New DARTFISH Express app launched for iOS Universal iPhone and iPad

DARTFISH Express app launched for iOS Universal

New DARTFISH Express app launched for iOS Universal iPhone and iPad users. Victor Bergonzoli is the CEO of Dartfish and reached out to Sports Techie about their exciting new sports technology app for training and improved performance. Dartfish is a pioneer in the development of a global sports business model centered on software Solutions and Their sports tech tools help with video analysis, gait analysis and game editing. I worked for Dartfish the year of 911 and can honestly say, if you have not tried using their products, Express might be the time to integrate video into your sports routines. Like Victor said, You have knowledge to share.”

Dartfish web site:

The video era is indeed here. I asked Victor why they developed Express. He said, “The goal of the app is to be as simple as possible and answer what our clients wanted.” Victor emphasized that, What we perceive is not necessarily reality. Video takes you beyond perception.” Dartfish Express will help combine your experience to the video to get your message across on-the-spot or to share it to Uploading Express video requires access to TV. is their video sharing platform where your uploaded videos are hosted in the clouds. Consider it your video server or SAAS. You will need the most current version of Microsoft Silverlight to watch video. “Share what moves you,” said Victor. He added, “Here, video enriched with your notes, still shots and drawings becomes a resource that can be referenced time after time. Share your published videos with clients, fans, and friends via social media, email or text message.”

Dartish Express brings the invisible, visible for tennis

Via Dartfish: “ helps you get more out of your video, no matter what you choose to do with it. It provides you with the tools to easily and rapidly publish your content to targeted audiences. lets you distribute event video on demand, share know-how, collaborate using video, and monetize your video content. What makes it so different is its unique ability to navigate within numerous videos or within the markers of one single video.” Look for a brand new web site look and feel on Tuesday.

Dartfish Customers

The following quotes about Dartfish and Express are impressive:

“To monitor my training we use Dartfish technology.” Usain Bolt (World Fastest Man & Olympic Champion 2012)

Use Dartfish Express telestration tools for Track & Field training

“All my training sessions are recorded and watched with Dartfish.” Rana Reider (Olympic coach and USA Track & Field coach of the year 2011)

“The Dartfish software is the perfect training tool for skill development and technical analysis in volleyball. It’s an invaluable tool for coaches at all levels.” Doug Beal
USA Volleyball)

“Dartfish software has enabled us, as practitioners, to improve the quality and quantity of our service delivery to sports. You could say that it has revolutionized performance analysis.” Stafford Murray (National Lead Performance Analyst, English Institute of Sport)

“Dartfish plays an essential part at the LA Angels organization.” Diego Lopez
(LA Angels Sr. Video Coordinator)

“Dartfish Express lets me provide an instant feedback during training, without having planned a specific video session beforehand.” Rodolphe Bouche (Pôle France GAM Antibes, Gymnastics)

“I coach golfers from beginners to US tour level and have found the Dartfish Express App combined with my Dartfish TV channel to be fantastic coaching tools. My clients love them too.” Glenn Whittle (AAA PGA Member)


Capture, Enrich and Share with the Dartfish Express app and

What is important to understand is that the Dartfish Express app goals are to answer their existing user input of wants with functionality that gives you quick feedback, key annotation ability, and uploading to TV.

1. Communicate better

2. Collaborate online

3. Control the access to videos

The Dartfish Express easliy posts content to social media such as Twitter and Facebook

This new Dartfish product allows all levels of Sports Techie coaches, athletes and amatuers to Express yourself with the power of video in order to improve on the spot, get your message out, and reach your audience. The fact that you can whip out your smartphone or tablet loaded with Express anywhere and quickly identify areas of improvement with powerful video analysis tools, is reason alone to try it out. Web and wireless users can add their particular expertise to video with still shots, drawings, and comments. Publish your telestrated and edited videos to and then simply share them with your own unique sports or tech community using a social media centric interface that makes it easy to post content to Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, via an SMS, or send specific links via email.

Dartfish Express and


All-in-one recording
Record high definition video using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in camera; then replay quickly and simply with a screen swipe.

Powerful playback controls
Scrolling through your video has never been easier. Have fun with the jog wheel to move frame-by-frame or for fast searching, or play in slow motion.

Take still shots
Focus your discussions on key moments by taking still shots of your videos and annotate them.

Add video annotations
Show people what to look for! Add drawings to highlight what the video reveals, underlined with written comments.

Manage Your Library
Take your video library everywhere you go. Easily locate the next clips to play or free-up space on your device.

Watch full screen
No busy interface, just pure emotion! Play your videos or review your still shots in full screen.

Dartfish makes the power of video accessible to millions

Dartfish Sportsbiz

Dartfish is the content empowering company making the invisible visible. They were founded in 1999 and are located in both Fribourg, Switzerland, and Alpharetta, Georgia. Dartfish develops cutting-edge online and offline video solutions that empower its users to create, enrich, publish and monetize video content. Dartfish makes the power of video accessible to millions and sets the video standard across industries such as sport, education, and healthcare.

Dartfish is the world’s leading organization, trusted by thousands of sport organizations, to create and distribute video content. Its video platform, is today the trusted choice of elite organizations, federations, and corporations all around the world.

In the near future, Victor shared that, “Dartfish is working on a Solution for a larger market where people will be able to sign up and get their own small channel.”

The new Dartfish Express app download is available at the Apple iTunes Store here:

Add your sports expertise to Dartfish Express video with still shots, drawings, and comments

Sports Techie, Love to hear how things work for you with Express via a comment below. Thanks for sharing and liking this blog with your social network. If you are not using video or if you are, Dartfish and other like minded sports technology companies have robust Solutions that are tailored for any level of Sports Techie to master as a competitive edge and learning tool. Whether you are at the highest levels of sport and need a comprehensive Solution for video, or at the amateur end of sports, or just at the very beginnings of play with kids, Dartfish Express is a new cutting edge sports technology app that is proven, affordable and in the clouds.

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