Deltatre delivers IAAF Official Results and TV Graphics System and App for smartphones and tablets

Once again, deltatre gets sports technology, this time together with the IAAF. Sport digital and broadcast services market leader deltatre integrated its intellectual property with the 2013 IAAF World Championships to create the standardization of an Official Results and TV Graphics System along with the Official IAAF app for smartphones and tablets.

IAAF Championships – Moscow

The IAAF Track & Field World Championships (August 10th-18th) represents the major sport event of the year, with record-breaking participation rates occurring. More than 1900 athletes from 206 nations will perform for fans at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia, during the nine-day event.

Giampiero Rinaudo, deltatre CEO and Co-Founder, comments: “We have grown and enriched the services we offer the IAAF during our 20 years of involvement; particularly this year, we are thrilled to have expanded our mobile services with the official IAAF app and have made the 14th edition of the Championships available to everyone in the world.”


My virtual eye computes that deltatre digital and mobile innovative solutions are the best way to experience live sport events for global sports fans. In Athletics, with events taking place in real-time during the whole day, from 9am to 10pm, the only way to fully experience the emotions and the passion, from the early morning qualifying heats and groups to the late night gold medal drama, is through the official IAAF application.

London 2012 Olympic Games


Available for Apple iOS and Android devices, smartphones and tablets, the IAAF app includes in-depth real-time coverage from Luzhniki Stadium. The IAAF app is the go-to digital solution for every athletics fan anywhere in the world; it will become the reference source of information for World Athletics, as IAAF will use deltatre’s sports tech software service to cover all major events from now on.

The IAAF app is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store
The IAAF app is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store

The app is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store; it includes interactive features such as:

• Events Schedule

• Official Results

• Real-time Results

• Flash quotes

• News, Photos and Videos

• Medals and records information

• Athletes Bios

• Customizable Medal Alerts

• Event Calendar synchronization

Sports Technology

deltatre’s focus with Moscow goes beyond the digital mobile solution. Official results featured in the mobile app are gathered by a selected team of on-venue Sports Techie deltatre operators, who work in collaboration with SEIKO for timing and measurement collection. Trained deltatre operators are all over the field just a few meters away from the biggest athletics stars, ready to capture their performances in real-time.

deltatre’s results system also includes two other cutting-edge services. The TV Graphics System provides the overlay graphics to all broadcasters, enriching the amazing pictures coming from the Luznhiki Stadium. The Commentator Information System (CIS), manages and displays real-time data about athletes and competitions. It is the primary source of information for all journalists that comment on the event from the stadium tribune.

deltatre also provided the Voting System that powered the 49th IAAF Congress (August 7-8th) and managed the official voting procedures via a reliable centralized system.


To download the IAAF app and enjoy the Championships on the go, visit the IAAF official website.

Deltatre delivers the IAAF Official Results and TV Graphics System and App for smartphones and tablets
Deltatre delivers the IAAF Official Results and TV Graphics System and App for smartphones and tablets

About deltatre:

There is a way to make sport events come to life for audiences everywhere. Using innovative technology, creativity and total commitment, the people at deltatre do exactly that. With staff in Torino, London, Manchester, Lausanne, Paris, Munich, New York and Portland, deltatre has over 25 years of experience at the highest level of international sport. Always striving for the next level of interaction, we consider the future of global sport engagement to be multi-platform and social. Today, the greatest sport events on earth are more immersive, collaborative, and inclusive thanks to our cutting edge technologies. Sport fans become an active part of the event, connecting socially and sharing their passion, wherever they are. By harnessing our experience, technical skills and passion for sport, we are always one step ahead. or contact [email protected]. Follow them on Twitter: @deltatre

About IAAF:

On the 17 July 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden, following the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in the Swedish capital, the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) was founded as the world governing body for the sport of track and field Athletics. The IAAF was founded to fulfill the need for a world governing authority, for a competition programme, for standardised technical equipment and for a list of official World records. All of these requirements remain today.

After 100 years of athletics excellence, the International Association of Athletics Federations is embarking on its second century with drive and determination. Athletics, a sport that was founded in antiquity, has continued to adapt through the centuries offering a dynamic, life enhancing sport which is ready for the exciting challenges of the next 100 years. For more information visit: Twitter:

Sports Techie, I have not been to Russia as some of you in our community have but using the deltatre inspired IAAF App and Official Results and TV Graphics System for smartphones and tablets from here in Seattle literally puts me virtually in Moscow. Only in the year 2013 can you watch Usain Bolt run and show the universe that he is the fastest man, woman or child to ever live and then watch the DVR like video replay’s again and again at your discretion using the IAAF app.

Track & Field is the sports of sport in that it has a little bit of everything. You will find something athletic in each event to cheer about with National pride, to ponder with amazement, and to emulate if you’re a kid. Have you ever seen a steeple chase or watched a javelin competition? Imagine these events in 1912 when high performance gear, products and training were not part of the medal winning success formula like it is now.

No wonder world records are sure to fall inside Luznhiki Stadium and on your second screens. Today’s sports tech is indeed the great equalizer or massive difference maker that’s factored into the equation of winning and performance.

There is no better place to watch a high jumper from the Russian Federation, a sprinter from Team Jamaica, or a pole-vaulter from China, all using sports tech tools to help them win medals, than at this year’s IAAF Championships while using your new deltatre centric IAAF app for the smartphone and tablet at home, work or play.

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