Wearable Tech Fitness Band Infographic For Sports Techie

Wearable Tech Fitness Band Infographic For Sports Techie
Wearable Tech Fitness Band Infographic For Sports Techie

Wearable Tech Fitness Band Infographic For Sports Techie

Sports technology is exploding as an industry and the wearable tech verticals for sport, fitness and activity are helping to change the way people and animals do exercise, compete and recover. The fitness industry is changing the wearables space with innovative bands that record running, cycling and swim workouts, track sleep and act as your personal trainer. Bands track workouts inside gyms while training on treadmills, outside during nature trail walks or when swimming in a pool. Tracking runs or bike workouts, sleep and nutrition, with easy to use band technology can help to get a user in shape, permanently. Bands also keep you connected with fellow workout mates for extra motivation, something Fitbit users swear by. These relatively new fitness wearables are such popular devices that 70 million were sold in 2014. The Sports Techie community blog is happy to share the In-Shape Health Clubs 2015 infographic with our readers and followers interested in using bands and smartwatches to track activities, function as a personal trainer and become a favorite wireless to connect with like minded family, friend, athletic club and work exercisers.

Wearable Tech Fitness Band Infographic For Sports Techie
Wearable Tech Fitness Band Infographic For Sports Techie

Which Fitness Band Is Right For Me?
Fitness bands offer a way to track your activity levels without spending your day tracking your movements. Instead, you can focus on your efforts and allow the device to take care of the rest. It is important to choose a band that fits your lifestyle and activity type to ensure you get the best tracking available to meet your particular goals. If you are a swimmer, consider the Garmin Swim, which is water resistant and measures your pace, strokes, and cadence. The Jawbone UP2 allows you to measure the levels of movement you reach throughout the day and helps create an objective view of your habits including steps taken, calories burned, and whether you are nearing your goals.

If you prefer a band that works with your sense of style, consider the Misfit Shine, which is less clunky and offers a more conspicuous appearance. It can be worn on a necklace or bracelet, or simply clipped to a piece of clothing. If you love to be on the cutting edge of technology get the Apple Watch, which provides smart watch options as well as the ability to sync to various fitness apps. You can set goals and receive alerts to ensure you meet your numbers by days’ end. Learn more about the different types of bands and which might work best for your lifestyle by checking out the following infographic.


Fitness Type, Wearable Device, Features/Functionality, Battery Life and Cost

  1. The Marathoner (Running is your middle name) – Fitbit Surge: Wrist band tracks routes, distances and pace as well as split times. It uses GPS, heart rate monitor and sleep tracking technology. Use the call and text display to share your results with other Fitbit wearing run junkies. Seven day battery life. Cost – $249
  2. The Yellow Jersey (Cycling is your drug of choice)- FlyFit: Ankle band tracks cycling movement while gathering data. It uses GPS , tracks bike pedal cycles and RPM cadence, records speed and distance, in addition to being a sleeping tracker. Battery life is eight days. Cost – $169
  3. The Life Aquatic (Aquaman, Flipper and Bubble Guppies swimming wannabes) – Garmin Swim: Counts laps, time in pool, identifies stroke type and amounts, measures distances and pace, records timed intervals and is water resistant to 50 meter depths. Battery life is one year. Cost – $149
  4. The Daily Commute (Office workers that exercise throughout the day or night) – Jawbone UP2: Smart Coach learns your routines and provides personalized goals, alerts and tips. Activity monitor and step counter can track burned calories, log meals and track sleep quality. Battery life is 7 days. Cost – $99
  5. The Fashionista (Fashion savvy and color coordinated)- Misfit Shine: Wear on wrist, as necklace or clip it. Tracks sleep REM cycles, is a steps counter and monitors calories burned, it also acts as a food journal and is  waterproof to 50m. Battery life is six months. Cost – $99
  6. The All-Around Athlete (Running, cycling and golf are daily ways of life)- Garmin Vivoactive: Smartwatch designed to track sport-specific needs. Has running, swim, cycling and golfing apps, a golf course database and GPS. Also, features call and text display while tracking distances and pace. battery Life is three weeks. Cost – $249
  7. THE Techie – (Love of adventure, Star Wars and animals are equal to your passion for tech) Apple Watch: Flexible smart watch syncs with fitness apps. Includes GPS, heart rate monitor and smart technology that learns habits in order to customize goals. It tracks distance, pace and calories with the option to download workout specific apps. Battery life is 18 hours. Cost – $349

 If you love to be on the cutting edge of technology, get the <a href=

Sports Techie, all these modern fitness bands track workouts, routines at the gym and some can function as a virtual coach. Sleep is one of the most important elements to fitness quality and many of these bands can assist with improving sleep habits which in turn increases performance and recovery.

The Techie in you may yearn for the Apple Watch because it works in tandem with the iPhone and synchs with third-party fitness and sports applications as pricey as it is. Apple Watch wearers have fitness data, advice and routes available via a quick glance down to the screen on your wrist. The iOS smart wristwatch device sets personal goals, receives inspirational tips, and keeps track of fun and healthy activities, whether by land, by sea or even by air should you wingsuit it and need to keep your heart rate in check as you fly down a mountain side.

Thanks to In-Shape for the information.  http://www.inshape.com/blog/post/which-fitness-tracker-is-right-for-you

Wearable tech fitness bands and fitness-centric smartwatches are awesome sports tech for getting and staying in-shape.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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