MotorDAO Is First DAO Making Acquisitions In Motorsports For Fun And Profit

MotorDAO Launched – World’s 1st DAO for global motorsports communities to finance new teams, drivers, and specialty motorsports entertainment

MotorDAO is a newly launched community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DOA) dedicated to democratizing how racing drivers and teams generate funding for all levels of competition. The world’s first DAO for motorsports communities has investments and partnerships from experts in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web 3.0. as well as private equity and the racing industry at-large. The investment team starts with Phoenicia Sport and Entertainment CEO and former NASCAR Team Owner Chris Lencheski, along with Adrian Maurer, Co-Founder and CEO of Toronto-based and Silicon Valley-backed Web3 content management platform, Kubelt. Additional financial, technological and concept backing comes from Superdao, KlimaDAO and Mentha Partners. The Sports Techie community blog welcomes your feedback about this specialty motorsport entertainment story and fast-evolving sport business opportunity. Race car entrepreneurs looking for financial assistance across open wheel, stock cars and motorcycle racing are the right kind of fit. The MotorDAO mission is focused on providing fans unprecedented access and voting opportunities into MotorDAO’s teams, drivers and events. Please nominate yourself or any deserving young driver by filling out the Driver Nomination Form here. LFG Racing is online.

DAO backed by Crypto, Blockchain, Web 3.0, Private Equity & Racing Industry Insiders:
Phoenicia, Kubelt, Superdao, KlimaDAO and Mentha Partners

MotorDAO Membership

DAOs are governed by smart contracts and powered by the transparency of the blockchain to enable collectives to make decisions. MotorDAO was designed to leverage these fundamental advances in technologies to create motorsport fan engagement experiences while disrupting the industry. MotorDAO does this through their membership-based platform allowing motorsports fans access to direct participation with the benefits of team ownership, driver sponsorships, events and more.

“As it relates to the financing mechanism of what DAOs should be, we believe they should be registered in the USA to provide transparency (which we are). DAOs’ very nature requires something decentralized to support so racing, whether its F1, NASCAR, Indycar, MotoGP, etc., as well as tennis, golf, boxing, MMA for that matter are globally decentralized sporting platforms allowing teams, drivers, and participants to operate across multiple series or disciplines. We believe this DAO can provide a mezzanine financing mechanism for deserving drivers and teams to compete at the highest levels in their chosen series and with the people and companies involved with MotorDAO being best-in-class, collectively, we could not be more aligned with the global Web3 and crypto communities.” said former NASCAR team owner and sports private equity executive Chris Lencheski.

Besides the many retail perks, look for ticket packages and race day NFT air drops enabling members of MotorDAO to influence acquisition decisions as well as participate in owner-related perks such as Hot Pit Passes that provide access to the paddock areas, team radio transmissions, driver meet and greet invitations. A special perk are invitations to MotorDAO’s Annual Token Holders meetings planned for racing facilities around the world as voted upon by the Token Holders.

The first MotorDAO memberships are limited edition “Founder Memberships” representing governance rights and the highest VIP access to member perks. Each Founder Membership will be sold as an NFT that represents a 3D model of a blank racing helmet. When founder membership NFTs are completely subscribed, a unique livery for each helmet will be revealed, where holders will have the option to order the physical version helmet as well as be able to showcase the digital version in the metaverse, all powered by Kubelt. To give the MotorDAO NFTs an authentic motorsports aesthetic, MotorDAO is working with Andy Werner (andwerndesign) a former helmet designer for Valterri Bottas, Jenson Button, and Porsche Le Mans 24h with previous work with BMW, Toyota Motorsport, and Adidas.

“MotorDAO represents the intersection of loyal motorsports fans with a highly engaged NFT and Web3 audience.  We will be the first DAO to hit the market with a fully operational business and platform from day 1.  I’m excited to see MotorDAO become the model for building highly engaging DAO experiences that welcome the next wave of people to Web3,” stated Adrian Maurer, co-founder and CEO of Kubelt, a Web3 company backed by Protocol Labs, OrangeDAO, Soma Capital, and more.

Kubelt provides decentralized content management system (CMS) and delivery network for the distributed web using intuitive Web3 native user experience on a decentralized content delivery network. Kubelt is proud to be a MotorDAO technology partner to showcase how its technology unlocks novel capabilities for its projects.

Key Partnerships

MotorDAO is partnered with Superdao to lean of their knowledge about DAO as they tweak it based of the needs of both motorsports fans and the global Web3 community. “Superdao is proud to be playing a critical role in MotorDAO’s implementation as part of our broader vision towards one-click DAO formations. We believe that the Superdao infrastructure supporting the MotorDAO team will prove to be foundational for future DAOs,” remarked Yuri Liftshits, Founder and CEO of Superdao.

Superdao offers an all-in-one DAO platform enabling a simple and easy start and operation of decentralized autonomous organizations. The software company enables the creation of a new DAO in one click, generation of smart contracts for NFTs and tokens, the option to use a built-in member directory, and a treasury dashboard, newsfeed and contributor compensation system, as well as integrate with third-party applications and APIs. 

MotorDAO has ongoing engagement with the worldwide motorsports community. Fans are already providing feedback by making their digital voices heard with major decisions surrounding operational via MotorDAO’s Discord channel. A key feature for active members deemed to be making a positive impact on the MotorDAO community pegs them as eligible for exclusive perks and opportunities only made available for MotorDAO Ambassadors. The company is set to release added memberships opportunities and the announcement of the first team or commercial rights acquisitions and young driver sponsorships.

Blockchain Sustainability

NEAR Foundation is a non-profit foundation headquartered in Switzerland that is responsible for contracting protocol maintainers, funding ecosystem development, and shepherding core governance of the NEAR protocol. Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences.

Chris Ghent, Global Head of Brand Strategy & Partnerships, NEAR Foundation speaking on NEAR Foundation’s support of MotorDAO, “It’s amazing to see progressive projects like MotorDAO launching organically on NEAR. When you see passionate community members introduce Web3 concepts where their passions live, it helps to remove barriers to entry for audiences like those in motorsports. I’m a NASCAR fan and have attended many races. It’s exciting to imagine what’s possible with the next generation of racing being enabled by Web3. The NEAR protocol is a greener alternative to other blockchains. In fact, it’s certified carbon neutral by South Pole making it the leading solution for the carbon offset edition of MotorDAO’s membership and other NFT-driven applications like gaming and beyond.”

MotorDAO has truly committed to using an environmentally forward-thinking approach by partnering with KlimaDAO for their ability to embed real carbon assets in its Web3 content. KlimaDAO is a decentralized and open market for carbon, making pro-climate projects more profitable. KlimaDAO encourages investors, citizens, and organizations to combat climate change and earn rewards with KLIMA, a digital currency backed by real carbon assets. By increasing access and demand for carbon offsets, KlimaDAO enables companies to adapt more quickly to the realities of climate change.

“KlimaDAO is proud to partner with MotorDAO on this ambitious climate initiative. Both organizations are unique in that they leverage the benefits of Web3 technologies and decentralization to help co-ordinate real world challenges and opportunities. Our goals are to develop and build robust solutions to demonstrate how a climate strategy can engage communities and bring about transparency and efficiency throughout the entire climate action journey,” commented 0xymoron, Founding Member of Klima Core.

Finance Experts

The decision to align with Mentha Partners centers on the firm’s concentration of former executives at financial technology companies and top tier investment banks. Mentha Partners works closely with project founders to realize ecosystem build-out and community integration. Mentha Partners adds deep operational experience and multidisciplinary networks to provide additional value-added services to MotorDAO’s portfolio. 

Ermo Ou, Co-Founder of Mentha Partners, highlighted, “At Mentha Partners we adopt a multi-faceted approach to help traditional businesses unlock the benefits of blockchain technology. We are incredibly excited to support MotorDAO. We believe this project has the immediate potential to leverage NFT creation for unique fan experiences, after which it can expand into gaming and staking. Mentha Partners is eager to help grow the MotorDAO ecosystem globally.”

Visit and join the Future of Motorsports: MotorDAO.

Sports Techie, this news comes from the headquarters of Phoenicia in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the Kubelt HQs located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, making this a North American partnership.

Phoenicia is a specialized sport, entertainment, and private equity advisory company.  They are frequent contributors to industry media and with the Brandweek award-winning experience. Senior management has proven global expertise across a range of services in sport finance and commercial rights with experience in the Olympics, Formula 1, IndyCar, Le Mans, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, EPL and Comcast-Spectacor. 

I hope you learned more about the real movement by MotorDAO to democratize motorsports funding using a variety of cutting-edge technologies in the crypto, NFT and community spaces to make expanded fandom so for all fans.

I know I did!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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