great idea you can find him in the game room defending his FIFA soccer championship. Ali is also the founder of MetroStar. They developed software for the government.

Zoomph found themselves working with Senator Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department on Moneyball Diplomacy. She initially used Klout as a filter to find out insights about influencers and content, however, when her team conducted a search for foreign policy and it pulled up Justin Bieber as number one, the former First Lady decided a more robust solution was in order.

Zoomph algorithms were used to rank Iranian Presidential candidates and follow the country’s national elections. ZPoints correctly predicted the election outcome. The Arab Spring was also monitored via a dashboard. NASA was another early adopter.

ZPoints system is tailored to boost your social influence
ZPoints system is tailored to boost your social influence


ZPoints system is tailored to boost your social influence. ZPoints are granted for both quality and quantity, but more sm weight is given to quality. A post is considered high quality only if it sparks the interest of others in the respective community. They measure that interest in units of attention, such as retweets, or activity on Facebook posts or Instagram updates. The startup business purchased expensive API’s from Facebook and Twitter and wrote the platform code in a 72 hour power session.

Zoomph offers a true 360 degree fan experience with real-time analytics for web sites and mobile devices
Zoomph offers a true 360 degree fan experience with real-time analytics for web sites and mobile devices

LeaderBoards, Modules and More

The ZPoints LeaderBoard is where social media rankings are posted. The leaderboard display is a tool that has multiple uses for teams, corporations and fans. The three Zoomph Social Media Modules are: Analytics, Curation and Visualization Tools.

Their Social Hub has real-time polls and customizable social visualization. Widget visualization is available. Curation factors in all the retweet and replies. The Analytics Big Data is delivered in the form of numbers, graphs and social reach items.

Event displays such as a Jumbotron, generate a social media feed as a video footer. Tweets and Facebook posts fans post during the games can be featured onscreen. Fans love the publicity and winning prizes such as tickets and team merchandise, while sponsors have a new digital opportunity to reach targeted consumers.

Comments on a Facebook page can easily be approved or rejected in real-time. Vine and Instagram are currently locked in a tech battle over the six second video. Porter assured me that Zoomph will soon support Instagram video; their engineers are fast at work coding.

Meta data are created by the proprietary solution. Trending Words and Trending Posts are an excellent SEO opportunity. Top Influencers can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and track people that are influential, it is also easy to find out what platform they generate the most engagement from, and you can query Z-Points leaders.

Introducing Zoomph – A Powerful Second Screen Experience

Social Content Management System (Social CMS)

  • Build a community to centralize social media engagements from your fans. Push influential content onto social media hubs optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Influential Content

  • Rank influential social media in real-time from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use ZPoints™ to maximize your fans’ social media reach, depth, and engagement through Zoomph’s analytics.

Social AdSync

  • Bring the most inspiring social conversations to your social hub and pair them with targeted advertisements. Sync these relevant ads with relevant conversations.
New Orleans Pelicans Social Hub mockup
New Orleans Pelicans Social Hub mockup

Sports and Entertainment

Zoomph’s Quinton Porter, is their new Account Executive, Sports and Entertainment, and has been at this amazing sports technology job for eight weeks. The company HQ is located near Washington, D.C. however Quinton has a home office in Maine. Porter was a starting quarterback for Boston College, and then played two years in the NFL and five more seasons in the CFL. He earned a MBA, Finance from B.C. – Carroll School of Management. Porter is a new Sports Techie LinkedIn group member.

His current pipeline includes the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans who are interested in the Social Hub. Discussions are underway with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The NFL and NCAA are next and right up his alley.

The New York Road Runners Social Hub Video Board, #INGNYRRMarathon, Run For Life, was a huge success. The Michael Waltrip Racing web site significantly increased traffic and fan engagement immediately after implementing their own SocialHub. Porter mentioned that fans like going to the site but are more interested in other people’s posted content rather than Waltrip generated posts.

I asked Porter about other platforms and when they will be measured and he said that, “Zoomph will soon begin working with LinkedIn and YouTube within the next several months.” Bloggers are another key opportunity for growth and is a customer base he will continue targeting for online demos.

Monumental Sports

Monumental Sports was founded by CEO and Ultra Sports Techie, Ted Leonsis. His former new media company, Redgate Communications was acquired by America Online in 1994, and Leonsis became a senior AOL executive for the next 13 years. He is now the majority owner of the Washington Wizard’s in the NBA, the WNBA’s Mystic, and the NHL’s Washington Capitals. In addition, they own the Verizon Center, Patriot Center and Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Wizard’s Social Hub will be used as a social media management tool. http://www.monumentalsports.com/

Other Zoomph SportsBiz Developments

  • The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference used the ZPoints systems to encourage engagement while the conference was taking place. They did this by highlighting the top influencers in the sports analytics conversation in real time. At the conference on March 1-2, MIT Sloan set up several onscreen Zoomph displays in various panel rooms throughout the building. The top portion of the screen streamed influential Tweets, and Instagram photos. The bottom showed the ZPoints Influencer Leaderboard, a ticker streaming the top 20 influencers during the conversation at any given time.
  • The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars have taken a step in this direction with the recent launch of a ‘Fan Cave’ in their stadium. This center showcases big-screen TVs showing other concurrent games, recliners, state-of-the-art Wi-Fi service, and 12 tablets that enable fans to surf the net. Unfortunately, the Jags—and all other teams—are still overlooking critical factors. This center would be improved by encouraging fans to engage digitally in ways that would promote conversations about their game and make fans feel closer to each other.
  • When monitoring the 2013 NFL Combine conversation, ZPoints helped raise the most influential conversations and authors to help filter the noise out of the conversation. When they compared posts from the both the NFL and ESPN’s Sportscenter, it was found that although the NFL had more posts, Sportscenter was sparking more units of attention, therefore becoming more influential at key points in the conversation.
  • The 2013 NCAA Championship final game between Lousiville and Michigan totaled at 1,588,548 ZPoints around the search terms #FinalFour #GoCards #GoBlue #MarchMadness #Louisville & #Michigan on Twitter and Instagram, and Zoomph was able to accurately measure how much influence each author or Tweet or Instagram had out of the 1,588,548 total ZPoints accumulated. This is opposed to other influencer ranking systems that are normalized, and would max out at 100 or 1,000 points.

About Zoomph
Zoomph software runs & analyzes social content from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram in real time. It maximizes social engagements for brands by tracking trends, the competition, and the market @ large with up-to-the-minute analytics and streams. It provides clients customized, data-rich visual displays and social mashups to present on websites or at events. Its social collaborative modeling capabilities are available for organizations of all sizes. Awards include SIIA Codies Finalist. Learn more at www.Zoomph.com.

The New York Road Runners Social Hub Video Board, #INGNYRRMarathon, Run For Life
The New York Road Runners Social Hub Video Board, #INGNYRRMarathon, Run For Life

Sports Techie, I have been a Klout user since I found out about them after interviewing one of their Board members, Kelly Perdew, and realized that collecting data and ranking content, influencers and topics was going to be big business. The ability to assign a figure for each engagement per post is powerful metrics. Whether a Facebook like or the number of Twitter followers is considered, conversations are now being measured by Zoomph based on reach, depth and engagement.

Polls to find out if fans like Coke or Pepsi best produced never before seen marketing results and social media insights. The second screen has a new companion, ZPoints by Zoomph.

Start a free trial today at their web site and learn how Zoomph is changing the game.

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