Pray, luck and use Front Office 2011

Boomberg Sports Draft Kit
Boomberg Sports Front Office 2011

Pray, luck and use Front Office 2011

Bloomberg Sports
Hey Sports Techie fantasy baseball players and want-to-be’s, Bloomberg Sports has it going on with Front Office 2011. See:

If you want to rely on prayer and luck to win so be it but if you are serious about winning your fantasy baseball league and crushing your opponents, start with Front Office 2011. Begin with a Free 5-day trial and go from there. The Front Office 2011 App is now available for iPad and iPhone users.

Good ol’ Days
I have been playing fantasy sports for decades. Back then we used paper and pencil to draft, keep track of our teams and to calculate the standings. I remember when we first upgraded to a service that mailed us our updated standings once-a-week, that was huge! Now, it is all done in real-time with sophisticated mathematical algorithms that are coded to make your online playing experience a user friendly one.

Bloomberg Sports are the exclusive statistical analytics partner of This partnership assures that you that will be backed by MLB information that is reliable and is unlike what any other company can offer for this type of sports technology Solution.

Social Media
Follow Bloomberg Sports on Twitter at @BloombergSports. Their Facebook Page can be found by searching ‘Bloomberg Sports.’ You will find a FB post about halfway down their Page that has a link to Front Office 2011 which gives you 25% off your $19.99 purchase. Be sure to click the LIKE button to keep updated throughout this MLB season and beyond to other sports.

The first thing that you will notice when you log on to Front Office 2011 is the ability to integrate with, and Yahoo. If you are using these web sites to host your league, it makes sense to use a proven product that is configured to work with your favorite fantasy baseball providers.

Bloomberg Sports’ proprietary scientific algorithms are THE source codes for your fantasy baseball success. The Front Office 2011 Solution was created by Roundarch, visit them here:


Player Rankings
No question Player Rankings is awesome because it takes the Bloomberg projection system and tailors it to your existing fantasy league settings. All positions, batters and pitchers can be sorted. Look at the 2010 rankings or take a gander at what might happen in 2011 based upon the Bloomberg criteria. A player’s age, contract status and strength of schedule, plus, important info like how a tailor made home ballpark affects a ball player’s stats is available for your perusal. Even ‘luck’ can be analyzed to help increase your success factor.

Draft Kit
“Our mobile Draft Prep app will give fantasy players up-to-the-minute projections and rankings, and is ideal for getting ready as the draft approaches and using as a resource during the draft. We are very pleased to have worked with Roundarch to build these easy-to-use tools for both the hard core fantasy player and the casual fan,” said Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports.

With the Draft Kit you will find a gold-mine of customized data that is continually updating. I love the Projections and Insights. Projections are useful when drafting and equally as valuable during the season. If a player projects to go up or down, you need to know that so hard decisions like cuts, trades and free agent pick-ups, are all easier to make. Player Insights is worth the price of this software product itself because it asks the questions you want to know and gives you a perspective that could win you your league if you act upon them first.

Injuries can hurt your team day-to-day and over the course of a 162-game schedule. If a closer goes down, find out who is next in line and be proactive by picking him up before the rest of your league acts.

Trade Analyzer
Who are you going to trade? What is a fair offer? Is it risky to pull off a 3-for-1 deal? Get help with these tough decisions using the Trade Analyzer. Too often you rely on intuition alone but numbers don’t lie. Use this tech to compliment your Trader mentality to find out the impact your trade might have before you pull the trigger. Winning tight categories and moving up in the standings via trades is a good way to go.

Free Agent Finder
It is impossible to know every player in the big leagues, minor leagues and overseas, and then know how each of them will impact this 2011 MLB season. Trending players is a tool you will want to check out often. If other fantasy players are picking up a soon to be steals machine and you see it start to trend, pick him up before some other owner does. The free agent wire will keep you tuned into who is available in order to free up your mind share to focus on other important fantasy baseball information.

Line-up Manager
The bread and butter of fantasy baseball after the draft is deciding who to start. Setting the best lineup is never easy, even MLB Managers fail. You might decide to go with playing a veteran while a rookie who is starting to catch fire and needs to be in your starting lineup sits on the bench. Use Front Office 2011 to identify these type of situations so you can rest assured that you are starting your best team. I like that you can see data about how each player projects and how it affects the point standings if you choose to start him, before it gets locked in permanently. Rounders breaks down total points and categories by providing a graph of statistics exclusively for your benefit and not your league opponents.

Front Office 2011 has an easy-to-use interface. At any time you can hover your cursor over an i icon which drops down a menu that gives you a description of what you are looking at. Use the main menu bar HELP button to find literature about everything you might need to know about Front Office 2011.

What To Do
Be a Sports Techie and at the very minimum use the Free 5-day trial period. Once you begin to see how this top Solution improves your workflow, buy it. Front Office 2011 was created by top Sports Techie minds who want to provide you with a fantasy baseball competitive edge over the rest of your league mates.

Thank you to Bloomberg Sports for allowing me to test Front Office 2011 and to @JoeFav.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie, @sportstechieNET.




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9 responses to “Pray, luck and use Front Office 2011”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    I purchased Front Office 2011 and the Trade Analyzer and lineup manager are not working. It says coming in April. Well its April and the season started. Do you know why this is happening?

    1. Sports Techie Avatar

      Hi Jesse,
      I have been told the regular season app goes live in a week. You can go right to customer service and get the answer here: [email protected].
      Hope that helps,
      Sports Techie

      1. Sports Techie Avatar

        Bloomberg Sports says the issue should be resolved to today.

  2. Jesse Avatar

    still not able to get into it yet. Thanks a lot for the updates.

    1. Sports Techie Avatar

      You are welcome. I will stay on top of this via Bloomberg Sports.

  3. Sports Techie Avatar

    Bloomberg Sports Launches Pioneering Baseball Trade Analyzer Tool for Front Office 2011, get it now Sports Techie:

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