New Inter Digital Ecosystem Includes StreamAMG OTT OnDemand Video

Inter choose StreamAMG to power new OTT service – Inter TV

StreamAMG is the sports technology provider for Inter TV, the new online video service for the 2022/2033 Italian Serie A season beginning play August 13. Inter Milan announced the first phase of the new digital ecosystem project rollout taking the legendary Club to the next level of immersive fan experiences via a robust, integrated platform initiative connecting their global fan base and the Nerazzurri faithful across Italy to the historically significant European professional football organization. The leading OTT service is part of revamped technologies fans can interact with featuring an updated design, engaging content on both their website and app, combined with an improved look, feel, and one-of-a-kind functionality to the e-commerce online store. Whether you are located in Milan, Lombardy, or somewhere in Europe, Africa or Asia, or North and South America, Inter TV subscribers now have access to on-demand exclusive club content for the men’s, women’s and youth teams respectively, such as live streaming of the Black and Blues pre-season and academy campaigns. CEO at F.C. Internazionale, Alessandro Antonelloas, is leading this proud soccer organization towards modernization, personalization and increased growth to help generate more revenue by upgrading their entire infrastructure starting first with the website and app as the Club moves to a more digital format and offering. By doing so, team owners are readying the front office and the millions of loyal and new team constituents alike for the future of Inter news, ticketing, web-based shopping, and the fan experience with a virtual eye towards Web 2.0, crypto, and NFTs, all-in-one fell swoop. Inter TV allows fans to enjoy on-demand, OTT video highlights, archived games, training videos, trending vids, and fan related content showcasing the Nerazzurri communities and history.

Closer Than Ever Digital Ecosystem

Buying an Inter jersey, family pack or ticket package, to checking out the standings or starting lineups was never easier for Inter fans after the Digital Ecosystem upgrades. Their passionate fanbase worldwide will also find new ways to follow along with access to exclusive materials through the IM Plus account, a free-to-access space giving fans exclusive content. The new platform is ready to increase business opportunities for partners, ticket purchasing and e-commerce.

Corporations have new access to dedicated content windows designed to digitally reach thousands of patrons daily, weekly and on gameday. The platform allows interested companies the internal ability to customize sub-sites tailored for their business purposes to create unique, personalized fan experiences.

The new e-commerce store is a fresh attempt to sell branded product time time in six different languages, using several different currencies and a variety of payment methods. Look for limited edition products, co-branded collaborations, and Nerazzurri labeled goods and services that meet the team’s design, development and demographic criteria.

The initiative was born and nurtured to existence with the assistance of PwC Italia for the web store front and DEPT for website and app improvements, leveraging StreamAMG’s online streaming OTT platform to offer visitors on-demand videos.

Antonelloas shared his perspective at the launch about the new initiative, saying, “The new Digital Ecosystem represents an important further step in the growth of our club, which is once again confirmed to be at the highest levels in terms of innovation.”

He added, “It represents a milestone in the repositioning of our brand which, after the evolution of the visual identity of 2021, now allows us to redefine the digital experience for our fans and position ourselves as an even more innovative club.”

Luca Danovaro, FC Internazionale Milano’s Chief Revenue Officer, stated, “Thanks to the improvements of the website, the app, and the new e-commerce store, we’re revolutionising our fans’ experience with the club. In using the new site and app fans will be able to experience Inter in a more immersive way, enjoying the revamped design and content. Moving forward, fans’ shopping experience will be integrated thanks to the new e-commerce store, which allows fans to buy Inter products, including everything from clothing to match tickets, in a more streamlined and accessible way. The new digital ecosystem will also provide our partners with new opportunities to invest further.”

Last April, the Nerazzurri fanbase witnessed a new Inter Milan visual identity minimal logo designed by the graphic design studio, Bureau Borsche, aimed to promote more than sports by eliminating the FC entirely from the logo to become the icon of culture. The artwork was originally designed in 1908 by painter Giorgio Muggiani.

As more and more cord cutters take to streaming, OTT is the way.

StreamAMG OTT Pros

Hugo Sharman, CEO at StreamAMG said, “We are delighted to partner with a club with the history and stature of Inter, increasing our footprint across major football properties in Europe.”

Fans across the world will be to subscribe and access a range of content throughout the season.

Inter offering:

•        MediaPlatform, StreamAMG’s core online video platform, provides world-class flexibility and scale, delivering hundreds of millions of hours of content across a wide range of devices every year.

•        The award-winning CloudMatrix content distribution system which offers powerful tagging and archive interrogation tools within a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use interface.

•        The CloudPay platform allows rights-holders to control and manage their subscribers within a user-friendly ecosystem

StreamAMG is a leading OTT agency, providing technology, operations services and expertise to some of the biggest players in sport. The company has a strong track record in football with a decade of experience in the game, and powers major streaming services for clubs, leagues and national governing bodies across Europe and beyond.

Read more about StreamAMG business development:

Sports Techie, Italy as a nation may not have qualified for the World Cup Qatar 2022 but Serie A is there to represent come November with Inter TV.

A new report says Serie A has plans for a new over-the-top (OTT) platform for Italian soccer highlights and other content in time for the new season, according to Italian publication Milano Finanza.

The league finished the first season of a three-year domestic rights contract worth €927.5 million (US$937.4m) because of lucrative deals with sports streaming service DAZN and pay-TV leader Sky. according to SportsPro Media.

There is an interesting dichotomy going on between the league doing one thing with OTT distribution while one of it’s clubs does another thing on their own. Is this the business equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys telling the NFL they have a soft drink partnership with Coca-Cola and not Pepsi, the official league sponsor? Owner Jerry Jones eventually got his way with his team as it seems Inter has done regarding OTT rights.

Antonelloas continued saying, “The new Digital Ecosystem, which the owners have invested in, is the result of over a year of design work.” That tells you intense thought, research, designing, and execution, were all major components of this on-going project, leading the team into new revenue streams while at the same time making it easier for the global Nerazzurri fans to be a part of the online community.

To assure the improved virtual connection between team and fan goes off smoothly, there are now increased website/app touchpoints and interactivity allowing for improved profiling of users enabling management to create fan-specific experiences developed with data of individual tastes and needs.

Trophies, titles and championships make up the lore of the top, international soccer clubs like Inter. New technology milestones are now another way to showcase Inter’s innovation as a real difference maker.

Stay tuned to the site for breaking news about the new stadium proposal and the recent phases scheduled to conclude by the end of November.

Thanks to the new Marketing Director at StreamAMG, Dan Dear, for sharing this announcement.

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