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  • Joe Rogowski Is The NBRPA’s New Chief Medical Officer

    Rogowski Will Oversee NBRPA’s New Health Screening and Medical Innovation Program for Members Joe Rogowski was named the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA), Chief Medical Director, announced today from Chicago, Illinois. The Sports Techie community blog curator is connected to Joe on LinkedIn and am sending a virtual applause for your dedication after spending 17-years […]

  • Canadian Sports Betting Expert Greg Warren Joins Canada Sports Betting Team

    Sports betting expert and influential reporter Greg Warren has joined canadasportsbetting.ca to help provide information, expert commentary and industry developments about the Canadian sports betting market. Canadasportsbetting.ca is the home for Canadian sports betting industry news and Warren’s coverage is a fresh look at sport betting content across Canada, North America and the world. Canada’s […]

  • StreamAMG OTT Streaming Services Hiring New Product And Commercial Directors

    StreamAMG is one of the UK’s most respected OTT agencies and today announced the hiring of a new Product Director, Alex Hunte, and a Director of Commercial Strategy, Jonathon Rigby. The commercial directors are tasked with improving company strategy, platform development, proprietary technology, operations and customer support services while servicing some of the biggest entities […]

  • Hirect, First Chat-Based Hiring App For Tech Startups, Companies, Job Seekers

    Hirect – The First Chat-Based Hiring App Tech startups, companies and people looking for a candidate or job, the first chat-based hiring app by Hirect is ready for download. Talk to the bosses and get hired, it’s really that simple. Whether hiring and recruiting for a technology startup or company, or looking for a new […]

  • England VAR World Cup Destiny Should Influence Premier League

    What Changed To Make England More Successful In This World Cup? The pride surrounding the England team is unmissable. It’s been since 1966 when the Three Lions last roared as one for the football loving country when the men’s national soccer team won the World Cup final which so happens to be the year I […]

  • Lyft Atlanta Ride Share Driver

    Ride Share Driving For Lyft Atlanta Lyft is my preferred ride sharing company even before Uber started started taking negative PR hits because of their corporate culture towards women employees primarily forcing their founder to step down. When I did not own a car, I relied on mostly public transportation and that means Marta buses […]

  • 68 Soccer Nations Where the Women Are On Top

    68 Soccer Nations Where the Women are on Top The World Cup will kick off in Russia on 14th June, with the hosts facing Saudi Arabia in the opening game, which will be viewed by a global audience of over 100 million viewers. The Sports Techie global community supports the growth of soccer worldwide as […]

  • What to Study To Pursue a Career in Sports Technology

    What to Study To Pursue a Career in Sports Technology Whether it’s in sports education, sports technology, training, coaching or administration, professional certifications and degrees are becoming increasingly necessary for a lucrative career in any sports-related industry.  As a result of this, there are over 300 physical education and sport science programs on offer at […]

  • How Technology Will Shape Teaching in the Future

    “How Technology Will Shape Teaching in the Future”, details how the advances in technology will cause an evolution in the classroom. The Sports Techie community blog, today’s technology is developing at a rapid rate and this EducationCity infographic does a nice job of sharing modern techniques using advanced technologies. My son has autism, is non-verbal […]