Get the Education You Need to Succeed in the World of Sports

Get the Education You Need to Succeed in the World of Sports - Sports Techie blog
Get the Education You Need to Succeed in the World of Sports – Sports Techie blog

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald knows that he will eventually have to retire from the NFL. To improve his chances of having a successful career after pro sports, the wide receiver has enrolled in online classes at the University of Phoenix. Motivated by a promise he made to his mother, Fitzgerald chose to pursue his bachelor’s degree at the University of Phoenix because of its flexibility and learning format. However, online learning isn’t just for athletes who need a second act. It is also a great stepping stone for sports lovers who want to become agents, team managers, or hold other jobs in the sport industry.

Sports Management

A sports management degree opens many doors in the sports arena, an industry with an annual revenue of $252 billion and growing, according to Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). At SNHU, a sports management degree combines courses that are specific to the sports industry like sports ethics, management of sport organizations, and sport licensing with general business and management classes. The blend of specific courses with general business knowledge gives sports lovers the leg up they need in the industry. Without this type of degree, job seekers may not even get a second look from a sports organization.

Armed with a degree in sports management, sports lovers can work for professional sports organizations in marketing, sales, or finance management. However, not everyone starts their sports career working for a professional team. This degree also gives you the skills that you need to work for a sporting goods manufacturer, a college athletics department, a parks and recreation department, or a fitness facility.

Performance Enhancement

Although sport management degrees are the most popular degree for people wanting to break into the sports industry, there are other options available. A Sport and Performance Psychology degree from the University of the Rockies in Colorado provides you with performance enhancement education. You won’t be able to practice as a psychologist with this degree, but you will be able to harness techniques that make athletes more powerful. This knowledge will open doors in academia, or it can help you get a position as a motivational consultant for a sport organization.

The Next Step

Professionals who have already started their sports careers but who want to be more marketable can get an extra edge with a master’s degree in sports management. At Drexel University, the online Masters in Sport Management includes classes on sport law and risk management, sport ticket sales and strategies, public relations, managing coaches, and many other topics that are integral to the industry. Because the degree is offered online, students can continue to work at their regular jobs and live at home while obtaining the skills and knowledge they need to take the next step.

Finding a Program

School is the catalyst for career change, and when you are ready to hit the books, College Online has the resources you need to find the program that is right for you. Its online database has information on more than 2,000 degrees from more than 100 schools. Most of the programs included in their database are accredited, making it simple to find a school that offers the credentials you need.

The Sports Techie (left) earned a liberal arts degree and B.A. in Political Science from sunny Whittier College
The Sports Techie (left) earned a liberal arts degree and B.A. in Political Science from sunny Whittier College

Sports Techie, The feeling of earning a college degree is special believe me. I started at Whittier College in 1984 and graduated in 1995 as a proud Poet with a hard-earned bachelor of arts and liberal arts degree after attending 6 different universities and community colleges over that decade. I can relate to Fitzgerald’s dream of walking down the aisle with a degree in hand so he can prove something to himself and to his Mother. Even though Larry has earned millions in NFL salary and endorsements, his commitment to higher education is 2014 role model material.

So what does one do as a career with a Political Science B.A. besides go to law school, they become extremely hirable. Employers love a liberal arts degree because it signifies a balanced education. A Sports Management degree is certainly the preferred path with sports organizations but just earning any college degree can open those doors too.

An educational path that includes an advanced college degree is wise in my opinion. Sure you can choose finish your education at high school or junior college and be just fine. America is the land of opportunity and plenty of rags to riches stories involve no college degree.  But for me and many of our readers, it was something we always wanted to accomplish since being kids.

I loved UCLA basketball as a kid and wanted nothing more than to be a Bruins starter one-day. Having that childhood dream drove me to Whittier College where I played lacrosse, ran the intramural program and pledged the coed Sachsen Society. Making smart adjustments with college decisions are critical to graduating.

Accreditation is a major factor when considering what college to apply to and attend for Coach John Wooden.  The University of the Rockies, Drexler and the University of Phoenix have top accreditation as well as distinguished alumni. Whittier College is a private institution which has appeal to recruiters and hiring managers. Having online educational options fits in well with a busy Sports Techie lifestyle so be sure to look that option over.

Consider Sports Management degrees if you want to work in sports. If that is not your ticket be sure to search through the College Online link. Remember to be patient, go to class and pass all your tests, do that and you will graduate with a well-earned college degree that can transition you into a Sports career.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie @THESportsTechie –

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