THE Sports Techie is now a KIA Social Club Blogger

THE Sports Techie is now a KIA Social Club Blogger. My first task is to discuss a favorite roadtrip and the KIA Power to Surprise. This one is easy and the 2013 Optima jetsetting picture in this blog helps me to remember roadtripping to be a 2012 Official Blogger for the Global Sports Forum Barcelona (GSFB).

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The #GSFB is the world’s leading exchange platform for sport. The wonderful City of Barcelona was also part of selecting me to partake in this Intercontinental Air France roadtrip that began here in Seattle, with a layover in Paris, France, and finally arriving in Barcelona early in the morning. This was my first trip to Europe and it would have been awesome to see more of the sights and sounds of the incredibly International city of Barcelona in a more intimate way by driving around in a new KIA car.

Instead, I was picked up at the Barcelona airport by the good folks from Havas Sports & Entertainment who operate the GSFB. My fellow shuttle passengers included the Editors of SportBusiness and Eurosport who are both now social media sportsbiz contacts and friends.

The GSFB put me up in the beautiful Hotel Rey Juan Carlos five-star hotel. Why this is important is because I was within walking distance of the Palaude Congressos de Catalunya so I did not need a car for transportation purposes, on this trip. Since I was only in town for three days, I did not have enough free time to visit any of the breathtaking countryside of Spain or the colorful Mediterranean coast by driving around in my own vehicle. A KIA would have been a nice way to make it so since I own one and love it.

The Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 featured Lord Seb Coe who discussed the economic impact and legacy of the London Games.

Listening to Lord Seb Coe talk at the Forum about the vast amount of sports technology at the London Olympics was a major roadtrip highlight. So was meeting NFL SuperBowl winner and New York Giants Captain, Justin Tuck; US Soccer star, DWTS participant and fellow Seattle resident, Hope Solo; and the first person to compete in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, South African Oscar Pistorius, aka, the Blade Runner. Surfing pioneer Laird Hamilton was in attendance but I did not have my own KIA rental car available to roadtrip on a moments notice down to the beach to watch him speak to the local kids. It would have been fun to use KIA Navigation technology to GPS my route to Camp Nou stadium to watch F.C. Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the Senior Vice President of the NBA discuss sports business and their long-term partnership with the KIA Corporation.

Oscar Pistorius at 2012 Global Sports Forum Barcelona

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Sports Technology and Social Media at 2012 GSFB

Now, the goal of these blogs is to create social media engagement. Please comment on this WordPress blog below and share our web site link with others. If you see my #kiasocialclub content on Twitter, a retweet (RT), mention, or a comment back to me would be aces. On Facebook, please share, Like or comment whenever you see KIA related content. Via Google+, your +1, share or comment does the trick. The more our Sports Techie online community talks about the Power to Surprise, the better it is for all of Sports Techie. Thank you in advance for supporting this innovative SM program.

That said, if I was able to return to Barcelona for the 2013 GSFB or a personal vacation, where do you recommend I visit? It does not have to be a Sports Techie type stadium, sports game, or tech event, but that would be cool. Perhaps it is your favorite restaurant, museum or concert venue since I love all three categories. Should I roadtrip in a KIA to Madrid, or take in the sites of Tenerife or Portugal? Perhaps there is a resort that is a must see? What is the best season to jetset over to España for a roadtrip in your opinion? Any feedback, question or sharing is good. Muchas gracias amigos.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie

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Hope Solo from US Soccer, DWTS, and Seattle, at the GSFB





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  1. Mary W Avatar

    How do you get to be a part of the Kia Social Club?5a

    1. Sports Techie Avatar

      The good folks at SocialChorus asked me to be a part of the Kia Social Club.