The Tech of Sports with Sports Techie

The Tech of Sports covers a wide range of sporting events with in-depth analysis of sports technology.
The Tech of Sports covers a wide range of sporting events with in-depth analysis of sports technology.

The Tech of Sports with Sports Techie. The Mike & Mike show and First Take with Skip Bayless and Steven A. Smith on ESPN, move over, the Ricky Bobby Show was in session on ‘The Tech of Sports’ by NetCast Studios. Sports Techie was interviewed on The Tech of Sports (TOS) show by gracious host Rick Limpert.  The agenda for the Sports Techie Bob Roble – TOS 46 online media through audio and video podcast, was the following:

1.  What is Bob’s background

2. The intersection of sports and technology

3.  Has technology made sports more tech friendly?

4.  Kids developing faster because of tech – 14 year old golfer making cuts

5.   Tech has done amazing things in relation to sports injuries

6.   What to look for in the future

About Rick Limpert

Rick C. Limpert is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and columnist. He has covered sports, technology and events all over the world. His works have been featured on Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News,, and in Sports Illustrated. The home of the gadget guru, the wizard of widgets and the server preserver with ferver.

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Sports Techie, It was a pleasure to engage with Rick over the Internet and talk about sports technology, a booming $200 billion global Industry. To clear up this point, Sports Tech is possibly the 3rd largest Industry on the planet behind Aerospace and Aeronautics, according to the Australian Sports Technology Network.


Networks, sponsors, advertisers, and the Sports Techie global community, the Ricky Bobby show is on the table because TOS 46 had good chemistry, entertainment value, and broad appeal. Rick lives in the Atlanta area and I live in Seattle so we cover the United States, coast-to-coast. On TOS 46, we talked about a small percentage of the kinds of global stories, products, athletes, and trends that are covered on a daily basis at Sports Techie through our social media networks. When I reflect upon TOS 46, it was the areas that we had no time left to cover that left me wishing for more of the Ricky Bobby TOS show in order to make it so for the Sports Techie community.

Subjects like the NHL playoffs hockey, the new Sony Walkman that goes underwater, or the techie X Games in Barcelona, are the types of sports tech related topics worthy of covering. For example, Olympics sports technology, not doping or match fixing, has become the biggest inequality amongst competing countries.


There is a new trend among host countries and that is if you spend money on sports technology, your country will win a record amount of medals in some way. Canada did it first winning more gold’s than ever before as the host of the Vancouver winter games. London did it next winning more total summer medals than ever before in their long history participating in the Olympics. What this indicates is that Russia is copying this sports tech model and will therefore break medal records next winter. Brazil hosts the 2016 summer Olympic Games and will do the same thing and continue to build training and medical infrastructures, and use products, which are sports technology centric.

This sportsbiz trend has an opposite side for countries that do not have the budgets to purchase as much sports technology provided competitive edges and as a result are not playing on an even playing field. The day when a long shot competitor from Mongolia, Ethiopia or Ecuador had a chance of at winning a silver or bronze medal will continue to go down in occurrence because more athletes from the countries who are associated with the most sports technology will win the majority of the medals.

The new Sports Techie logo created by MD.
The new Sports Techie logo created by MD.

The Sports Techie and TOS

The history of sports technology alone is worth covering on a daily basis as Rick did when describing Olympic Games sports tech. Having a Sports Techie baby on the way will keep me plugged into what kids love about sports technology via our new born son due at the end of this month. Jessica and I have a dog; Rick and his wife own a cat. I like that we both have Midwest roots and love music.

My work history as the Moderator for online communities and wiki’s for the N.Y. Giants, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Thrashers, HBO Entourage, and a DWTS with MSN blog, all influenced the vision for a Sports Techie online community. Being in the business for over twenty five years gives me a unique perspective about sports technology. Rick’s passionate Sports Techie life and career journey is documented via his web site.


Yesterday, 12-year-old amateur Ye Wocheng, missed the cut at the China Open on the European Tour but China’s Dou Zecheng became the youngest at 16 to make it. Will it be a young Chinese or Korean golfing superstar with the perfect swing because of the influence of sports technology, that eventually breaks the record for winning the most Major golf tournaments currently held by PGA Tour legend Jack Nicklaus and being chased down by aging veteran Tiger Woods?

He brought up an excellent point in that NASCAR is a social media pioneer. Since launching Sports Techie three years ago, I have observed how teams at the WWE, UFC, MLB, NBA, NFL, and FIFA, have integrating social media like Twitter or the new Google+ community which Sports Techie now has at, and cutting edge technologies like Vine or Instagram, into most marketing, branding and event content.

Fans, athletes and teams are able to connect with each other using smartphones and tablets. It is amazing to see the how the merger of sports and social media has resulted in so many positives results. Tweeting directly to your favorite athlete when you are a kid is awesome enough but if you were fighting cancer, imagine how much more sweet that digital interaction would be, and then times that by the thousands of players in the professional Leagues, plus all the amateur, NCAA and high school athletes, who do this every day, all over the world.

Unfortunately, social media can also represent bad intentions such as the Boston Marathon hashtags of support for the bombers, and by Egypt’s Ultras Fans who used social media to organize their deadly fight:

Wearable technology is a hot market with innovative products like the Jawbone 2.0, Nike+ Fuel Band and Google Glass that we touched on during TOS 46 leading the way. Watch this YouTube video as an example of what is coming for Sports Techie wearable tech end users – Google Glass x Ice Hockey: Rick brought up an excellent point about the Google Glass privacy issues with wearable computing products that take video and pictures of people without their consent.

Action and Extreme Sports go together with sports tech like peanut butter & jelly or mobile gaming devices and rechargeable batteries. Sports technology when applied to injuries are indeed helping to lengthen careers as Ricky shared. It also leads to a better quality of life for those that have suffered debilitating trauma such as Boston Marathon amputees who need prosthetics and bionics so they can helpfully run another race.

Helmets are essential for protecting the brain. Sports technology R&D by the NFL and their new Heads Up program, as well as by President Obama’s new Brain Initiative, are wonderful commitments to help solve this sports crisis. This affects so many people in terms of long term TBI health care and grief when dementia, ALS, and Parkinson’s diseases set in.

TOS host Rick Limpert is joined by sports technology expert Bob Roble, who is based in Seattle, with his startup, SportsTechieNet, where he covers and blogs about everything in the world of sports technology.
TOS host Rick Limpert is joined by sports technology expert Bob Roble, who is based in Seattle, with his startup, SportsTechieNet, where he covers and blogs about everything in the world of sports technology.


I wanted to talk more about the PGA Merchandise Show that Rick attended, tennis, rugby, wingsuits, heart rate monitors, the Sochi 2014 winter Olympic Games, goal line technology, the LeBron X shoe, and on and on. Apps are the one thing that any Sports Techie can get the most value and use of when considering sports tech must haves. Online gambling is a beast of a topic worldwide and here in America and it deserves our further attention.

Thanks to the TOS sponsor Amazon. I would like to also thank Skype because we used your product and service to record from Seattle, Atlanta, and Tehachapi, where NetCast Studio is located. Skype and @SportsTechieNET on twitter corresponded this past week about the NFL Draft and how Skype was used at draftees home so viewers could see the players, family and friends real TV reactions.

Love to hear feedback on whether you think Ricky Bobby – Tech of Sports, or something like that, is a good idea or not. Comment below on this blog or via any of our Sports Techie social media network links below. If you are ESPN, Fox Sports (FS1), NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Root Sports, SVP Show, or a network, sponsor or advertiser, get in touch with me at [email protected] if you want to get involved, or if have a sports tech product, company or creator to discuss.

Thank you once again to Rick, the host of The Tech of Sports, and to NetCast Studio founder, Steven Lee.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie –

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