Cisco SESG “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” TweetChat With Co-Host Sports Techie

Cisco SESG “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” TweetChat With Co-Host Sports Techie.

Cisco SESG “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” TweetChat With Co-Host Sports Techie
Cisco SESG “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” TweetChat With Co-Host Sports Techie

Sports Techie is participating with host Cisco Sports and Entertainment Solutions Group in an upcoming TweetChat titled “How Digital is Enhancing the Fan Experience” as co-host of the event on November 1 from 10-11 AM PST (1-2pm ET). The business of sport and tech is changing the Gameday experiences for fans, teams, venues and sponsors alike. The Sports Techie community blog will help discuss relevant topics about technology integration in the sports industry and “How Digital is Enhancing the Fan Experience.”

Topic: How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience #CiscoChat
Topic: How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience #CiscoChat


I am honored to be considered an industry influencer and subject matter expert according to Cisco. Joining me as the company Founder and CEO of Sports Techie in the online #TweetChat is Moderator @CiscoSESG, Ken Martin, GM and Executive Director, and Michael Caponigro, Global Market Management, at Cisco Sports & Entertainment.

Digital Fan Experience

According to Martin, “In today’s world of digital abundance, the sports and entertainment industries are imagining new ways to deliver and enhance fan experiences. From parking and concessions to merchandise, ticketing, and engagement, venues and team owners are focused on using digital technologies to creatively upgrade every aspect of game day. The result is a connected, convenient, and customized entertainment experience for fans that helps drive the bottom line. So, what’s next for sports and entertainment? How are digital technologies already impacting the industry and what does the future hold?”

Teams, venues, leagues and universities around the world are harnessing the power of Cisco Connected Sports solutions.

Digital Transformation

Learn how digital disruption is reshaping the world of sports and entertainment and add your voice to the conversation.

To participate in the TweetChat:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account.
  • Search for the#CiscoChat hashtag and click on the Latest tab.
  • The chat will be moderated by the Cisco Sports & Entertainment channel (@CiscoSESG) on Twitter. Be sure to follow the account to participate. We will begin welcoming guests at 10am PST (1pm EST) and posting questions for discussion.
  • For @ replies to specific participants in the discussion, please use a “.” at the beginning of the tweet so that your question or comment appears in your public Twitter feed.
  • If you need multiple tweets to answer a question, please preface each tweet with “1A, 2A,” etc., in order to make it easier for others to follow along with the conversation.
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Cisco Keeps Fans Connected Delivering Reliable Mobile Experiences.
Cisco Keeps Fans Connected
Delivering Reliable Mobile Experiences.

Sports Techie, today’s advanced technological environment at venues presents an evolving challenge for sports organizations, how to meet the challenges of proving unique and satisfying digital experiences for fans inside stadiums versus watching games with the amenities of home.

Welcome to the world of the connected stadium.

Sport facilities are deploying and upgrading their wireless networks to offer fans, teams, management and operations improved seamless ways to connect.

Mike Riegel, vice president of industries, platforms and services marketing for Cisco Systems, told BizTech Magazine, fans were clear about what they wanted when surveyed by the company:

  1. Simple connected Wi-Fi.
  2. An easy way to find and pay for parking.
  3. Stats for players.
  4. A more comfortable seat.
  5. Better food.

Providing access to WiFi, video replays, concessions, and parking, are the new standards venues must have to compete with HDTV. If patrons cannot stream video, conduct social media and engage with custom mobile apps at live games, fans will stay in the comforts of their house.

For athletes, Wi-Fi enables the operation of sports tech wearable devices, data, analytics, and digital playbooks. Connected stadiums also enhance player safety and optimize performance.

For the business staff, a back office network is the infrastructure needed to run point-of-sale solutions, increase mobile revenue generation and utilize digital signage.

Team owners are facing the stark reality of fans staying home by meeting the challenge head on with large video screens and boards, free Wi-Fi, and premium and exclusive content, while enjoying network ownership. Third party mobile apps and software designed for smartphones can activate programs aimed to increase sales of apparel, concessions, food and beverage, and also enable ticketing upgrades.

Virtual reality is another innovative digital technology requiring increased bandwidth and streaming capacity. The NBA together with NextVR is the first professorial sports league to offer VR during a broadcast for the upcoming 2016-17 season. Now fans view a basketball game from the perspective of sitting courtside or in a luxury suite using a headset potentially creating hundreds of thousands of  VR fans added to in-stadium ticket paying customers. Pro and college football, soccer, baseball, and hockey, and amateur major sporting events cannot be far behind.

Helping guide fans in attendance to the best pathways for parking, the shortest refreshment and bathroom lines, and merchandise specials, is the name of the connected digital fan game.

Digital interaction is the future of the game-day and fan experience.

Join @KenMartin08, (@mikecap724) and Bob Roble (@SportsTechieNET) on Tuesday, November 1st, from 10-11am PT (1-2pm ET) on Twitter for the TweetChat topic, “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience.”

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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