Peyton Manning’s Incredible Week 1 Compared to Brett Favre’s Best Game

Peyton Manning's Incredible Week 1 Compared to Brett Favre's Best Game
Peyton Manning’s Incredible Week 1 Compared to Brett Favre’s Best Game

Nobody, least of all those who owned him in fantasy leagues, expected Peyton Manning to drop seven touchdowns on the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens during opening week. Those who had Manning on their fantasy teams, however, may have cruised to a Week One victory without even needing a single other point from their roster. This all-time great performance, tying the NFL record for TDs in one game and earning 46 fantasy points by ESPN’s scoring metrics, may have been a guarantee for success, but would it have been the best fantasy football week ever for a quarterback? Here is how the elder Manning brother stacks up against one of the other greatest quarterbacks to ever don an NFL jersey: John Madden’s perpetual golden boy, Brett Favre.

The Story Of A Cheesehead Gunslinger

Anyone who knows anything about football knows Favre had many great games — and many not-so-great games. Favre, the prototypical gunslinger QB with an arm no player before or since can match, holds the all-time record for both touchdowns and interceptions, preferring to put the ball into play well down the field, regardless of the consequences. As such, he had many games with great yards and TDs, but many interceptions. His best game yardage-wise would be in 1993 against the Bears, where he threw for 402 yards and two touchdowns. It was also a game the Packers lost, since Favre threw three interceptions to go with those yards, and came up with a pitiful 77.9 QB rating, good for only 22 ESPN fantasy points. So what was Favre’s best game for owners? It may surprise you to learn it didn’t occur in a Packers uniform.

Favre’s Greatest Game

Most football fans remember the year that Green Bay decided to make a move towards their organization’s future and make Aaron Rodgers the Packers’ starting quarterback. Favre signed with the New York Jets and only took four weeks before he had a personal best, scorching the Arizona Cardinals for 289 yards and six touchdowns and winning 56 – 35. Ironically, the Cards would go on to make the playoffs, and the Jets would fall short, despite both teams finishing with a 9-7 record. Favre racked up no less than 34 ESPN points, ultimately falling short of Peyton’s mark.


Anyone who has had a poor Internet connection during a draft knows they can miss out on getting great players. Using a​ connection helps prevent drafting glitches. Better still, it helps you stream games such as Manning or Favre’s great performances. Despite Favre’s notorious reputation as a deep thrower, he passed for only one TD score of 40 or more yards, which provides additional points in the fantasy world. Manning had deeper throws and more yards, and also refrained from throwing picks. Since 2000, when fantasy football metrics have been tracked, Manning’s game has been rated the second-best by a QB (behind only Michael Vick’s three passing TDs and two rushing TDs in 2010), even though it did not earn Manning a perfect QB rating.

Sports Techie, Those of you who stepped up and drafted Peyton Manning in the first round reaped the benefit of his Hall of Fame performance and statistics. This is also the reason the Broncos traded for him because the Indianapolis Colts front office and scouts felt the need to revamp their organization beginning with the most important position in the National Football League, the quarterback.

Farve not only was healthy enough to play in the most consecutive games in NFL history, he also passed the football into the record books may times over. Comparing Peyton with Farve will become even bigger when Manning passes Brett as the all-time NFL passing leader in one of his games to come this season.

Having a good Internet connection makes all the difference when watching your Fantasy team perform in real-time on your TV and second screen mobile devices. Even fans who attend home games are pulling out their smartphone and tablet to check in on their fantasy team and players scoring. DSL Internet is hyper-fast, reliable and cost effective for most of our U.S. based community members.

Enjoy Thursday Night Football (TNF) on the NFL Network tonight and get ready for the rest of the week three games, especially the Broncos and Manning if you are lucky, wise and smart enough to own him on your fantasy squad.

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