Women’s U.S. Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Teams Up With Acorns Inspiring Women To Invest

Carli Lloyd Partnering with Acorns to Inspire Women to Start Investing

Acorns Teams Up With U.S. Soccer Star and Former Captain Carli Lloyd To Inspire More Women To Start Investing

Carli Lloyd and Acorns have entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership to inspire more women to invest. The U.S. Women’s World Cup star and four-time Olympian is currently announcing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. She partnered with the leading savings and investing app generating more than 10 million sign-ups to inform females about investing which will help shrink the gender wealth gap with males. Carli has been one of the leading advocates for equal pay and in 2016 filed a wage-discrimination compliant against U.S. Soccer, eventually winning the case, with the new labor agreement in place leading to equal pay from the USSF between the USWNT and USMNT. Lloyd is passionate about addressing the growing gender wealth gap in the United States and is positioned to assist with changing the financial future of countless fellow women across the nation through this budding partnership with Acorns developed with the support of Acorns’ CEO, Noah Kerner. The Sports Techie community blog hopes our lady followers and readers in the U.S. are motivated by this news and investigate the notion of investment as a means to save and generate wealth. As a result of Carli’s equal pay advocacy, the U.S. women’s soccer team earned at least $6 million after the U.S. men’s team qualified for the knockout rounds in Qatar before they lost to the Netherlands. This deserved jump in pay for the highly popular USWNT was more than the squad was paid for winning two straight World Cups in France and Canada, respectively. Listen to Lloyd about labor, investing and Acorns, she knows what it all means for each woman.

Lloyd said, “I’ve seen firsthand the financial inequalities many women still face. We all have unique backgrounds and experiences with money, investing and saving. Together with Acorns, I want to encourage more women to make sure they’re making their money work hard for them, and prove to them anything is possible.”

The Woman Investor

A recent NerdWallet survey conducted by the Harris Poll asked men and women how they learned about investing and what emotions come up when they think about investing. The findings indicate only 48% of women currently invest in the stock market, compared to 66% of men meaning it’s more important than ever to educate and empower more people to take control of their financial future and invest for the long-term. 

Additional survey metrics show 3 in 5 investors (60%) allow someone else to manage their investments, however, this trend is more common with women than men. Poll numbers further tell the story that two-thirds of women investors (66%) enable others to manages investments, compared to 55% of men who invest.

The survey also reveals 75% of participants learned how to choose investments, and herein lies another gender gap. A whopping 4 of 5 men (83%) shared they learned about investments while a lower 69% of polled women do the same. The breakdown of these learned investors shows some are self-taught, and the others received their learning from a financial advisor, spouse or teacher.

Carli is aware of these existing investment inequalities between genders in the States and is doing something about it.

Women’s U.S. Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Teams Up With Acorns Inspiring Women To Save And Invest

Lloyd Power

Lloyd was the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year in 2015 and 2016, and became the first football player in FIFA Women’s World Cup to score a hat trick in a final (2015).

Through her financial journey as one of the most successful American athletes, she has become passionate about addressing the growing gender wealth gap issue in the U.S. and helping more women build the confidence and knowledge to invest in their futures. 

Lloyd added, “As an athlete, there aren’t many people that advise you on what to do – or what not to do – when you start earning money at the professional level. Since the start of my career, I’ve always been good with money, but there are many athletes who aren’t as financially responsible. At Acorns, education is a core pillar of the product. With this partnership, I hope to create access to fundamental educational building blocks and help individuals – particularly women – make informed money decisions.”


“Carli is a role model on and off the field, inspiring everyday Americans to believe in what they’re capable of achieving,” said Kerner. “By giving more people the ability to grow their financial knowledge and invest in their future, we will make strides towards leveling the playing field.”

Acorns is how everyday consumers save and invest for the long term. By putting tools of wealth-making in everyone’s hands, Acorns has become the largest subscription service in U.S. consumer finance, serving 4.6 million everyday Americans. Customers get automated investing in diversified portfolios built with help from experts. Acorns easy retirement account allows customers to invest in their future in minutes, no expertise required. To help everyone spend smarter, Acorns introduced banking that invests with every swipe, and cash-forward rewards. And, everyday Americans may invest in their kids and get money news they can use, all from the same app.

Kerner added, “At Acorns, we put the responsible tools of wealth-making in everyone’s hands. Everyone should be saving and investing for the long term with a focus on diversification and compounding over time. Only 48% of women invest in the stock market, compared to 66% of men. Our goal is to level the playing field and given that women often manage money for the household, we’d like to see women exceed that 66% mark. Through this partnership, we aim to get more women investing for the long term.”

To date, customers have invested $12.5 billion with Acorns, much of it in spare change.

Sports Techie, the newest CBA in place by the USSF means equal pay for international matches and competitions, and more. This game-changing business feat is another feather in the cap of Carli’s inspiring work and athletic career, and the best part is, she’s not done and wants to help women make money thanks to Acorns.

Lloyd commented, “Inspiring more women to invest goes hand-in-hand with my work to close the growing gender wealth gap. For generations, women have been expected to play the caregiver role and take a back seat on important financial decisions. While things have shifted, and more women are in leadership roles and positions of power, there are still many women who don’t feel comfortable investing or making financial decisions in their household. Only one out of three women see themselves as investors and through this partnership with Acorns, I want to change that narrative. Acorns makes it easy for anyone to start investing, no matter what their past experience has been like, or how far along they are in their journey.”

Emotions are a powerful tool to harness for both athletes and investors, a notion Lloyd knows about as a both a woman and soccer influencer, and you should too.

This is why many females like Lloyd know women have some investment advantages over men when investing long term.

Yet, reality is women and girls both face more disadvantages to their male counterparts with investing.

Make your money count like Carli’s game does for the USWNT.

From acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

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