AutomaticTV, The Affordable Sports Production System Technology

AutomaticTV, The Affordable Sports Production System Technology

AutomaticTV, The Automatic Sports Production System.
AutomaticTV, The Automatic Sports Production System.

AutomaticTV is game-changing sports technology at your disposal developed by Mediapro in the smartcity of Barcelona, Spain. The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Joan Bennassar Ordinas, R&D Director, and Mauro Margenat Merce, Business Unit Manager, at AutomaticTV Mediapro, about the launch the new product before the NAB Show 2016 global trade show in Las Vegas last week. The company goal at NAB was to unveil to the world their proprietary Automatic Sports Production System via demonstration and also close some regional distribution agreements for this powerful yet affordable video technology they’re bringing to market in an English language version. Automatic TV is unique, ready to use out-of-the-box, and introduces consumers to a new way to view and analyze sports for broadcasting, sport clubs and schools, while opening the door to new business opportunities. Make any kind of sports competitions available on the internet.

Automatic TV is game-changing sports technology at your disposal developed by Mediapro in the smartcity of Barcelona, Spain.
Automatic TV is game-changing sports technology at your disposal developed by Mediapro in the smartcity of Barcelona, Spain.

Since starting Sports Techie, our worldwide sports tech community of more than 30,000 has allowed me to develop key industry contacts such as Mounir Zok, Senior Sports Technologist, US Olympic Committee. Zok introduced me via e-mail to Margenat and Bennassar resulting in our informative overseas Skype conversation.

MEDIAPRO is a $1.5 billion company with offices worldwide including in Barcelona and Miami. They have sports rights with the Spanish League and are production partners with Al Jazeera. Other football productions in France and the Portuguese league, Primeira Liga, also use their 30 outside broadcasting (OB) set trucks equipped with satellite, fiber optics and 4K technologies. Their OB’s also have the ability to broadcast the position of players via avatars.

The former Media pro research and development department was transformed into product development two years ago led by Bennassar. Testing began in 2014 with FC Barcelona and the organization has since installed 11 systems for them. AutomaticTV was still under development in 2015 however Barca asked for 3 extra systems for a grand total of 15 including, Camp Nou and the Joan Gamper Training Centre. FCB records over 20,000 hours of video per year using the system.

AutomaticTV also integrates with Mediapro’s Mediacoach and VirtualArena software. The robust software is compatible with programs such as sportscode, nacsport and wirecast. It is easy to publish content on video platforms at Youtube, UStream and Wowza.

AutomaticTV is an integrated solution to produce sport events.
AutomaticTV is an integrated solution to produce sport events.

AutomaticTV is an intelligent audiovisual production system capable of understanding sports action, its rules while also following the game autonomously. Cover professional or non-professional leagues, training sessions, minority sports, school and college leagues, amateur competitions and other events.

AutomaticTV Product English

Bennassar said, “The aim was to reduce the cost of production for seven days a week, 24 hour usage that is completely automated and requires no human.” Hardware is inclusive so no external hardware is necessary.

The single AutomaticTV is a complete audiovisual solution that produces sports content that the user owns all rights to. Never miss another play in the game at every level because every play is stored separately on a secure server. AutomaticTV records up to 7 feeds all saved to servers, should a lost connection occur, all the live action is recording in the background.

Their revealing panoramic video image view is available due to stitching of several camera angles enabling buyers to drill down via zooming in and out, or by pan and tilting, to specific areas of the playing field like never before. The efficient program creates stitching analysis by using pan and tilt features.

Use AutomaticTV as a content source on web platforms, social networks and TV channels.  Share any produced signal live and publish edited summary content in real-time. End users can integrate this innovative sports tech at a sports club, school, university or competition. The semi-professional caliber sports club tool can be utilized as a tactical analysis assistant for coaches, managers, players and referees. Finally, use it during live training and live games or matches.

Monetize your system by generating larger audiences, new advertisers and sponsors.

AutomaticTV generated Basket Production

Teams, national governing bodies and even the Dunwoody High School boy’s lacrosse team I coach for, can plan, share, record, and store, all training sessions, practices and games.


Entry cost is around $7,000 for the master cam solution and server or $12,000 for the multi cam and servers package. This cost-effective and one-of-a-kind sports tech invention does not need a user unless called for. Additional fees include a software charge of around $500 to $700 per month. One Editor License is given for free per end user to non-professional teams but extra seats are relatively cheap to acquire.

What you won’t pay additional money for is the ability to use AutomaticTV for other sports as super users at FC Barcelona do. Multisport centers with soccer clubs and basketball programs can use this platform for any sport AutomaticTV currently offers such as football, 7-on-7 football, basketball, handball, futsal, volleyball, roller hockey and ice hockey. Upgrades are included for free. Online technicians are available 24 hours a day at no additional extra charges.

Four ATV Tools

  • Automatic Producer – design your own audiovisual system, let Mediapro configure the system with presets needed by the users. The multi-camera production can use up to 7 HD cameras. It is flexible, scalable and personalizeable. It can be used for specific training sessions or to follow tactical zones while ATV produces the game. Insertion of a logo is easy as inserting a scoreboard, on and off-field audio and real-time speech. Your first content is ready to publish.
  • Automatic Planner – plan, control and define production parameters of all the AutomaticTV you have. Decide from where you are at, the day, time, and duration, how you want the action recorded, and how you want to share it. Remotely monitor all Automatic TV’s live. Plan events from mobile devices and give different permissions for content access to collaborators. The open source API allows for the integration of current club sport facility planning system software.
  • Automatic Editor – produce additional content by categorizing live action by type of play and then classify them later as either live or as a file that can be defined as needed. View the play from the different cameras. Combine the panoramic view with other camera clips, create exportable playlists for tagging, and analyze the content with technical staff. Share summaries with web and social networks with HD quality. AutomaticTV records from each camera individually creating additional content to share live, via archived storage and through digital marketing campaigns resulting in never missing any game action.
  • Automatic Manager – cloud solution, allows Mediapro to remotely monitor the system and advise collaborators. Free updates upload automatically. Technicians cannot see proprietary content.

Ice Hockey JACA Multi

MEDIAPRO is a group of companies operating in the communications industry which offers all the technical and creative personnel necessary to set up and broadcast any type of audiovisual product. MEDIAPRO provides a whole range of different services in the audiovisual contents production sector and in sports and cinema rights management. It also offers consultancy services related to television and sports, the creation, design and production of themed channels, covering a wide range of different formats and genres. Other services include cinema production and interactive contents as well as post-production services. Another branch of activity is the provision of all the technical engineering needs for broadcasting, broadcast and marketing services, as well as communication and advertisement consultancy. Other services offered by the group include the production and distribution of big events. MEDIAPRO has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Seville, Tenerife, Lisbon, Porto, Madeira, Amsterdam, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Miami, Los Angeles, Qatar and Dubai.


Sports Techie, the thrill of live sports video is upon us because mobile devices are ready to stream your favorite team, player or game to you at home, work and on the go. When I was a young kid, the Wide World of Sports show on ABC was the beginning of the produced sports video revolution. Today, AutomaticTV is ready to take the next step in innovation at a fraction of first tier production pricing.

Producing highlights with AutomaticTV is a core competency. What makes the technology especially novel is the ability to film from all cameras. Should the left camera be set to record live performances, all the action on the center and right cameras continues to record enabling producers to show the action not on the program feed as a panoramic feed by creating a new clip from the other cameras.

Coaches and analysts can take the team on a training session and show the movements to athletes on the field while the system continues to record the action automatically. Venue managers, coaches and video editors can cut clips and include highlights that can be uploaded onto the Internet and distributed through social media channels.

This is not considered a high-end AV editor, rather it is a modest and highly scalable system that easily does the work humans perform.  The open ended standards allow buyers to implement their own API designed system upgrades. Whether the rules of the field, court or beach are required, AutomaticTV can be configured with correct pre-set functionality.

More sport categories are on the way. About every three months another sport or more will be added to the AutomaticTV library at no charge to existing clients.

Any second or third tier event is a good fit for AutomaticTV. The Mediapro goal is to provoke a revolution of production much as the Internet did for content.

Should you operate a combine, scouting service or recruiting operation, or represent amateur sporting organizations or a NGB, this sports tech is also usable as a promotional tool.

The company is currently searching for distributors in each country. Contact [email protected]

Make AutomaticTV your tactical intelligence tool.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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