CheckinLine Fan Engagement Platform Targeting More NCAA Users

CheckinLine Fan Engagement Platform Targeting More NCAA Users - Sports Techie blog
CheckinLine Fan Engagement Platform Targeting More NCAA Users – Sports Techie blog

CheckinLine has created software that centers on fan data, profiling and insight, plus research, conversations and databases. Their virtual service imitates the physical act of “camping out” or “queuing up” for swag and provides an engaging platform for organizations (sports, ticketing and events) to communicate with fans/supporters/members in an efficient and pro-active manner. Ben Flavel, CheckinLine Founder and CEO, is expanding the companies sports business presence amongst NCAA institutions. The Sports Techie community blog is sharing this sports technology story with our readers because this new innovative fan engagement platform that collected one year’s worth of fan big data in five days of testing at Arizona State with The Aspire Group, today announced its continued expansion into the American college market, recommending to their 25 colleges to join the committed schools already on the platform.

CheckinLine is the newest and most innovative fan engagement and data collection platform
CheckinLine is the newest and most innovative fan engagement and data collection platform


CheckinLine, is the newest and most innovative International fan engagement and data collection platform. CheckinLine enables clients to efficiently conduct personal conversations (an average of 5 mins per day, per user) and present “offers” across all levels of customers, both existing and new. The downstream benefit is the delivery of enhanced profiling information to the CRM.

CheckinLine evolved from Flavel’s frustration after trying for 12 hours to access tickets for an elite cricket match in Australia. The aim was to apply “queuing theory” and create a fair, transparent online environment where the most passionate fans gained priority over other fans; a real world solution to an online problem.

Today’s announcement follows CheckinLine’s highly successful U.S. Beta test with Arizona State University and the successful launch in Australia with Hawthorn FC, Stadium Australia (ANZ Stadium), Etihad Stadium, Octagon and St Kilda FC.

“Our goal was to prove the concept we have is exactly what the U.S. college marketplace needs, and the test with Arizona State verified what we had seen in the professional market in Australia,” said Flavel. “Imagine a captive audience that is waiting in a physical queue to buy tickets or to win a prize; now imagine walking along and talking and engaging with these fans as they wait in the queue. CheckinLine has created this opportunity in a virtual world  – making data collection easy and targeted and giving fans what they want; a simple reward for their loyalty. There are no more passionate and loyal fans as those who support their schools.”

Other committed schools include The University of California-Berkeley, Boise State University and Illinois State University with a host of new partners coming later in the second quarter of 2014.

“All sport properties struggle with efficient ways to collect fan contact data and use it to reward their most loyal supporters. Colleges in particular with their resource limitations feel this pressure the most and CheckinLine has found a simple and fun solution,” said Bernie Mullin, Chairman and CEO of The Aspire Group, whose staff supported the independent test with Arizona State University. “We think that CheckinLine have created a resource that all sports properties around the world, will find simple and invaluable.”

Welcome to CheckinLine from CheckinLine on Vimeo.

Clients will use CheckinLine to solve one or more of the following issues:
1. They have a waitlist that is stagnant and lacks transparency from the user’s perspective
CheckinLine stimulates, prioritizes and monetizes these lists
2. An existing queuing problem or excess demand
CheckinLine manages this demand and is able to profile everyone “in line”
3. Excess inventory
CheckinLine leverages unsold, premium offers to engage and manage a “standby” list of casual supporters. Profiling data is then used to develop long-term fan relationships

“Through CheckinLine, we were able to collect more data in one week than we have collected all year about our fans’ interests and affinity, “ said Abbey Carter, Marketing and CRM Manager at Arizona State University. “We know how to run a simple competition and CheckinLine delivers rich, actionable insights.”

CheckinLine is a competition platform like no other
CheckinLine is a competition platform like no other

The business creates a mobile environment where fans “check in” on a daily basis and participate in a virtual online competition to prove their affinity and improve their chances at getting tickets and special access to a wide range of events. It was after early testing on the platform that it became obvious that this check-in was a great way to talk to every fan in line and that fans will line up for virtually anything – not just tickets – on the gamified platform.

Select Universities are able to access the CheckinLine platform for free and run specially designed competitions, enabling them to connect with and understand their fans like never before. The test with Arizona State involved offering a game day “money can’t buy” experience for their first home football game of the season. Over 600 fans, 25% of which were current students, were required to check-in once a day over 5 days and were asked questions to determine what triggered game day attendance. Data analysts then applied structured equation modeling and other research methodologies to deliver real, actionable insights at a fraction of the price of traditional research methods.

CheckinLine works because it prioritizes demand in a fair and transparent way, valued by the user. Their patent pending method of data collection means that we can conduct the type of in-depth research studies not otherwise achievable online. The process itself ‘games’ the experience, generating opinion-based data at a fraction of the cost of existing online methods.


Created by serial entrepreneur Ben Flavel, CheckinLine is a fun, simple data platform that gives properties and events the ability to collect targeted information from engaged consumers who are already looking to attend an elite event, or access a prize or reward. The platform has an average consumer engagement time of over two minutes per check-in because of the transparent environment and targeted opt-in questions that are used. Consumer satisfaction grows with each daily check in. CheckinLine creates a new digital asset for properties, creating new revenue generating opportunities. It bridges the gap between raw fan data and fully analyzed, actionable insights, while providing fans with fair and honest access to things they love and want. The platform is free to consumers, and partners are charged a fee for data capture and analysis. Launched in 2012 in Australia, clients include Hawthorn FC, Stadium Australia (ANZ Stadium), Etihad Stadium, Octagon and St Kilda FC, as well as a growing number of NCAA institutions, including Arizona State University of the Pac 12 Conference. For more details go to

Sports Techie, CheckinLine is now ready for their Fan Engagement and Data Platform to operate in the virtual world, simultaneously, engaging and enriching databases with over 30 schools nationally.

Their unique competition platform connects and helps to understand your fans, and how they connect with brand and sponsors. Whether you have tickets, giveaways or money can’t buy experiences, CheckinLine virtually camps out for registered fans, and assigns access to those who deserve it most, via a daily checkin.

They designed the product for competitions and those who run competitions to track data and have insights delivered via a free snapshot report plus the option to fully receive analyzed data and insights specific to your fans.

Imagine having simultaneous one-on-one conversations with a target market while knowing each fan profile, as they line-up for events, products and services. Tune into thoughts, preferences and opinions of fans enabling warm and fuzzy lead generation opportunities.

How many of the 68 NCAA tournament teams this season will be CheckinLine customers by the time March Madness and the sweet 16 roll around in 2015, probably enough to make it a sports tech trend to jump on at your University. Bravo to ASU and the other U.S. colleges for supporting this emerging sports tech tool.

The fair way to get inline, online.

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