Fan-Funded Nordensa Soccer Scouting Platform Discovers Next Football Stars

Nordensa®, powered by Premier League-level scouts, allows fans to bring football’s most promising new talent from around the world to the clubs they love

A new platform and app created by Nordensa enables fans to invest in emerging global football talent helping young prospect’s from Latin America and Africa with first-year salaries and player costs while providing smaller clubs with Premier League-level scouted athletes. Because the soccer player’s are part of the Nordensa team, fans that invest in a new player that signs with a club are part of their future success. Launching in the 2023 January transfer window, the fan-funded concept starts the dream for youth players in developing countries that too often are abandoned because of the need to support their families requiring them to take jobs and end their path towards football stardom. Nordensa is said to be based in San Francisco but in all reality is a Romanian based sports tech startup. Their international appeal allows the company to help bridge the gap between aspiring talent and progressive clubs not in the top tier that do not have the financial resources or scouting program to identify these hungry players that can take them, and their investors, to the top. The first partnered clubs will be announced shortly, along with the first batch of scouted players for the January transfer window. The Sports Techie community blog advises our readers and followers to always do your own due diligence with asked to invest in any business plan. Because this is fan-funded or crowdfunded, without your money, there is no golden ticket for the associated players, partner clubs, and the platform founder and his investors. The end result could very well be that fans invest in the world’s most talented young football players and can make millions if the player turns out to be the next superstars. Be the first to know when the Nordensa app goes live on Apple App Store by joining on their website.

  • Full Disclosure – my questions to Nordensa about the location of the company headquarters and what Premier League-Level Scouting means, were both answered today and the content has been added to the end of this original article below.
World’s first fan-funding platform for Football announces January launch

According to Nordensa, “Football is not fair: 4 billion football fans get zero influence & ownership, while 40 zillionaires get to decide everything. It’s time for this to change. Created by world-class experts in technology, marketing and top scouts from the Premier League. Welcome to Nordensa, maybe the greatest football-fantasy game ever made. Only that it’s not ‘fantasy’. And it’s not a ‘game’. It’s real.”

Nordensa’s Story

The claim is Nordensa is the world’s first fan-funding platform for football talent. Come January, the Nordensa app will give football fans the opportunity to support young players from developing countries in achieving their dreams and reaching their full potential – as well as to own part of their future success.

Nordensa is the first platform to allow fans to have real financial ownership in the world of football; something that until now was exclusively reserved for wealthy individuals and shareholders.

Every year, extremely gifted young talent goes to waste because most clubs outside of the very top tier of football lack the funds and/or resources to bring every hot player from South America or Africa under their wing. For most players, it is incredibly difficult to be spotted by a scout, which will often result in needing to drop football in order to get a full-time job to support their families – and this almost happened to some of the best players in history.

Nordensa gives clubs from around the world the opportunity to support new talent by bringing in Premier League-level scouts who vet young players from underprivileged areas before they’re brought onto the platform. From there, club fans are given the chance to fund their favorite player to be brought to their team on a one-year training and development program, by buying shares from the player’s contract from as little as €30 – which covers the player’s salary and expenses for the first year on behalf of the club. If the player then gets signed by the club or is sold to another after one year, fans not only make their money back but receive monthly benefits in the form of additional financial earnings and other perks.

For smaller clubs, this also means a chance to access a much wider pool of hot new talent, already vetted by some of the best scouts in the football world.

Fans can now join the waitlist to be notified (and get early access) when the app goes live and funding commences for the first players.

Nordensa’s own team includes Premier League-level scouts and experienced tech professionals who are passionate about football.

Gui Fernandes, COO at Nordensa, part of the Youth Beyond Borders agency and a Football Beyond Borders (FBB) graduate, said, “With over 4 billion fans, football is the world’s number one anything in the world. However, fans have never been given a real chance to own a piece of the action – that is, until now. At Nordensa, we’re beyond excited to bring fans the opportunity to make a tangible impact in the future of both their clubs and the world’s most promising new talent, with a unique model that’s unparalleled in football – allowing fans to have a say in which young players they want to support and give a shot to achieve their wildest dreams. Nothing beats the passion of football fans, and it’s only right that they now get a chance to be an active part of their clubs’ and young players’ destinies. The top-level scouting professionals and the wider team joining us in this venture are also credited for the powerful message we’re sending out to the world of football – and we strongly believe that this is where the future democratization of the planet’s number one sport is heading.”

Join Nordensa’s waitlist today and help discover the next football stars at

Be the first to know when the Nordensa app goes live on Apple App Store

Sports Techie, in the American investor and broker world, ‘Blue Sky’ laws requires that securities (stock) being offered for sale for the first time be qualified by the state regulatory commission, and registered with the state. There are more requirements and exemptions. Why am I writing about this in regard to Nordensa?

Because in my mind, Nordensa players are the security and if this was a U.S. based company, the Blue Sky requirements would need to be in order. The thing is, Nordensa Founder, Adrian Docea, is based in Romania. Yet, the sports tech company is based in San Francisco according to the Nordensa LinkedIn business profile. Docea is also the Founder of Heraldist International & Wondermarks, the Startup OS. Dreamers. Makers. Troublemakers. San Francisco, Europe and Beyond. Creator of Perception Engineering™, a unique, holistic methodology designed and tested in Silicon Valley. The method helps startup founders create successful global companies.

My guess is because Heraldist International was designed and tested in California, this must be why Nordensa claims to be in S.F. instead of Romania. The tie in with Premier League level scouts may be a word play or a fact, as my query went unanswered by the time this blog was published.

Do your own due diligence and gather further information, assets, testimonials or interview requests by contacting Dany Serrano at Nordensa in Romania via the website or on social media on their Twitter or Instagram handles.

In theory, Nordensa is a solid sports tech concept. The reality of whether to invest in funding young international, scouted prospects as they sign with lower tier clubs with the ultimate goal to move to top tier clubs when the transfer window happens every year, is on you.

Bet (invest) on the right talent and you may win big.

Enjoy the World Cup in Spanish on Telemundo.

  • Read below the responds from Nordensa regarding their present business location and what Premier-Level Scouting Level means. –

Serrano said, “Nordensa was originally set up in San Francisco while Adrian Docea was working there, however it is currently headquartered in and operating out of Romania – and this has now been updated in the company’s LinkedIn profile, which we were in the process of sorting out when you emailed us.

Nordensa was originally set up as part of Heraldist, which does have offices in both San Francisco and Cluj-Napoca, Romania, but is now a separate legal entity based in Cluj. This is already reflected in the company’s details found in the website’s T&Cs and Privacy Policy pages.”

Serrano added, “Nordensa’s team includes scouts from Premier League clubs. While they’re already fully contracted to Nordensa, under the current terms agreed with their clubs we’re not yet allowed to reveal who they are, until January. This essentially means that when the app is available to the public in January, the website will include details of everyone involved in the team, including the scouts and the Premier League teams they come from.

The purpose of the current announcement is simply to put the word out there about the app and the fact that it’s coming soon – and all additional information will be available on the site by the time that people can download and use the app.

We fully appreciate your due diligence on this and we aim to be completely transparent in the process.”

So there you have it. Nordensa is a Romanian-based sports tech startup with lofty aspirations as a first-to-market platform and app because it is fan-funded, meaning the football players are scouted by Premier League Level Scouts, then are funded with a rookie salary and living expenses when placed because of your savvy investments. In return, investors get a share of the profits when said player, signs with a lower tier club and even more should the emerging talent participate in the transfer window and financially arrange to be moved to a higher tier organization in Europe or elsewhere around the world like the MLS here in the United States. The goal is of course stardom in the Premier League itself say with the likes of Brentford FC or AFC Bournemouth, La Liga with FC Barcelona, Bundesliga, Serie A and Inter Milan, or Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain.

Sounds like a win-win-win for all parties involved with Nordensa should they be successful in a near recession world economy.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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