Premier League Club AFC Bournemouth Using AWS Transcribe CC Via StreamAMG

How StreamAMG is applying Amazon Transcribe technology to help AFC Bournemouth’s digital team save time and drive content efficiencies

AFC Bournemouth worked with Stream Advanced Media Group (StreamAMG) to implemented Amazon Web Services (AWS) automatic video transcription to assist the English Premier League club deliver readable football and sponsored content to fans via closed captioning (CC). This sports tech enhanced fan experience automatically places closed caption text to video enabling digital teams to save time while improving access to team content. The transcribe technology also uses deep learning that performs better each time after transcribing making it more efficient and accurate. This new process named StreamTranscribe, saved the organization production time which allowed editing personnel time to create more content. The digital product was rolled out during the preseason. Bournemouth tied their first match of the EPL season last Saturday against Sheffield United, 1-1. The Sports Techie community blog applauds these partners for their innovative efforts. My Mom is hard of hearing and grew up speaking Spanish so Angie uses C.C. nearly every time she watches live TV or a video on a website over the internet on her phone, tablet and computer. My son on the autism spectrum is just beginning to read and comprehend making words that accompany video easier to understand than simply watching video clips or games without CC. From what I have learned, digital crews struggle with turning around content making this new application derived from existing technology perhaps a must have product as it is on afcbTV. Fans of the Cherries can enjoy using it during their 5th year in the EPL.

Adding CC Trend

By adding subtitles each video becomes a more valuable asset to each fan and media rights owners.

  1. Improves Accessibility
  2. Increases Audience Engagement
  3. Delivers Better SEO And ROI
  4. Eliminates Need For Headphones

Sport organizations often allocate limited resources and manpower to the task of manual transcription because it takes away from other more important tasks and can simple take too long to produce. Turnaround time during league matches especially is often required in real-time yet the addition of text to video can be slow to create and take too many hours to complete.

AFC Bournemouth Cherries

StreamTranscribe Solution For AFC Bournemouth

Because StreamAMG works with both live and on demand video services, they are positioned to address this need for football clubs. Each Premier League club has a fanbase that extends well beyond the UK making it crucial to deliver high quality, relevant and timely original content to fandom wherever they are and whenever they want it.

“StreamAMG created StreamTranscribe to help clubs like AFC Bournemouth create efficiencies by removing the need for manual transcription for video content. By applying Amazon Transcribe, we’re helping content teams save time and meet deadlines without compromising on accuracy,” said Andrew De Bono, CTO, StreamAMG.

CC was a major pain point for AFC Bournemouth as it is for many other sports organizations around the world. Scheduling conflicts and fast-approaching deadlines often stalled or stopped content from flowing as wanted. The ability to automate the transcribe process was needed yesterday for their digital employees and StreamAMG delivered using AWS. They focused on developing a service that was faster, less costly and more accurate than what was already on the market.

Dan Houlker, Media Content Manager, AFC Bournemouth, said, “StreamTranscribe saves valuable time in our content process, letting our digital team focus on creating great video content for our fans on afcbTV.”

The logical answer was to use Amazon Transcribe and convert their automatic speech recognition (ASR) service powered by AWS into StreamTranscribe. Now, it is easy to analyze audio then produce a text file of transcribed words while adding punctuation, timestamps and differentiating between speakers. To further assist the automation, deep learning processes improves the solutions accuracy each time it is used.

StreamAMG created StreamTranscribe by modifying Amazon Transcribe Services. The upgraded product applies captions onto video uploaded to MediaPlatform online video platform (OVP).  Tweaking both the rules and word filters allows content managers and their people to have better control, and improved efficiencies and accuracy. Custom settings enables the use of default mode that automatically transcribes any video upload or users can choose to set the rules to perform the same operation on selected videos with just the click of a button.

AFC Bournemouth became super users of StreamTranscribe shortly after launch. They found it easier to manufacture content and improve their workflow by streamlining the CC process. The sports tech pioneers at AFCB are the first soccer club to use it during the 2019-20 season. The preseason was a good test to ensure the products reliability and time saving abilities. It passed with flying colors. The digital crew found turnarounds were substantially reduced when publishing match day highlights, behind-the-scenes clips and special features for the cherries community.

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Together, anything is possible, Cherries

Sports Techie, StreamAMG is a leading sports streaming company having delivered more than 30 million hours of live content and over 8,000 events each year, while growing fast to meet the ever changing demands of new or existing clients alike.

Because both accuracy or accessibility are key factors for content managers, StreamTranscribe takes less time to transcribe enabling additional time to address other needs.

The user experience is paramount to solution providers such as StreamAMG.

The fact is, no one likes a draw. Catch the Cherries try to get in the win column next weekend when they play against Aston Villa at Villa Park, before they come home to host the defending EPL champions, Manchester City.

Together, anything is possible for afcb and StreamAMG.

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