Sports Techie #CiscoChat Review, How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience

How Digital is Revolutionizing the Sports and Entertainment World.

#CiscoChat Recap: How Digital is Revolutionizing the Sports and Entertainment World.
#CiscoChat Recap: How Digital is Revolutionizing the Sports and Entertainment World.

The Cisco Sports and Entertainment Solutions Group TweetChat last week titled, “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” co-hosted by myself and company executives was well attended by sport and technology industry influencers, media publications, and fans. Eight questions including a poll question were offered to the public covering a variety of topics surrounding the delivery and enhancement of the fan experience for in-venue ticket holders and home viewers, as well as for teams, venues and sponsors. The Sports Techie community blog is grateful for the opportunity to participate on this #CiscoChat panel delivered across the Twitter social media platform and participated by fans, professionals and fellow subject matter experts. Innovative digital technologies have truly transformed gameday experiences now and into the future.

Cisco SESG “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” TweetChat With Co-Host Sports Techie.
Cisco SESG “How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience” TweetChat With Co-Host Sports Techie.

CiscoChat Review

I was joined as host by Ken Martin, General Manager and Director of Global Sales, and Mike Caponigro, Global Market Management, SESG, as well as the @CiscoSESG handle. 

According to Martin, citing Source: Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, 2015, sports and entertainment is one of the top three industries projected to be most influenced by digital disruption. These numbers makes it clear why Cisco and their competitors are focused on the Sports and Entertainment industry because of the $1B market opportunity it presents worldwide.

The eight Cisco TweetChat questions were derived from data compiled from surveying 1,700 sports global fans that participated with Cisco in recent research aimed to provide insight into the value of new and forthcoming digital initiatives for the sports arena, as well as measure fan response levels. In particular, the breakdown revealed how stadiums, teams and leagues were introducing new sports tech innovations adding value to both fan and partners.  Making sure sports and entertainment industry venues are future proof with the most advanced technology available on the market is certainly a business trend the metrics reinforced.

Here are the some of my favorite CiscoChat answers to the questions.

Q1: How are digital technologies impacting the sports & entertainment world?

Q2: For years the industry has been talking about competing with the couch. How are venue & team owners addressing this challenge?

Q3: What are some of the top innovation trends we’re seeing taking place to drive richer, more interactive fan experiences?

Q4: What type of benefits are teams, leagues & venues seeing from their digital investments surrounding the game day experience?

Q5: In your experience, what technologies do sports fans enjoy the most while at the game?

Q6: What role can data and analytics play in contributing to delivering enhanced in-stadium experiences?

Q7: Who are some leagues/teams/venues excelling at the fan experience?

Q8: What does the future of the game-day experience look like?

Chat Highlights:

  • Mobile First Mentality: Reliable connectivity is paramount to drive new levels of engagement, and path to new monetization opportunities (i.e. ticketing, social, per caps, sponsor activations etc.)
  • Innovation Must be Continuous: A flexible innovation platform is essential to adapt to changes in fan needs and technology transitions. A digital mindset and culture must accompany this.
  • Data is a Valuable Currency: Know your customer! Big and small data are opening a new world of possibilities. Analytics will increasingly yield richer insights to drive business results across all aspects of the business model.
  • We’re Early in the Digital Game: New innovations will continue to excite the industry. Converting these into compelling fan experiences that add value back is the opportunity at hand.

You can read  the entire #CiscoChat on Storify below.

Sports Techie #CiscoChat Review, How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience.
Sports Techie #CiscoChat Review, How Digital is Transforming the Game-Day Experience.

Sports Techie, this is the second TweetChat in 2016 I have co-hosted. The first was with IBM. Read about it here – IBM Sports Tech Twitter Chat With Sports Techie And IBMer Jim Rushton.

Targeting the mobile fan experience with cutting edge digital sports technology products, solutions and systems is paramount to ensuring a venue is software, hardware and cloud future ready.

Solutions that provide this include Cisco Connected Stadium architectures, Cisco StadiumVision™, Cisco High Density WIFI,  Cisco StadiumVision Mobile™®, and Smart + Connected Real Estate Solutions.

I cannot wait to see what innovative and transformative, digital game-day sports tech in 2017 has in store to enhance and add value to both in-venue and at home fan experiences.

If you have any questions or comments related to this blog, place them in the comment section below or on any of our social media accounts. Thanks for sharing.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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