SideBets wants to be your social networking BETWorking tool

SideBets is a social BETWorking App

There is a new sports App called SideBets that allows you to bet with real-time odds and payouts against your friends without the exchange of cash. If I wanted to bet my brother a weeks worth of dog walks that the Detroit Tigers will win game three of the World Series in Detroit tonight against the SF Giants while using the betting lines in Las Vegas, SideBets has it all tracked and handled for us. Co-founder of Blue Ox Entertainment and CFO, Jon Goldstein, spoke to me on the phone from our wonderful home state of Michigan about his startup sports technology company and why you should download their free smartphone Beta App, SideBets.

SideBets web site:

SideBets is a Social BETworking tool

Social BETWorking

They have a catchy phrase John said, “The leader in Social BETWorking.” You need friends in order to wager with SideBets which is right up the very nature of social networking. Start with using your SideBet Dollars™ (SBD’s) to simply create any bet. After that initial click, everything is tracked for you and your friends from that point on.

SideBets App for BETworking

The SideBets Process:

  1. Download App
  2. Create user name and password
  3. Find friends
  4. Make a bet – tap a game
  5. Bet your friends – choose one
  6. My Call – gambling inbox
  7. Booked Bets – display all action
  8. Their Call – remind, nudge and/or bet House option
  9. Pull to refresh –standard smartphone function

It is that easy to get started and bet away with your online buddies. Rather than spend any more personal time investigating real-time sports book lines, odds and payouts, SideBets already has the necessary architecture coded and ready to gather the data into their Application for an end users betting delight. They have live scoring and new bet alerts to keep you virtually connected to the sporting action. Thus far SideBets has Big Data for all NFL, College Football, MLB, NHL, NBA and College Basketball games.

If you operate office pools for March Madness or play fantasy football and want a webcentric location in the clouds that hosts the latest NCAA or NFL match-ups and injury report information, SideBets might be it, Sports Techie. SideBets is only compatible with the Apple iPhone and Google Android mobile devices for now.

Screw the bookie bet your friends on realtime sports with SideBets


Jon likes the potential for social media boasting, trash talking or humblebragging about your betting record, be that via your own personal daily score sheet, a query of the current season, or your lifetime gambling history against each friend. “There are no rules,” said Jon, bet away and use SideBets to be your wager engine.

Watch the SideBets video:


The initial release date of SideBets was on September, 11, 2011, in honor of 911. The savvy principles attended the University of Michigan. Their immediate company goal is to achieve a high user adoption rate. Jon feels that social interaction combined with their ability to gamify bets is unique to his company, Blue Ox Entertainment. From here, based upon their Utility App structure, they plan on designing their own new games around the social aspect of gaming. Look for another Blue Ox Entertainment App release soon.

Working with Stadiums is a component of their future sportsbiz growth plans. You can engage with SideBets social media on Facebook and Twitter. The SideBets App download is available at the iTunes Store and Android Market.

Sports Techie, Does anyone want to SideBets the Under/Over of the Seattle Seahawks and the Lions game being played in Detroit on Sunday? This is an example of the potential of SideBets. Wager on the spread in college hoops, the Super Bowl outcome, every NBA Opening night game, or the 2013 NHL All-Star game should this 2012 season be a wash, by implementing SideBets as your go to App for Social BETWorking.

When they get out of the Beta phase and raise more capital, their resulting user adoption rate and ensuing sports business traction should be enough to say, the world is the Blue Ox Entertainment virtual oyster. Anyone want to bet on that happening?

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie

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