4eSTV Kickstarter Offers Four Screens Of Live TV Sports Games On One Screen

Watching multiple games at once is a Sports Techie dream and 4SeTV allows you to do this on a monitor, smartphone or table as a brand new way to watch TV.
Watching multiple games at once is a Sports Techie dream and 4SeTV allows you to do this on a monitor, smartphone or table as a brand new way to watch TV.

4eSTV Kickstarter Offers Four Screens Of Live TV Sports Games On One Screen

Watching multiple games at once is a Sports Techie dream and 4SeTV allows you to do this on a monitor, smartphone or tablet as a brand new way to watch TV. If all you had to do to have this new experience that enables viewers to watch four live TV shows on one screen, or four different feeds on four different screens all at the same time; was to plug in a router, connect an antennae, plug in the power, and finally click the 4SeTV one button set up for easy configuration – would you do it for the ultimate television viewing experience in in your home, mancave or office? This is a no-brainer question and the logical answer is you would do it yesterday like me. Well, now you can and all you have to do to have the sports bar viewing experience from your couch, favorite chair or bed, is use the cool new device that’s the first of its kind known as 4SeTV.com. The Sports Techie community blog spoke to 4SeTV founder, Hyung Lim, about his ecosystem changing startup, the patent pending product, an untouched market, and the Kickstarter campaign that is ongoing at a special rate.

Take the Sports Bar Experience Home
Take the Sports Bar Experience Home

No More Channel Surfing
Many of us sports fans are notorious channel flippers. When a live sports game is on TV I take pride in my Sports Techie channel surfing abilities to never miss a play while watch 2-3 other shows, movies and highlights at the same time. Of course, that simply is not true as I and most of you miss plenty of sporting action because we get bored watching a commercial, non-relevant content and slow games, so we flip away.

When you think about it, sport that does not have constant action such as a three or even four hour MLB game spanning nine innings, or even a NFL football game that has 210 minutes of broadcast time and literally only 11 minutes of actual play, you start to wonder if there is a better way to get this done as a fan. Even your typical thirty minute TV event has at least eight minutes of commercials. Add in a variety interruptions and you just missed the winning touchdown or walk off homerun.

Remember during the ‘80s and ‘90s when picture-in-picture was hot on 32” TVs. Now, thanks to this amazing sports tech invention by 4SeTV, fans can view four separate live video feeds simultaneously that you control, on a home TV or mobile device so you never miss a big play again. There are no additional subscription fees, buy the unit and you are good to go.


  • Beautiful content is broadcast (ex: free HDTV content over the air)
  • Broadcast content is captured by the 4SeTV hardware
  • 4SeTV streams the content to your Wi-Fi connected devices on your home network

4SeTV Kickstarter Video

4eSTV Business
Lim emphasized that 4SeTV, Inc. provides the 4SeTV hardware and app. Other equipment, such as TV, tablet, Chromecast, and internet router are not included. The app runs on iOS and Android so you iPhone, iPad and Android tablet users are ready to go. A big screen TV is optimal, 60″ inch TVs breaks down nicely into 4-30″ inch screens. The US, Canada, Mexico, and Korea are the countries currently using the required ATSC standard.

An Industry trend Lim noted is PayTV operators and OTT content produced by Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Fire TV are in a copy mode and focused on investing in and creating exclusive, high-quality content while in a spending battle for viewership eyeballs. OTT content and original ABC, NBC and CBS, and Fox and ESPN shows that create top ratings are big money makers. The 4SeTV mosaic mode would be a seamless add-on to OTT manufacturers and PayTV providers.

I asked him if a consumer could run four 4eSTV boxes resulting in sixteen different screens. Lim said yes, he further explained that an average home Internet speed is 100 Megs, each 4SeTV content stream only needs 5 Megs. Even though four different streams would be operating per box, his system combines them into a single stream so four boxes would only need 20 Megs of total allotted speed leaving enough bandwidth for other users to use OTT devices so wives and kids can watch a Netflix movie at the same time.

Lim’s goal is to raise enough capital to manufacture the 4SeTV boxes. If they sell enough volume, say 100K to 500K units, he will be able to lower the purchase cost. Ways he is considering dropping the price include showing commercials and soliciting sponsors. By allowing one of the four screens to run ads, he will be able to pay 4SeTV users to watch commercials in exchange for payment. If he does a revenue share of a 50-50 split with users, they could generate $30 over one hour resulting in $15 in take home pay.

At the same time he plans to offer targeted customers to a sponsor such as Hyundai and other corporations. Lim says, “Companies purchase a 30-second ad spend for the Super Bowl at $3-4 million.” By sponsoring his unit and having one screen playing their ads, Lim feels the value is enough to generate serious interest by sponsorship.

The second screen revolution is clearly here and Lim plans to offer social media, contests and prizes just like major media companies are doing to increase participation. For example, American Idol has digital voting. Other live shows run contests that are aimed for consumers to win prizes only if they are watch it live and are not using a PVR to watch at a later time or date.

Currently, the 4SeTV app cannot select shows streaming on cable or satellite providers, they support over the air channels and clear QAM only. Lim said, “I diagramed the 4SeTV hardware to have built-in support for DTCP-IP encryption/decryption, which is widely used by pay TV services. We are working to bring additional sources of content to 4SeTV by connecting to cable or satellite provider STBs.”

Kickstarter Campaign – 4SeTV

  • Runs Aug 19 2014 – Sep 18 2014 (30 days) – 12 days to go.
  • Purchasing the Early Bird & Super Early Bird Pledge of $99 is $80 off the full retail price of $179.
  • Kickstarter funding goal of $50,000.
  • Backed by a major set-top box manufacturer.
  • DNLA supported
  • Get paid to watch ads
4eSTV Kickstarter Offers Four Screens Of Live TV Sports Games On One Screen - Sports Techie blog
4eSTV Kickstarter Offers Four Screens Of Live TV Sports Games On One Screen – Sports Techie blog

Sports Techie, Lim is also the Vice President of Marketing, Digital Multimedia Technology. This established set top box provider is ready to back the founder of 4SeTV when they achieve their fundraising threshold of$50,000 via Kickstarter. If he cannot generate the complete funding, Lim tells me he will pull the offer off the table and regroup by adding more features and go at it again.

I for one hope he reaches his crowdfunding goal the first time and our Sports Techie community backs him by purchasing the 4SeTV because it is already a stellar sports tech product. A Multipack pledge of $399 gets you four units that you can give away as gifts, especially with the holiday season around the corner.

Watching multiple NFL games on one screen with your fantasy football, baseball and basketball, hockey and soccer teams and players, or NASCAR drivers, sounds like a little slice of Sports Techie fan experience heaven so make it so with a purchase.

Whatever happens, I commend Lim for his vision, hard work and execution. May the force be with you.

See y’all later in Seattle and here in Atlanta.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie @THESportsTechie – http://twitter.com/THESportsTechie

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