Premier League Club Brentford FC Offers StreamAMG’s New BuzzBox OTT Service

Brentford choose StreamAMG to power new OTT service ‘BuzzBox’

StreamAMG’s progressive new technology project with Premier League football club Brentford FC is BuzzBox, a brand-new OTT service launch. “The Bees” enter their second Premier League season after a long absence. The BuzzBox enhanced 2022/23 digital fan experience is for virtual fans to be able to enjoy an assortment of on-demand video and audio commentary as well as being part of the membership package. Loyal and new supporters can now use Brentford’s website and apps to enjoy the action and learn more about one of the oldest clubs in English football, beginning play back in 1889. The West London based team’s nickname is said to have come from Borough Road college students in the 1890s, then was tweaked by media agencies resulting in “The Bees” as the club and fan community label. StreamAMG has a suite of technological products powering BuzzBox along with being OTT platform development experts resulting in The Bees’ new online video service which is now live. The Sports Techie Community blog enjoys sharing sports technology stories from across the pond to our soccer loving readers and followers in the United States and around the globe. Monetizing video, especially highlights, is sweeping the sport business world and Brentford is now a part of that tech evolution after this partnership with StreamAMG helping their fans, sponsors and team history, Bee Together.

Premier League football club Brentford FC selected StreamAMG to supply the technology behind their new online video service – Brentford Community Stadium image via Brentford


Hugo Sharman, CEO at StreamAMG said, “We are delighted to support Brentford in their efforts to deliver digital video streaming to Premier League standards, and in doing so reinforce StreamAMG as the go-to OTT provider in top-tier sports.”

Across all launch phases, Brentford will utilise the following technology:

  • MediaPlatform, StreamAMG’s core online video platform, provides world-class flexibility and scale, delivering hundreds of millions of hours of content across a wide range of devices every year.
  • The award-winning CloudMatrix content distribution system which offers powerful tagging and archive interrogation tools within a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use interface.
  • The CloudPay platform allows rights-holders to control and manage their subscribers within a user-friendly ecosystem


The Bees online destination for live match play and video on demand is BuzzBox.

Steve Watts, Marketing Services Director at Brentford FC stated, “Live and on-demand video is key in how we engage with our fans. With the help of StreamAMG’s innovation we can bring them closer to the action than ever before. The ability to reach our fans that are unable to regularly visit Brentford Community Stadium, while improving our membership packages, will be significant, as we enter our second Premier League season.”

Look for the Collections of Full Match Replays, Your View and the PreMatch Pint – London Pride. Check out the latest Matches versus Manchester United, Tottenham and West Ham. You’ll also find Captain Highlights, Championship 20/21 vids and “Live” videos rounding out the first phase offering to Bee fans.

View the latest video here at Brentford FC TV.

Sports Techie, earlier this month, StreamAMG announced their business involvement with Inter to offer a new OTT service as part of the Milan club’s new digital ecosystem, assisting the Italian Serie A club with similar needs as Brentford. In 2019, StreamAMG powered AFC Bournemouth CC transcribe using AWS. This is not StreamAMG’s first EPL digital upgrade opportunity for rights-holders nor will it ‘Bee’ the last either, pun intended.

I look forward to following The Bees latest, informative, fun, and historical videos as do their hungry fanbase throughout the UK and beyond, available now on Brentford’s website and app through BuzzBox, powered by StreamAMG.

I love this slogan and cheer, BEE TOGETHER.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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