Changing Of The Golf Guard – Rory McIlroy Vs Tiger Woods Infographic

Changing Of The Guard – Rory McIlroy Vs Tiger Woods Infographic

No doubt about it, if you follow golf as a player, fan or sponsor, the number one ranked global player according to the Official World Golf Ranking, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIIroy, has truly earned the title of best player on the 2014 PGA Tour replacing Tiger Woods. The former king of golf, Tiger Woods, continues to see the top ranking he worked so hard to attain slip to number 10 this year. Expect his rank to continue to fall due to an assortment of injuries, coaching changes and the immense pressure of trying win more than the 18 golf Majors Jack Nicklaus won. McIIroy recently won a second PGA Championship, he joins Tiger and Jack as the only three pro golfers to win three majors by the young age of twenty-five. The Sports Techie community blog readers and followers who love golf or are new to the sport, just know that both are worthy athletes.

Five dominant golfers have defined their generation by winning the complete Grand Slam. All Rory needs to do is win at Augusta National here in Georgia and he will have set golf history like Ben Hogan, Gary Player and Gene Sarazen, and Woods and Nicklaus, all accomplished when they were the best in the sport. Tigers did his career Grand Slam back in 2000.

The Sports Techie community blog is excited about the local Tour Championship here in Atlanta this weekend at East Lake Golf Club, where Rory has a chance to earn another PGA Tour victory, a FedEx Cup title if he finishes in the top five, his first Tour Championship, and the financial opportunity to win the East Lake events $1.4 million payout, and the massive Fed Ex $10 million winnings.

If the playing span of pro golfers is 20-25 years, Tiger is approaching the end of his dominance at age 39, while Rory has at least another 15 years or more to tear up the tour and business, win more trophies, and dazzle the public as a sponsors’ delight. Rory is already  a sponsor dream proven by his 40 million in euro this year in sponsorship deals alone. He has a chance to be the poster boy for golf sports technology products, solutions and systems while helping to bring back golf to the mainstream and kids worldwide. Both are endorsers of Nike golf, a pioneering sports tech company. Both promote a significant watch company in Rolex and Omega. It is easy to visualize who will wear the new wearable tech Apple iWatch in 2015 and his name is not Tiger. Bose is aggressive with their sponsorship partnerships signing McIIroy and the NFL. Woods EA Sports relationship is very profitable for him and the gaming company.

Rory vs Tiger Golf Trophies
Rory McIIroy vs Tiger Woods infographic created by Aford Awards a UK manufacturer of golf trophies.

Sports Techie, Our gratitude goes out to Aford Awards for sharing this timely Infographic comparing the world’s top golfers.

Both turned Pro at a young age. Tiger was coming out of playing college golf at Stanford in 1996 and joined the PGA Tour, while Rory become an adult at 18 years old and immediately started his career as a professional golfer in 2007.

What is truly amazing is the body type of McIIroy, he is of average height for a man and does not weigh much more than 160 pounds, yet in is this day and age of bigger, stronger and more powerful, he is clearly setting a precedence for kids all over to not worry so much about strength as much as practicing as hard as possible and becoming a more efficient golfer with the assistance of sports tech tools such as Mobicoach, in order to achieve your golf goals and sports dreams.

Woods is soon to pass $110 million as the Tour’s number one ranked total money winner, while Rory is ranked 44 overall with slightly over $20 million. Both earn more money in sponsorship revenue than PGA Tour pay. At the present rate, look for Rory to pass Woods total Tour earnings in the next decade.

Analyzing the 2014 performance stats and data presented in the Infographic shows that Rory is clearly the better golfer this season and most likely beyond. His average driving distance, accuracy, and number of eagles and birdies, crushed Woods’ performances, leading to the key stat, scoring average, where McIIroy has nearly a three stroke advantage over Tiger.

Watch for Rory to win his first PGA Player of the Year award this year, while Woods has an astonishing 11 of these trophies already under his belt. Rory will be a part of the upcoming Ryder Cup teams and is indeed the future of golf, while Woods has written some terrific history to this point. Good luck to both and bravo.

See y’all later in Seattle and here in Atlanta.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie @THESportsTechie –

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