Front Office 2012 is an Upgrade

Front Office 2012 Dashboard

Spring Training has started and the want and will to win a MLB fantasy baseball league for many a Sports Techie is fast approaching. Fantasy analytics is becoming a new major sportsbiz because of tools like Front Office which was the top paid fantasy baseball tool for most of 2011.

Sports Techie wrote about Bloomberg Sports and Front Office 2011 here: The FO 2012 version promises to be an upgrade that furthers your capacity to win your leagues.

Front Office 2012 Daily Values for David Jeter

“The latest additions to ‘Front Office’ were a direct result of the feedback we have received from our subscribers, and we are very excited to add these pieces to what is already the most comprehensive and robust product available in the marketplace,” said Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports. “Our tools are uniquely customized for each fantasy player’s actual roster and settings, providing the best projections and recommendations each day, from the draft through the entire season.”

Roy Halladay Pitch Chats Front Office 2012

New tools make for a happy Sports Techie, especially one’s that we ask for. So get ready in 2012 for Instant ALERTS via email and text, and, Support for AL or NL only teams. If a player gets hurt, traded, or a team breaks the bank on a free agent that might have a huge statistical season in a category that you need to gain ground in, instant ALERTS keep you on top of the breaking news so you can better handle your team managerial duties. Long time fantasy baseball players have enjoyed playing inALor NL only leagues. If you have never tried it, give it a go. The nuances of the NL and AL games such as having the pitcher hit or using a designated hitter are factors that a rookie fantasy owner can often overlook, however, FO 2012 has your back on this data and much more.

In fact, Bloomberg Sports also support Major League Baseball teams. According to Bloomberg Sports, “The Cubs use tools from Bloomberg Sports as we try to build a winner… so should you.” said Theo Epstein, President of Baseball Operations, Chicago Cubs.

Customizable seems to be the key technology word of this blog in that FO 2012 offers the continued flexibility of being able to create your own custom roster or input customized league settings. FO 2012 also includes valuable MLB player projections and recommendations based on proprietary technology. The easy to navigate dashboard will enable you to be more efficient.

Front Office 2012 Playerfinder

The Draft can make or break your season, it is that simple, Sports Techie. “Front Office offers a customized B-Rank that provides up-to-date lists for roster changes, free agent pickups and other decisions, as well as a customized dashboard which gives players all critical information about their team or teams in one easy to follow location,” shared Bill.

The ability to synch FO 2012 with Yahoo Sports, and ESPN is an excellent feature that fans should not take lightly. The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is a sportsbiz partner, in addition to, USA Today and SiriusXM. At the Bloomberg Sports website you can have your League/Team analyzed for free. They will evaluate and then provide custom advice.

Front Office 2012 Initial Pitch chart

Here is an exclusive Sports Techie Q & A with Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports:

1. Sports Techie question: Customizable seems to be the key techie term this year in Front Office 12. Is that accurate?

Bill’s answer: I would modify that slightly. I would say that the key terms are “fully integrated” and “customized” since what is distinctive about FO 2012 is that all draft and roster management recommendations are tailored to each player’s specific settings, roster and available players.

2. How precise are your FO 2012 projections and recommendations?

Bill: Our analytics are driven by the most advanced, fact-based technology. Particularly for “close calls” our projections, over time, are the most scientifically-driven and accurate in the industry.

3. Is using B-Rank during a draft a competitive edge?

Bill:  It is over people who don’t have it, especially because the ranking is customized for the settings in your league.

4. How will you be partnering with USAToday and SiriusXM? Are you partnered with MLB?

Bill: We’re doing a variety of content and co-marketing initiatives with all three. With Sirius/XM’s fantasy channel, we are providing daily baseball updates with tips and insights from our tools.

5. Will the new FO 12 email & text ALERTS be ad free?

Bill: Yes, ad free. We think is going to be a great feature for fantasy players


Bloomberg Sports was launched in 2010 to apply the technology developed by Bloomberg, the leading global provider in data and analytics, to the vast data analysis opportunities in sports. Working with and, Bloomberg Sports fantasy products give fans the powerful, easy-to-use analytical tools they need as they draft and manage their fantasy teams. Additionally, Bloomberg Sports provides a professional product that provides Major League Baseball clubs with a secure, virtually unlimited set of analytical functions to assist them in personnel evaluation and game preparation.

For more information on Bloomberg Sports, please visit and follow them on Twitter (@BloombergSports) and Facebook.

Just like Sports Techie, Bloomberg Sports is entering its third year of existence which is 18 years in tech time. With that under our belts, I would say that Front Office 2012 is indeed a solid upgrade and will help make a difference in you winning your upcoming MLB Fantasy Baseball Championship.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie

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