The Rise Of Soccer By Women And Girls

The Women’s Football BOOM!

The Women’s Football BOOM!

Football around the globe has never been more popular and much on the rise in soccer participation numbers can be attributed to women. The amount of female players registering to play football here in the United States coincides with the US Soccer National Team and their success as World Cup and Olympic tournament champions. Clubline Football put together an infographic that breaks down the some of the reasons behind this phenomenal growth worldwide for the Sports Techie community blog readers and followers. The downside to the booming increase in popularity for ladies is the lingering story about inequality in pay compared to men. Take a look at the information graphic below and learn more about the what FIFA and other National Governing Bodies are doing to increase the awareness and budgets allocated to women’s football as well the projected future forecast metrics of women and girls that could be playing the sport by 2020. No doubt sports tech will also play a role as well in this amazing growth spurt.

The Women’s Football BOOM! by Clubline Football.

Sports Techie, my nephew just had a baby girl last night making me a great uncle. By the time Tessa is an adult, chances are she will have played soccer at some point in her life and will undoubtedly look up to superstar role models that will earn substantially more money than current pro players such as veteran Team USA. World Cup and Olympic Gold meal winner, midfielder Carli Lloyd, and $150,000 a year, up-and-coming English star forward Fran Kirby.

It takes a tribe to raise a child and it takes organized leagues, skilled coaches and knowledgeable referees to grow the game which is exactly the case for women’s football as indicated by the amount of new pro leagues and qualified female coaches numbering over 21,000 including current Team Germany Head Coach and former standout UEFA and Bundesliga athlete, Silvia Neid.

The FA World Soccer League is another reason why the growth in the UK and other nations will continue. The Football Association designed the WSL to develop 20,000 players in England by 2020.

Attendance at matches in up significantly at major tournaments. Over 30,000 fans saw the 2016 FA Final at Wembley Stadium between Arsenal and Chelsea.

For now the U.S. is ranked on top of the women’s international rankings followed closely by Germany, then France, Canada and England. Down the road, look for teams from the Middle East and North Africa as well as China and Korea to challenge the elite teams because FIFA and governments have developed programs and are implementing technology to boost programs in the respective nations. Without the the success of national team tie in, growth is stunted in slower developing countries.

The 136 FIFA Member Association combine together to offer activities, donated equipment distribution and grassroots programs like “Live Your Goals” to grow soccer for all.

Perhaps the most encouraging outcome about the growth of American soccer by our female population is the resulting increase in tennis, hockey, lacrosse and softball players, a fact other nations should understand as they consider budgets for women’s and girl’s soccer programs.

The future indeed looks bright for our lady friends in a game that requires very little to play but gives back so much in return to each woman and girl for generations to come.

See ya later sports techie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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