NCAA March Madness And NBA Playoffs Venues Look To Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED Lighting

NCAA March Madness And NBA Playoffs Venues Look To Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED Lighting

Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED lighting system technology is now ready for basketball arenas and sports facilitates to purchase if they want to be compliant with HDTV broadcasting requirements inside of NBA and NCAA college basketball venues. With the 2015 NCAA hoops tournament here for the men and women plus professional hoops entering the stretch run to qualify for the 2015 playoffs, multi-purpose sport and entertainment buildings that want to exceed single lighting solution tech requirements need to look at Pro-Court for its specs, sustainability and cost savings. The Sports Techie community blog has covered the rise of Ephesus installations across North America that culminated with Super Bowl 49 at the University of Phoenix Stadium played under LED lighting for the first time and subsequent news that the Minnesota Vikings will install their LED light fixtures when they open their new, game-changing facility in 2016.

NCAA March Madness And NBA Playoffs Venues Look To Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED Lighting
NCAA March Madness And NBA Playoffs Venues Look To Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED Lighting

Arena Pro-Court
When considering the need to upgrade current lights to LED or wish to implement more green lighting technologies that provide both energy and maintenance saving features, each sports and entertainment venue has specific needs and codes that need to be passed in order ensure it will operate as promised during live broadcast events. Ephesus met those stringent requirements via their brand new product not used yet in any major sporting environment called, Arena Pro-Court. It offers operational control, improved light quality and will enhance player performance while improving the overall fan experience. All this premium technology is unmatched in the industry.

The only LED sports lighting solution that offers tunable light quality technology is Arena Pro-Court because of the full light spectrum and unique color temperature tuning capability. What this means is their patent-pending technology is designed for quick and easy adjustment of a specific spectrum of light for HDTV broadcasts while also allowing for the color temperature of the light to adjust to a variety of “warmer” lighting necessary at any level of basketball game.

This invention gives basketball building operators the option to tune light quality while simultaneously achieving consistent light levels on the court. Historically, venues installed multiple sets of lights for similar results. Television and digital device viewers will enjoy better color rendering and the tunable color spectrum feature that works together with HDTV broadcast cameras to produce superior brilliance of colors similar to the sun.

“There is a major distinction in the quality of lighting requirements for pro and college basketball venues. We now have a product that focuses on improving the player performance, increasing fan experience, and exceeding HDTV broadcasting requirements for both professional and college basketball,” said Joe Casper, CTO of Ephesus Lighting. “We engineered the Ephesus Arena Pro-Court specifically to provide a quality solution where adjusting the spectrum of light will significantly improve HDTV broadcasting quality and provide a solution for multi-purpose sporting venues.”

Arena Pro-Court has optimal optical control allowing for the dramatic light cutoff between the court and the grandstands as per pro basketball lighting guidelines. Their light is manufactured with the same patented glare-free technology as the Ephesus Arena Sports Series.

The ground-breaking system is HDTV compliant with zero flicker technology that produces 2500 frames per second super slow-motion recording. If you want to watch an instant replay under the best possible lighting circumstances, this is it. Ephesus’ military-driven design technology delivers ultra-low EMI, eliminating interference with arena communications systems with increased bandwidth.

“This year LED sports lighting has proved to be ready for primetime as we illuminated venues that broadcast events by every major sports network. From championship professional football games to college events our LED sports solutions exceeded expectations,” said Mike Lorenz, President of Ephesus Lighting. “As more facilities look to make the switch to LED, it’s imperative upon us to continue to broaden our product line to provide solutions for the different needs of venues.”

A significant reason to use Ephesus fixtures is the increase in illumination compared to traditional metal halide lights. LED lighting offers increased brightness as well as more uniform modeling of light on the playing surface, creating player friendly and fan-centric stadium lighting and better quality of light for high-definition television viewers. As discussed in past #SportsTechie blogs, LED lights can be turned on and off with the simple flick of a switch, whereas metal halide fixtures requires a 20-minute minimum warm-up period. The on/off feature gives facility operators a new opportunity to create projection light shows for fan entertainment, and if a power outage were ever to cause a blackout, Ephesus LED lights can be turned back on immediately with the flick of a switch.

Ephesus Lighting and Controls Demonstrated in a Professional Hockey Arena
See Ephesus’ Prism color LEDs and wireless control system in action

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LED Pioneers
Ephesus lit the first sports venue with LED technology in North America back in 2012, and their luminaires now have in excess of 300,000 hours in more than 100 indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment venues. The University of Phoenix Stadium, home field of the NFL Arizona Cardinals; the Canadian Tire Centre, home ice of the NHL Ottawa Senators; and Duke University, are satisfied users.

Super Bowl 49 At UOP Stadium Uses Ephesus Lighting LED For Seahawks, Patriots And Broadcast Benefit - Sports Techie blog
Super Bowl 49 At UOP Stadium Uses Ephesus Lighting LED For Seahawks, Patriots And Broadcast Benefit – Sports Techie blog

Sports Techie, count venues at the University of Rhode Island, Ohio University, UMASS Amherst, Cornell, and Temple, as Division I basketball programs that are current Ephesus customers. Also several other facilities like Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport occasionally host NCAA D1 games.

I attended the Billy Joel concert this past weekend at Atlanta’s Philips Arena, home to the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, and saw their banner that said they achieved LEED for Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EB: O&M) certification as specified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) as the first NBA or NHL arena certified as an existing facility back in 2009. LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” and represents independent, third-party verification that Philips Arena has met green building operating standards and performance measures.

It made me think about all the venues worldwide that are not LEED compliant six-years later and do not use LED lighting while Joel banged on his piano and sung ballad after ballad of awesome music.

If you sit in a multi-purpose basketball venue during March Madness or a NBA playoff game, know there is a new single lighting system capable of meeting the stringent and diverse lighting requirements of professional and major college basketball made by Ephesus. Go demand that facility operates investigate Arena Pro-Court because we do not want another five years to go by with buildings that are not focused on green initiatives.

Thank you to the Sports Techie fans for making it so towards a better planet.

May Spock, Leonard Nimoy, rest in peace.

See y’all later in Seattle and here in Atlanta.

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