RENOUN Ski Smart Impact Material Uses D30 Sports Technology

D3O's industry first of smart materials in ski hardware rewarded with ISPO Gold Award
D3O’s industry first of smart materials in ski hardware rewarded with ISPO Gold Award

RENOUN Ski Smart Impact Material Uses D30 Sports Technology

D30 has pioneered impact protection solutions in the ski industry since the 2006 Winter Olympics leading to their newest first for brand business partner RENOUN after they successfully introduced a smart anti-vibration material at the ISPO 2015 Munich sports equipment industry exhibit. The Sports Techie community blog readers and followers are familiar with D3O hyper-damping technology and other globally patented smart materials via others blogs we have written about their proprietary technologies. The sports technology space was once again impacted by new snow sport products thanks to D30 and innovative company partners.

RENOUN Ski Smart Impact Material Uses D30 Sports Technology - Sports Techie blog
RENOUN Ski Smart Impact Material Uses D30 Sports Technology – Sports Techie blog

ISPO 2015
With nearly 80,000 international attendees representing more than 100 countries at the ISPO Munich 2015 event held February 5 through 8, snow sports enthusiasts and businesses were privy to the unveiling of RENOUN ski hardware featuring D30 dampening tech that absorbs high frequency vibrations. The 2,585 exhibiters in a facility covering over 100,000 square feet make it the world’s biggest snow sports trade show.

Happy faces all over – ISPO MUNICH 2015 excited everyone from ISPO on Vimeo.

The Burlington, Vermont ski manufacturer was granted the ISPO 2015 All-Mountain ski category Gold Award because of superior innovation in design and technology. The high frequency vibration absorption design in the RENOUN Endurance ski is due to D30 tech and translates into additional edge contact with snow and ice equaling better grip and control for skiers, making it the only snow sport product available for purchase that adapts as conditions change.

Rome Snowboards
D3O’s technology in also integrated with Rome Snowboards’ boot liner to bring improved cushioning and shock absorption underfoot. Rome’s Katana snowboard binding has smart material from D3O applied to its base plate, giving users increased control and easier ride management.

The snow sports space was first disrupted by the British smart materials experts’ impact protection material together with partners Scott Sports and Burton. D30 has since diversified into other body protection apparel for skiing and snowboarding.

Marcus Hoenig, D3O’s Chief Business Development Officer, Advanced Concepts said, “D3O is well known for its industry-leading impact protection expertise for global snow sports brands.  At ISPO 2015,  D3O welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate its portfolio of patented shock absorption and wearable technology plus vibration control smart materials – honed in other sectors such as US team sport, defense, industrial workwear, motorcycle and consumer electronics– which will be game changers for the snow sports sector.”

Their patented technology is derived from non-Newtonian principles, in other words, given standard conditions, molecules in the raw materials flow freely enabling the material to maintain flexibility and softness, however on impact, the particles lock together to absorb impact energy thus reducing force transmitted to skiers. The molecules return to their flexible state instantaneously. D3O material, otherwise known as dilatant fluid, is strain rate sensitive meaning during the largest impacts, more molecules react, causing optimal protection.

D3O’s body protection products were first used during the 2006 Winter Olympics in ski race suits for the US and Canadian teams. D3O globally patented impact protection technology is integrated into the snow sports apparel of key global brands including Scott Sports and Burton; the snowboard boots and bindings of Rome Snowboards, and is funded by the US Army to test shock absorbing helmet liner technology to reduce the risk of head injuries caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Health & Fitness and Wearable Technologies

  • Industry first for UK smart materials company introducing anti-vibration smart materials to ski hardware with brand partner RENOUN
  • With a proven track record of impact protection in European and US snow sports brands including Scott Sports and Burton, D3O revealed new wearable technology at ISPO

Bringing the impact protection expertise honed in these sectors, to introduce brands to its far-reaching impact protection, shock absorption and vibration control capabilities, at ISPO D3O exhibited its portfolio of patented technology and smart materials:

o   D3O off-the-shelf back protectors D3O displayed its CE-certified Viper back protectors which are used within the snow sports industry

o   Wearables/D3O Smart Skin: a lightweight and low profile impact protection layer that can be directly applied to fabrics such as base layer or gloves, worn beneath an outer garment

o   D3O impact protection materials: enhanced shock absorbing solutions which offers the ultimate in soft and flexible impact protection. The impact protection range of materials includes four grades of materials with diverse applications including protection for sports protection apparel

About D3O
The company’s branded ingredient technology is found in a wide range of products and applications across six core markets: sports, industrial workwear, law enforcement and military, footwear, electronics and motorcycle protection in apparel. D3O received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in April 2014, the UK’s highest accolade for business, after demonstrating six years’ continuous export growth with sales increasing from 62% in 2007 to 88% in 2013.

D30 Winner of Queen Award For Enterprise 2014
D30 Winner of Queen Award For Enterprise 2014

Sports Techie, When I think of skiing so many thoughts occur. First, the lack of snow or major amounts of snowpack are thanks to global warming. Second, the rapid evolution of the ski and snowboarding industries has caused equipment, training and resorts to morph technologies into their core competencies resulting in faster times and more season ending accidents than ever before.

U.S. Olympic champion Bode Miller was seriously injured at the 2015 Ski Worlds in Vail and now talks about leaving the sport for good at 36-years old.
Bode Miller Talks Retirement – U.S. Ski Team

Lindsey Vonn returned from a devastating ACL knee injury and failed to defend her championship as expected at the worlds, however, she expects to move forward to compete at the 2018 XXIII Winter  Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.
GoPro: Lindsey Vonn – Moving Forward

If they used skis, boot and bindings morphed by D3O tech could they both have avoided potentially career ending injuries, it makes you think. If you are an elite, recreational or beginner skier, it makes sense to do whatever you can to perform with the best products and protective gear available on the market to help avoid injury, get a competitive edge and ensure the fun times go on. For the present time, smart material skis are it.

If you are in Europe next year, be sure to attend ISPO 2016, it is a business, coach and athlete mecca.

See y’all later in Seattle and here in Atlanta.

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