WinView Games Live Football Prediction Game Launches For Football Fans


WinView Games Live Football Prediction Game Launches For Football Fans - SportsTechie blog.
WinView Games Live Football Prediction Game Launches For Football Fans – SportsTechie blog.

WinView Game app launched today for NFL and NCAA football fans to use as a second screen social gaming tech tool. The live sports startup has proprietary and patented technologies enabling each mobile fan to synchronize two-screens and predict a variety of outcomes during televised football events and win cash prizes.  The world of sport just got a digital application companion designed in the Silicon Valley for users to play in online competitions with other users based on play predictions during real time TV broadcasts and win cash. The Sports Techie community blog chatted for the second time with Dave Lockton, founder and CEO of WinView, about this game-changing technology sure to enhance the fan experience and activate new sponsorship opportunities for interested businesses that want to reach all ages of consumers, especially millennials, via the ad-supported app.

New Live Football Prediction App Puts the Action on the Field Into Fans’ Hands
New Live Football Prediction App Puts the Action on the Field Into Fans’ Hands

WinView Games

The official WinView Game social experience app is available on iOS and Android. The application was created in San Francisco, CA to allow play-by-play sport predictions on TV. This is a multi-platform HTML 5 design making the app ready to play on the iPhone after downloading from the App Store, and also Google Play, with tablets already in the testing skew, and PC’s up next.

This early version for the NFL and college football is not yet loaded with all the features that will eventually be available as the season progresses, however, it is ready to converge TV sports, mobile gaming and social media all together in a unique fantasy football format that gives viewers an interactive game that does not interrupt actual gameflow.

The correct pacing of game play was paramount to Lockton and his team. He feels 90 percent of apps are too immersive and ask to predict every play taking away from the enjoyment of the football game. During live ball action they don’t want heads down buried in the app. It took a long time to get the pace right. As a result, chime sounds and push notification alerts are only active during dead time of time-outs, call and play reviews, and commercials breaks. Lockton advises users to use the first quarter on TNF to learn proper timing and navigation.

WinView Games – Ultimate Live Football Prediction Game by WinView Games Inc.

Fans throughout the United States can play against friends, family and fellow team fandom supporter as live sporting events occur on television. WinView’s patented two-screen platform is legal in every U.S. state  because it is free and considered a game of skill. There is no cost to play.

Casual sports fans and hardcore fantasy players can interact with their favorite football games while challenging opponents they may or may not know, without interrupting viewership. If you consider yourself an expert forecaster, the WinView Game was made for you to earn cash, enjoy comradery and become braggadocios.

“We are putting the future of football in people’s hands,” said Lockton. “Fans want to be involved with the sport they love in a way that enhances their time-honored viewing tradition. Sports and fantasy football fans are already on their phones second-screening during the game, tweeting, posting and checking scores. Now they have something to augment their live experience that builds on the excitement in the moment and on their existing viewing behavior.”

Image making the right prediction call on Thursday Night Football as the Miami Dolphins play the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium broadcasting on NFL Network (you need a subscription) where you earn bragging rights against a mutual fan, sibling or parent, or a friend, while winning money doing so.  TNF is also streaming live on NFL Mobile and Verizon app, the NFL app on XBOX, including interactive features from Microsoft, and through Watch NFL Network on tablets, PCs and various connected TV devices. There is no Twitter, Yahoo, CBS Sports, or NBC Sports, streams this week.

There are also three games on Sunday including SNF, and Monday Night Football. The two college games on Saturday do not include the big Stanford and Washington match up on the west coast which I teased Dave about since he is a Cardinal fan and I root for the Huskies.

Added Lockton, “Fantasy leagues focus primarily on season-long and daily fantasy competitions. For this massive audience of over 57 million people, engagement in fantasy leagues stops when the football game on TV begins. The WinView experience starts at game time and lasts until the final play, which sets the stage for WinView Games as the ultimate social and interactive experience. WinView Games is perfectly balanced in its design for viewers to play along live without being distracted from actually enjoying the game on TV.”


Each week, WinView Games brings to its community of sports fans five national pro football games, one on Thursday night, three games on Sunday, and one on MNF. Plus WinView plans to produce at least one of the biggest college football games on Saturday. Each football game is produced live by expert two-person WinView teams who watch the action unfold and push prediction choices directly to users. Users are able to check the Lobby Schedule in the app for all upcoming games.

This schedule is for Week 4 of the NFL – NCAA season. All times are PT.

Thursday, 9-29

Dolphins @ Bengals, 5:25pm

Saturday, 10-1
Wisconsin (8) @ Michigan (4), 12:30pm
Louisville (3) @ Clemson (5), 5:00pm

Sunday, 10-2

Bills @ Patriots, 10:00am
Cardinals @ Rams, 1:25pm
Chiefs @ Steelers, 5:30pm
Monday, 10-3
Giants @ Vikings, 5:30pm


  1. Enter Contests, Challenge Fans & Friends. Super easy one-tap login – quickly sign up using Facebook, email or play as guest. Once signed into the app, a user chooses a football game from the Lobby Schedule and then joins a free competition room seating 20 players. In-app chat allows users to chat with friends without having to leave the app.
  2. Predict the Plays on the Field In Real Time. Each football quarter is a contest. A user can expect approximately 25 “Yes” or “No” in-game prediction questions per quarter. In these prediction scenarios, for example, a player is asked: Will Denver complete two passes on a particular drive? Will either team suffer a turnover during the quarter? Players use a points system in each contest against other players in competition where every player starts on equal footing with 5,000 points. Prediction scenarios are weighted with points multipliers that reflect their likelihood and players use WinView points every time they make a prediction.
  3. Dominate the Leaderboard & Win Prizes. During the contest, a user checks their ranking on the app’s Room Leaderboard. At the end of each contest, the top 6 players out of 20 are awarded WinCoins™, an in-app virtual currency, which can be accumulated and redeemed for real cash payouts.


The WinView platform and its foundational patents provide sponsors and advertisers with exclusive access to all its two-screen game participants through sponsorships of the contests via in-game display banner ads, incentivized video ads and other branding opportunities. WinView’s mobile game sports app is developed by world leading European firm, Ex Machina Group ( and is based on their fully developed PlayToTV platform, which has been used by multiple hit reality and entertainment TV programs around the world with millions of simultaneous users.

Lockton was excited to share the facts concerning their low cost per use acquisition that is no where near the $175 daily fantasy sports providers are paying out. WinView also has 1,024 games a year versus only 17 games because you can start playing every quarter.

I asked Lockton how the NFL felt about GameView. He shared with me that Tom Rodgers, President and CEO of TiVo, and Hank Ratner, President and CEO of Independent Sports and Entertainment, played the game with every commissioner of each pro sports league, the top 15 advertisers, and all the major television networks, and the response was an overwhelming thumbs up.

Lockton explained how daily fantasy has not driving new fans to sport, it drives fans to the NFL Network RedZone channel for example, but wives and kids are not major part of those numbers.

WinView targeted the millennial market. The NFL and others are excited about reaching this demographic. Dave quoted data that says about two-thirds of millennials use ad-blockers, making it difficult to get their concentration during live events. His app is sponsor friendly and creates dialog and messaging opportunities.

I pressed him to explain the integration road map with social media. “Social media is significant to the app,” said Dave. Posting scores, content and conversations to Instagram and Facebook is almost ready for use.

I appreciated that Dave shared his goal of about 1,000 downloads this first weekend. The main company goal at the end of the year is to have 250,000 users creating a break even point according to their business model. Perfecting the app and getting features running is an ongoing process, they plan to spend resources wisely.

They have entered into talks with eSports properties. Lockton feels the eSports business opportunity is legit. I cracked him up by next asking about drone racing and robotic fighting. He says,“As long as it is a skill sport in itself, like MMA and eSports, we can proceed.”


WinView, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company that is invented and pioneered free mobile secondscreen synchronized televised sports games for prizes in the U.S. Through its WinView Games app, the ultimate live football play-by-play sports prediction game, the Company plans to leverage its extensive experience in pioneering real-time interactive television games played on the mobile second screen, its foundational patents and unique business model. The WinView app is an end-to-end twoscreen TV synchronization platform for both television programming and commercials. The WinView Games app uniquely enhances TV viewing enjoyment and rewards sports fans with cash prizes as they answer in-game questions while competing with friends in real-time during live televised sports events. These free games of skill are legal in every state.

For more information, visit

Ultimate Second-Screen Social Competition Challenges Users to Predict the Plays In Real Time During the Biggest Games on TV for Cash Prizes .
Ultimate Second-Screen Social Competition Challenges Users to Predict the Plays In Real Time During the Biggest Games on TV for Cash Prizes .

Sports Techie, interviewing the likes of Lockton, the pioneer of the live TV second-screen technology sector, and the hundreds of others sports executives, business experts and technologists as I do, still amazes me every single time as to how smart, engaging and excited each of these inspiring and well-thought out entrepreneurs are about their products and business plans.

Since our last conversation, WinView wound up raising $5 million instead of the original $2-$3 million amount. It took longer to fulfill because they kept the financing open as more investors wanted in and those that had already upped their investments.

As a result, it has been a whirlwind of design, coding and execution to get to launch day in about three months time. Winview’s chief technologist ran EA mobile development.

Get ready to form leagues easily and quickly, transfer existing fantasy teams, and use to app for chats in league rooms. These reasons plus winning cash and bragging rights are why you should consider playing WinView Games for football.

Who’s going to score the first touchdown on TNF?

Predict that outcome and start winning.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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