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  • American Football Awards Launched By Men In Blazers Media Network

    Men in Blazers Media Network Continues To Expand Its Reach With Launch of First-Ever “American Football Awards” “The American Football Awards” by Men in Blazers Media Network together with NBC Sports is a first for Premier League fans to vote on across the United States with hopes it becomes the equivalent of the prestigious Ballon […]

  • Premier League Club Brentford FC Offers StreamAMG’s New BuzzBox OTT Service

    StreamAMG’s progressive new technology project with Premier League football club Brentford FC is BuzzBox, a brand-new OTT service launch. “The Bees” enter their second Premier League season after a long absence. The BuzzBox enhanced 2022/23 digital fan experience is for virtual fans to be able to enjoy an assortment of on-demand video and audio commentary […]

  • Should the Human Element Be Removed from VAR?

    When Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology was introduced to the English Premier League and other European soccer leagues, few could have predicted how controversial it would become. It was meant to spell the end of contentious decisions, but if anything, it has exacerbated the situation and dulled the match-going experience. The Sports Techie community blog […]

  • Premier League Club AFC Bournemouth Using AWS Transcribe CC Via StreamAMG

    AFC Bournemouth worked with Stream Advanced Media Group (StreamAMG) to implemented Amazon Web Services (AWS) automatic video transcription to assist the English Premier League club deliver readable football and sponsored content to fans via closed captioning (CC). This sports tech enhanced fan experience automatically places closed caption text to video enabling digital teams to save […]

  • Online Sports Betting In The United Kingdom

    Sports betting has been legal in the United Kingdom since the early 1960s, but online sports betting has only transcended in more recent times. Both land-based book makers and online book makers coalesced to form a multi-billion dollar industry in the UK. As per the UK Gambling Commission, the total gross gambling yield for Great […]

  • England VAR World Cup Destiny Should Influence Premier League

    What Changed To Make England More Successful In This World Cup? The pride surrounding the England team is unmissable. It’s been since 1966 when the Three Lions last roared as one for the football loving country when the men’s national soccer team won the World Cup final which so happens to be the year I […]

  • Video Streaming Platforms Offer OTT Savings Versus Cable TV Costs

    Cut The Cord Because OTT Technology Saves Streaming Sports Costs Cutting the cord is like swimming or riding a bike solo for the first time, you simply have to plunge in when the time calls for saying good-bye to traditional cable television or satellite pay-TV commitments and go for it. In my case, paying for […]

  • Esports Is More Mainstream Than Traditional Sports

    Esports v Sports – Is the Future of Sport Online? Are you an eSports gambler, player, coach, trainer, executive, owner, or simply one of the millions of international fans worldwide because if you are, you are not alone by a long-shot, amigos. Watching video gamers play is as common an activity as going outside and […]

  • EA Sports FIFA And Premier League Football Sports Tech Sponsorship

    Technology company sponsorships in football are lighting up the sports business and fan experience worlds. The Sports Techie community blog reaches fans worldwide and so do sport and tech activations involving soccer. Whether it’s the Premier League in the UK, UEFA Champions League and La Liga, Bundesliga or the MLS here in the United States, […]