The Future of Sports with Essential Gadget Tech

The Future of Sports with Essential Gadget Tech

Sports and technology are a wonderful fit; add in gadgets and you have an exploding industry for the masses, young and old alike.

Sports and technology are a wonderful fit; add in gadgets and you have an exploding industry for the masses, young and old alike. I was at International CES 2018 last week, the world’s best electronic show in Las Vegas on behalf of Panasonic USA that provided me a look at what sport gadgets are coming to market.  The Sports Techie community blog believes in our company mission to even the sports tech playing field for all. When it comes to gadgets for sport, price is unfortunately an issue when a product or solution is first launched but after time, most technologies come down in price while improving as it matures. The same can be said for sport gambling sites, it helps to have a resource that provides a list of the best betting sites such as Betfair betting site.

I liked the new CES Sports Zone, the Last Gadget Standing contest and all the emerging technologies found in personal assistants by Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft, as well as smart home devices, robotics and drones, and VR/AR headsets, as trending gadget-centric markets.

The Future of Sports with Essential Gadget Tech – Sports Techie blog

Sports Gadget Technologies

Among the 3,900 worldwide exhibitors was the first CES Sports Zone. Here visitors learn more about trends that impact sport activities and athletic performance via innovative smart products in categories like wearables, apps and gadgets, sensors and augmented reality. I’ve been in the sports tech industry for more than 20 years and to see it come full circle because of accelerated development and high user adoption rates for software and hardware by professional teams and players, in addition to amateur athletes is exciting to behold.

Teams are using venue technology such as Smart Venue Solutions by Panasonic to incentify fans to leave the comforts of their home theaters and experience unique live sport action in person while at the same time driving next gen sponsorship revenue.

Whether a person or pet wants to improve performance, train more efficiently, or get over major or minor injuries with the use of gadgets, CES had it covered.

Many gaming fans like watching others play almost as much as playing themselves. This is why watching Shaq playing eSports at the Sports Zone was a popular attraction.

The new Peloton treadmill costs $3,995. Much like their indoor cycling classes that stream online or are archived for later use, the Peloton Tread comes with an HD touchscreen enabling running trainers in New York to interact with bike riders. I once sold Life Fitness cardio equipment so the fact that this exercise machine has 59 shock-absorbing slats is a game-changer. With over 600,000 members, the company was able to close $325 million in funding, achieving a $1.25 billion valuation.

Casio is a respected brand. Their Pro Trek Outdoor Smart Watch for $500 is a match for hikers, , and cyclists, as well as folks that like to fish because of customized features.

Last Gadget Standing

Online fan engagement and the Applause-o-meter helps David Pogue of Yahoo Tech and fellow experts decide what trending products are the ten Last Gadget Standing contest winners. This year‘s Live winner was Play Impossible Gameball™. This is an active gaming system that brings digital action both indoors and outdoors through free connected game balls playable with others or solo by using patent-pending sensor technology that integrates with the Play Impossible app via Bluetooth.

Sports Techie, the folks that run CES at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) predict the United States consumer technology industry will reach a record-breaking $351 billion in retail revenue.

Gadgets for sport including those showcased at CES are certainly a major component of those numbers.

The technology future of sports gadgetry is indeed bright.

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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