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Win $25,000 at Wearable Technologies 2012 Innovation World Cup competition for best idea

The Wearable Technologies 2012 Innovation World Cup has $25,000 in prizes

Win $25,000 in prizes at the Wearable Technologies 2012 Innovation World Cup competition for the best idea in wearable technology. There are five categories, Sports & Fitness, Healthcare & Wellness, Security & Prevention and Gaming & Lifestyle. The event will have two winners per category. Your solutions will be evaluated by an international panel of experts who will consider factors such as marketability, usability and degree of innovation. Sports Techie, you have until November 30th, 2012 to submit at this web site link.

Wearable Technologies (WT)

Wearable Technologies (WT) imply all kinds of electronic devices t...

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New DARTFISH Express app launched for iOS Universal iPhone and iPad

DARTFISH Express app launched for iOS Universal

New DARTFISH Express app launched for iOS Universal iPhone and iPad users. Victor Bergonzoli is the CEO of Dartfish and reached out to Sports Techie about their exciting new sports technology app for training and improved performance. Dartfish is a pioneer in the development of a global sports business model centered on software Solutions and Their sports tech tools help with video analysis, gait analysis and game editing. I worked for Dartfish the year of 911 and can honestly say, if you have not tried using their products, Express might be the time to integrate video into your sports routines. Like Victor said, You have knowledge to share.”

Dartfish web s...

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The @SFGiants win the World Series and @srabe has the best job in the world! #socialmedia #SFGChamps

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SideBets wants to be your social networking BETWorking tool

SideBets is a social BETWorking App

There is a new sports App called SideBets that allows you to bet with real-time odds and payouts against your friends without the exchange of cash. If I wanted to bet my brother a weeks worth of dog walks that the Detroit Tigers will win game three of the World Series in Detroit tonight against the SF Giants while using the betting lines in Las Vegas, SideBets has it all tracked and handled for us. Co-founder of Blue Ox Entertainment and CFO, Jon Goldstein, spoke to me on the phone from our wonderful home state of Michigan about his startup sports technology company and why you should download their free smartphone Beta App, SideBets.

SideBets web site:

SideBets is a Social BETworking tool

Social BETWorking

They have a catchy phra...

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SF Giants social media fan storms at AT&T Park

The SF Giants social media fan storms at AT&T Park have helped the team take a 2-0 lead in the World Series best of seven series. I spoke with their Social Media guy, Bryan Srabian, on Thursday about the Giants social media during the 2012 World Series and how their organizational focus in adopting this medium in 2002 played a big role in their recent worldwide trending on Twitter. According to Major League Baseball, World Series game one drew 813,000 social media comments, second only to game six of the 2011 WS.

SFG Social Media

Hashtags #SFGiants and one that Bryan made up in 2010, #OrangeOctober, have trended on the Twitter top 10 list thanks to all the fan mentions, retweets and tagged pictures...

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The @SFGiants #Panda @KFP48 Nikon Replay @NikonUSA at @ATT Park on @MLBONFOX. #postseason

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THE Sports Techie is now a KIA Social Club Blogger

THE Sports Techie is now a KIA Social Club Blogger. My first task is to discuss a favorite roadtrip and the KIA Power to Surprise. This one is easy and the 2013 Optima jetsetting picture in this blog helps me to remember roadtripping to be a 2012 Official Blogger for the Global Sports Forum Barcelona (GSFB).

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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors

The #GSFB is the world’s leading exchange platform for sport. The wonderful City of Barcelona was also part of selecting me to partake in this Intercontinental Air France roadtrip that began here in Seattle, with a layover in Paris, France, and finally arriving in Barcelona early in the morning...

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A new CourtGrip study by Optosource helps legitimize competitive edge

Court Grip is a sports technology product created by Mission Athletecare designed to increase traction on hardwood courts while improving an athlete’s speed, quickness and efficiency of movement by nearly 25 percent, according to a just released OptoSource study. An improved shoe to friction ratio is the name of the Sports Techie sneakers game and right now there is only one product in that niche market that gives you a competitive edge with improved lateral quickness and it’s Court Grip. This independent test was conducted by OptoSource, a recognized leader in sports performance tracking.

A summary of the findings was released in a short video format:

Mission Athletecare™ is the first and only line of Athlete-Engineered™ products


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A Passing Score on Three Exams can Upgrade Your Microsoft Database Certification

Transitioning to the latest Microsoft database certification is simple. The certification track is made clear for all individuals looking to upgrade their certification. In database technology, Microsoft has enhanced the certification program with the knowledge and skills included, but they have limited the number of certifications you can earn to just one, in order to get all IT professionals in this field on the same track. With one certification, employers will have an easier time setting a standard of competence, and employees will have a program that is better tailored to the jobs and tasks at hand.


Test Live training resources Microsoft database certification

The 2008 Microsoft certifications in database technology, MCITP: Developer 2008 and MCITP: Database Administrator 2008, can be...

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Red Bull Stratos LiveJump is smart sports business

Red Bull Stratos freefall is an epic Sports Techie moment

The Mission to the Edge of Space

The Mission to the Edge of Space world record supersonic freefall by Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team that broke the sound barrier is an instant Sports Techie Hall of Fame moment that tallied approximately $63 Million in sports business sponsor value for his record leap of faith from 128,097 feet. Over eight million global viewers gathered together around screens to watch Red Bull and their partners give Felix the wings needed to make this sports technology centric record.

Red Bull Startos supersonic freefall jump by Felix Baumgartner

Red Bull Stratos:

According to Red Bull, “Baumgartner reached an estimated speed of 1,342.8 km/h or 834.4 mph(Mach 1...

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